Shadow Warrior Out Tomorrow on PS4

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Shadow Warrior Out Tomorrow on PS4
Shadow Warrior Out Tomorrow on PS4

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital’s reimagining of the cult classic Shadow Warrior is out tomorrow on PS4, and to celebrate we wanted to offer some tips for those new to the series.

The most important thing to know: while Shadow Warrior is classified as a first-person shooter, shooting is the least fun and effective way for our hero Lo Wang to eliminate an invading demon force or an irritable gang of Yakuza. So holster your gun and whip out your katana, because it’s time to learn how to use your Wang properly.

The katana is the first weapon given to Lo Wang and ultimately the most powerful one in the game when used correctly. You can’t act like you do in every other FPS, slumping along flinging bullets into the air. Keep moving and attack at the most opportune time with well-placed strikes and you can literally dismantle your opponent, slicing off limbs and heads.

Never get intimidated. Never. When a demon has you cornered in some creepy ass hallway, just remain calm, take a deep breath, and cut him in half. Right in the gut. While demons are formidable creatures, there isn’t a single one that can survive being sliced in half — it’s science.

At this point you’re asking yourself “That’s all well and good if it’s one demon in a hall, what am I supposed to do when surrounded?” Time to reach into your bag of ninja tricks and start using special moves to clear some room. There are a few to choose from as you build up your katana skills, but my personal favorite is the 360-degree spin.

And finally, it’s important to know that you aren’t the only ninja on the block, so keep your wits about you. Demons, gangsters, and haters of all types are going to take a shot at Lo Wang, but if you keep that katana handy and your mind focused you’ll be strutting that Shadow Warrior swagger all over town soon enough.

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  • This game is pretty fun…..pretty crude, pretty gory….and pretty awesome!

  • A-W-E-SO-M-E!!!!

  • DEMO?

  • Price?

  • @4

    It’s $39.99

  • $40?!! Jeez, it better have a Platinum for that price.

  • Also, NEED a DEMO for that price!

  • Next-Gen Red Steel? lol
    love me some katana..

  • Played it on PC and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun! Can’t wait for more people to play this on the PS4.

  • can it us ps move? is that something you add down the line if it become popular demand in the future., Not try shovel more work down ur neck.

  • Why am I just hearing about this game now!? It looks like Wolfenstein: The New Order combined with Bulletstorm on crack. Totally picking this up the moment I have a chance to get to the store and get a $50 PSN Card.

  • I love that last gif

  • would really have liked to of seen Move support in this. I was pretty disappointed that Red Steel never came to PS3 with Move support.

    does it at least support stereoscopic 3D on 3DTVs?

  • If you have a problem with the $40 price tag, please keep in mind a couple things.

    1) This is a retail game. It could have been $60. It is not, because Devolver Digital likes its customers.

    2) That is exactly in line with what it costs on Steam.

    This is not a five person $10 indie game, Flying Wild Hog is a 75+ person studio with staffers originally from People Can Fly, who previously worked on Painkiller and Gears of War 2.

    But hey, yeah, $40, SO expensive.

  • Hmm… Now if we could just get Hard Reset on PS4…

  • The first Shadow Warrior in ’97 nobody knew about, even if though the same company (3d realms)made Duke Nukem 3d, and it was great. This version came out last year and it seems nobody really got wind of it, spare those that played the old school version. Now Everyone will know the glory of Lo Wang !

    @15 i second a hard reset console release, that would be awesome.

  • I have it on Steam.

    Game is fun and ridiculous. There are quite a few “ahh, funny” moments. There are also quite a few nods to the original Shadow Warrior.

    Lucky for those who get to finally enjoy it on PS4. I have been asking myself why it never released sooner.

    Will the PS4 version include the original?

    And i don’t think there will be the Visceral Shadow Warrior Clean-up

  • I haven’t heard of this game at all but this looks quite amazing I will definitely get this game.This will be so much fun fantastic games coming out!!!!!!!!

  • where da *** did this come from and how come im only hearing about it the day before it comes out

  • Shadow Warrior is an absolute blast! Time for action with Lo Wang!

    Big YES to the Hard Reset request above. Yeah!

  • will buy it. got plenty of room on my hdd because evil within was a complete failure to me. so bring on new games, please ;-) on the other hand. destiny will keep me entertained until forever it seems. shadow warrior would have been a nice move-game, but there never were any good motion controlled games, so maybe it’s better to play it conventionally. no problem there. just wondering.

  • I have been waiting for this game for so long. 40$ is ZERO problem for this game. I almost bought it on steam when it came out I wanted it so bad. Destiny move over (for a little while).

  • “…. it’s time to learn how to use your Wang properly.”

    This game hasn’t been on my radar but it definitely is now.

  • Quick question why on earth are there no trophies for this? Thought sony made sure that every game from a certain point onwards had trophies.

  • Why doesn’t this game have trophies or will it be patched later

  • So i got a physical copy of the game and it keept givin me error message at the flying hog startup screen i thouth something wrong with the disk so i returned it to the store got digital copy of the game from psn an the same thing happen what up with that i really wanna play this game none of my other games have this problem are they gonna patch it or what and also is anybody having problem with this game like i have

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