SingStar on PS4, PS3: Out Soon, New Features Detailed

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SingStar on PS4, PS3: Out Soon, New Features Detailed

The brand new SingStar will be released on PS4 and PS3 in less than two weeks’ time, and we’re very excited to get it in to all SingStar players’ hands! Not only have we given the game an awesome interface overhaul, there are also tons of cool new features that I want to tell you about in a bit more detail.

Singstar on PS4

No mic? No problem. The free SingStar Mic app can turn your smart device into a microphone. Simply download the app on your Android phone, iPhone, or iPod Touch , connect it to the same wifi network as your PS3 or PS4, and get going instantly.

To get all your friends at the party involved and have a go at winning (or failing miserably!), we’ve added a playlist creator to the SingStar Mic app so they can line up an ongoing list of songs while the singers are entertaining the room. Pick any of the songs available on the PlayStation system you’re connected to and just cue them up. Basically, no more waiting on the indecisive people in the room to decide if they want to sing No Doubt’s Don’t Speak or John Lennon’s Imagine.

Singstar on PS4

Got a competitive streak and want to beat down your PSN friends? Once you’ve finished your performance, you can challenge your PSN friends to beat your high-score. When practicing for those weekend parties it’s a chance to challenge friends and hit them with your best scores. High scores refresh weekly to keep the competition fresh and the challenges coming.

We’re expecting to see some awesome performance videos from PS4 players. If you have a PlayStation 4 camera, you can now use it to create all kinds of amazing effects in your videos and snapshots. Swap color filters during gameplay and transform yourself into your favorite music persona using new AR masks to add a bit of atmosphere with some funky lighting effects. Check some of the effects and masks below.

Singstar on PS4

There’s so much more to discover in the new SingStar, but I think I’ll let you find out for yourselves on October 28th!

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  • I can’t wait to be Justin Bieber for 4 minutes.

  • I am totally going to stream my friend singing foolishly!

  • How are the song rights going to work for music previously purchased through the PS3? I still can’t get access to my music after a PS3 died a couple years ago. I went through the process of getting it transferred. It just never happened. Will it be fixed on the PS4?

    • if you own it on PS3 and it is available on PS4, and you log in with the same PSN account, the song can be downloaded again at no extra cost on your PS4

  • Anyone know if the PS2’s mics are compatible with the PS4 version of Singstar? Been using them on my PS3 with no problems.

  • @RichardXBL,

    I has a similar situation and I called the SOny folks and the Singstar folks and they will allow you to “redownload” the songs after a PS3 dies……I was one of the early adopters and my fatty died.

  • How much is the game?

    • The game itself is free. You can purchase individual songs for $1.49 or a SongPack (containing 5 songs) for $6.99

  • @Craazy

    I did contact Sony and they said they would put the request in for it and I would hear back like 10-14 days or something. That was a little over a month ago. I fire up the new PS3 every now and then to see if they just forgot to email me back but nope. I’m so close to the launch of this one I am going to wait to see if I can just get it to work on the PS4.

  • Thank you for the Frozen songs.

  • W­o­r­k 5 h­o­u­r­s d­a­i­l­y a­n­d m­a­k­e $­3­0­0­0/w­e­e­­kl­y… Y­o­­u­’­ll n­e­e­d a c­o­mp­ut­er a­nd a r­el­ia­b­l­e i­nte­rn­e­t c­onn­ect­io­n… Freela­nc­e j­ob­ o­­n fo­l­lo­win­g w­e­b ….. w­w­w­.s­w­i­p­e­r­i­c­h­.c­o­m

  • Will there be an option to pay a fee for access to the whole catalog of songs for a few hours??

    That would be great for parties.

  • Will the disc swap feature that’s in the PS3 be available for the PS4 and will it support PS2 and/or PS3 copies?

  • Will the game be twitch interactive? Voting and cheering (or booing) would be a cool feature for twitch streamers. Maybe the next superstar will be discovered with Singstar!

  • I, too, want to know if there’s going to be disc support for the old games so we can play songs from the old ps3/ps2 disc games in the new engine via disc swap (and if so, on ps3/ps4/both?).

    • Sorry but PS3 and PS3 disks can’t be played on PS4. The new PS3 version of SingStar will continue to support disk swap.

  • Now that this can be played with phones (apple and android i hope?), Singstar has become even more interesting! Good idea to give the game away for free and allow people to buy whatever songs they want. I just wish the previous songs bought would still work – including ps3 songs/DISKS.

    Is the mic quality still good and “judgeable” even when using a phone though?

  • Bah I’ve become one of those people who comments before reading 100% lol – cool that you support android / iphone and even ipod touch.

  • If it doesn’t support disc swapping on PS4 then you will never see any money from myself or many others… Sorry, no interest if you break the long standing tradition of SingStar disc swapping. This is a bad decision on Sony’s part.

  • It might have been a good idea to allow SingStar discs on PS3 to be detected, then allow the user to import the purchases into their library so that they could then use them on the PS4.

    Instead we appear to be getting a shameless money grab by forcing users to re-purchase content for the title which they already rightly have rights to…

    The decided upon solution is just wrong. You shouldn’t be charging us for content more than once.

  • Hi Jenny, will the PS3 WIRELESS mics also work on the PS4? If not, are there any plans to make that happen in the future?

  • Well, I guess it sucks to be one of the few people in the world who don’t own a smart phone. I don’t see iPad listed, is that supported?

  • Separate trophy list from the PS3’s?

  • Love the fact that: this coming to the PS4, but I have 1 BIG QUESTION….. Will the selection of Songs be reflective of what is popular today or will the U.S. “Singstore” still get the somewhat unpopular choices of songs? My friends always ask me for more recent/popular titles than what is available.

  • Please give us a way to download our singstar disc music. I am 100% willing to verify my discs every time I play on ps4 or my ps3!

  • How about if you have a mail in your discs and receive the downloads? Fixes all the issues.

  • Due huge “success” with forced, irritating, insulting and unremovable Singstar XMB app in Europe, we proudly present this feature for US customers too. Your arrogant Singstar team.

  • So do the DVD´s from with songs from PS2 and PS3 work at launch? on the PS3 I could use it but had to wait for an update that came later.

    How is it now?

  • @25: Gotta read the comments and responses… No support for old game discs as in previous incarnations. I would expect this behavior to get them sued in Europe where consumer rights are actually enforced. I have the feeling that this violates the previous licensing rights granted under EU law.

  • Is there a list of new tracks that will be available on the store on launch day?

  • I’m confused…why do people keep asking if the PS3 discs can be played on a PS4??

    Will ANY PS3 game work in a PS4? NO!!

    I’s been that way since the beginning, folks. The PS4 is not backward compatible to PS3. Just because it’s the same series of games doesn’t mean Sony suddenly changed the console so get over it. If you want to swap discs, play SingStar on your PS3. If you got rid of your PS3 then I’m sorry, but you’re out of luck.

  • any chance we can import our singstar tracks from our PS3 disks (like rockband did)? Seems kind of dumb to force me to keep 2 consoles connected just for singstar.

  • @shreevin – the client runs natively on the PS4, but I see no reason it shouldn’t be able to read the media files stored on the PS3 disks. You’re not actually running PS3 code this way, just reading some files off a BD.

  • @shreevin: You apparently aren’t familiar with SingStar or the hardware. BD and DVD are supported by the PS4. The PS3 version of SingStar supported game discs from the PS2. Start SingStar on the PS3, eject the PS3 game disc, insert the PS2 disc and you could play any of the tracks on the PS2 game disc… Pretty slick really. Now there are people, like myself, who have several versions of SingStar from PS2 and PS3 which all work on the PS3, but no longer work with the PS4. There is no technical limitation on the PS4 which would disallow Sony from doing this on the PS4, it’s a decision made to increase profits.

  • @shreevin: Post fat PS3s there isn’t backwards compatibility with the PS2, that’s not what we’re talking about here though, since the PS2 SingStar discs can be used with the SingStar PS3 games.

  • Will SingStar™ Ultimate Party be released in the US? Or, at least, the songs will be downloadable on the Singstore.

  • Please include an option to stream all songs in the library for 24hrs for a fee. This would be a hit at parties at my house.

  • This is how you get song back if you sold or your ps3 died and you bought songs. Singstar is about the only dlc you cant get back from 1 system to a new system without calling Sony. It took me three calls and 3 months before some one finally got my stuff back. It is not transferable from 1 ps3 to another. Call sony ,they will verify you bought the songs and should release the songs. They say about 10 to 20 days but it took me 3 calls. If it is released there is no codes ,you will see that you will be able to redownload the songs. If not it will show you bought the songs but cant download so call Sony again. Since I did this already from 1 ps3 to another I’m all set and the ps4 transfer wont be a problem.

  • will the PS4 version allow a “mass download” of all owned tracks available on the PS4 version? I’d hate to have to go through and download them individually.

    will this F2P version of SingStar be coming to PSTV as well, given the use the phone app as a microphone?

    will the Vita still be able to connect as a “second screen” for song selection, in addition to the phone app?

    the AR masks is a really cute idea. it would be neat if you could have a Move in one hand (mic in the other) and project AR effects onto that, as well.

    does the app have a calibration pattern for the PS4 camera, like Wonderbook and the Vita AR cards have been used for AR in the past? can a Move be used to calibrate the camera to people’s faces? (Hold the Move/phone next to your face, press a button that emits different colors/light levels for the camera to capture, etc)

  • Is the release date the 24th or the 28th i live in usa thanks

  • Is there a cooperative mode? will singstore have new french song?

    It will be a good idea if we can write the barcode of PS2 and PS3 disc we bought in order to download the songs we have on theses for free or for a little fee (i’ve got 6 or 7 PS2/3 discs). It is a very bad thing that PS4 version can’t read PS2/3 disc :(

  • I own several singstar discs for the PS3, from before it was all downloads. I know I can’t use those discs in the machine, but is there a way I can download the songs I have previously paid for in disc form from the psn?

  • all models of purchase for shifting towards digital / subscription but not being able to load into the game music you already bought is major set back for the consumer. If disc swapping wont ever come to the PS4 version, some other form of adding those songs to the app should be made available.

  • can’t wait to play this game. btw, will Singstar be downloadable on Asian PS-Store (Indonesia)?

  • So again the PS3 continues to be the superior system in every way except a graphics update… :(

  • It’s the 28th … Where is it?

  • Can’t find it. Very upset

  • It’s the 29th and there’s not game for PS4, don’t say dates if you not gonna do it

  • NOT NOT happy, I have loads of PS2 discs, but no disc swap on PS4 version. I aint buying all those songs. Also, all the songs i have on PS3 dont swap over, even though they are on the new store. One song out of several has. Was so looking foward to getting this on the PS4, think it’s time i sold it and went back to the old faithful ps3

  • So can we delete SingStar now?


  • With PS4 not being able to load PS2 and PS3 discs for Singstar, does that mean, have to buy those songs again at $2 each??? That seems very unfair!!!

  • I have download all songs from my ps3 to my ps4 singstar, but not every song is available. I cant see a few english songs and al my Dutch songs. Can this be fixed? Or do i something wrong?

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