The Legend of Korra: Inside Elemental Combat

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The Legend of Korra: Inside Elemental Combat

We’re back with the second and final installment in our behind the scenes video diary for The Legend of Korra — produced in partnership with Nickelodeon and developer PlatinumGames.

Part two takes us deeper into this incredible world of elements and spirits, beginning with a more personal look at the Avatar herself, Korra, who struggles with her own powers and the weight of the decisions she’s made between Books 2 and 3 of Nickelodeon’s animated TV series. We also get to see PlatinumGames’ new combat and progression systems in action, which faithfully recreate Korra’s unique mastery of nature and the martial arts for some potentially devastating combos and finishers.

The full adventure includes opportunities to ride Korra’s polar bear dog companion, Naga, in high-speed gameplay scenes through Republic City and beyond, as well as a separate game mode in which Korra and her allies take on the competitive challenges of the pro-bending league arena.

And if you missed it, be sure to check out part one of our series, which looks at how Nickelodeon, Activision Publishing, and PlatinumGames found themselves working on this one-of-a-kind project.

Legend of Korra is available for pre-order now on PlayStation Store.

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  • Been a fan of the Avatar Series since day 1, and enjoying Korra’s story! Cannot wait for this game going to per-order right now!~

  • Both my daughter and I have been waiting for this since we first saw the announcement! Any chance we’ll get to play as Mako or Bolin? Does the pre-order come with anything extra?

  • The tab in the store for this doesn’t load anything. :'(

  • Some kind of co-op mode in this game would be really cool and many more characters from the universe. Lin Bei Fong would be awesome. It’s a nice idea for a game, hope it plays out well.
    Would absolutely love to see a follow up in the future with Kuvira (playable of course) or a playable Avatar Wan.

  • Is there a retail copy of this game, or is it just PSN only. Huge Avatar fan so cannot wait to play this.

  • @5: it looks like will be PSN only, at least for now. In the first game trailer, wrote on big letters : “game available for download this fall”; also, in the PS store show “PSN” in this game.

  • Hey Robert! Great to see that there’s a push to get more people interested in The Legend of Korra video game! I’ve been a fan of the series ever since the original series, and the Korra series is definitely one of my favorite shows. To see Platinum Games developing the game really is the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to play it! I already pre-ordered the game on PSN so let’s hope 10/21 comes fast!

    Also, loved the extra new details and footage you presented on IGN’s Up At Noon show!

  • Does any chance that buy PS3 version cross -buy PS4 version?

  • Very Interesting, can’t wait for Vanquish 2 though a very (Vanquish) underrated title.

  • Ok PlatinumGames is one of the best (if not the best in my opinion) developers right now.
    Its a fact that I can trust PG with whatever game they decide to make, however I CAN’T trust Activision, those guys are some the worst in the industry with their anti consumer strategies.
    I dont know if someone at sony is reading this but you guys should seriously think more about a partnership with PG these devs are basically Capcom 2 (the best of capcom #Cloverstudio) Bayonetta, Vanquish, MGR, etc. They just need a good publisher, and NO, Activision is not one of them.

  • I’m a big fan of the show. Is there going to be a Demo of the game before it hits? Demos seem so rare these days.

  • I thought this game was going to be a $60 dollar game.

    At $15 dollars how can I resist it?

    @10 I know Activision does horrible things, but something got put in their water, and they made Advanced Warfare a Cross-Buy, which is pretty big. Not a $10 upgrade, but full on Cross-buy.

    So something weird is happening at Activision. They are… not being as d***** baggy as they usually are… I don’t know how to make sense of it…

  • Do me a favor: When the preorder bonus is, as here, an XMB theme, show us how it looks, eh? I don’t want to miss out on a goid theme of a game I’d buy later if not now, but I hate blind-buying such bonuses.

  • The price surprised me. PSN Store pre-order is priced at $14.99.

    I thought it’s going to be a $59.99 full game.

  • I really want to buy this Day 1 but I’m thinking it may end up in the Instant game collection.

  • Games’s graphics remind me of Gravity Rush.

    Can’t wait for the release.

  • Based on the price ($14,99) and description here (dealing with events between book 2 and 3), I can see this as an episodic adventure if successfull. If not episodic, maybe DLC oriented to expand the story, like Muramasa Rebirth did.
    As for myself, definetly getting it on launch (as well as watching the series to be up to speed to play this ^_^)
    Platinum Games deserves more recognition for their work. I say a big THANK YOU for this game.
    It´s awe inspiring everytime I play something from them!
    Sony, please back(or bank) up this studio!!!

  • If you asked me who would be my dream studio to handle a Legend of Korra game I would say of course, Platinum Games.

    However in reality, I know this would probably not be possible as Platinum is a Japanese based studio and LoK is a Western created and television show airing on Nickelodeon. To my amazement this exact match up is happening. With the story coming from the shows creators and the action from Platinum, its truly a match made in the Spirit World.

    Pre-Ordered, and quite frankly I cannot wait to play.

  • Until now after looking at the gameplay for this game I will get this at some point soon!!!!!!

  • When does this come out?

  • Out of the entire update, this game looks to be one of the best additions.
    Its too bad there is no Vita version.

    You hit a digital price sweetspot, in my opinion.

    Gameplay and other categories, I need to look at more, but definately a great addition if the trailers are anything to say.

    Suprised its Activision, honestly.

  • I would have definately chosen this game, while waiting for NiS or other Vita games to lower.

  • You should give some kind of incentive to pre-order. I am interested in this game, but I just going to wait for reviews first.

  • this is looking pretty good. keeping my eye on this

  • Why show cases when it’s for download only? Kind of annoying.

  • While im a bigger fan of The Last Airbender series, and would prefer to see another installment in that series, especially with trophies, im still looking forward to this game. It took a while for my interest bar to reach a certain level, which is because I had took a break from the tv series, this not being a game based on TLA, and because this was always my 2nd place series.. but after reuniting with season 3 in the tv series, my surpressed and 2nd placed sequel series love risen.. risen to degrees that made me want to buy this game 1st day and have it preordered, which I originally was going to wait for a price drop or sale after release.

    Thanks to some knowledge behind platinum games, this game having a platinum trophy, even the exclusive theme, and my re-confirmed love for this series, I shall be buying this day 1. (Wish I could own a hardcover copy of the game though. Bright side is ill never have to change disc to play however.)

    If the PS avatar team was to make avatars, id be more appreciative, and im sure many others would to. To have and wear an avatar avatar would be real cool. Id even buy a pack if one was made. Did it for Sonic, Infamous 2, and other games.

  • I do not know about this have you seen the Naga rides gameplay looked like a bad loading screen mini-game with simple left-right and jump controls. But for $14.99 just buy and never regret.

  • just confirmed the pre-oreder, so exited for this game! love the avatar series since ever :)

  • is this available in the psn store iam looking all over the place for it for the ps3?

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