The Evil Within Out Now, New Trailer

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The Evil Within Out Now, New Trailer

Back in 1996, legendary Game Director Shinji Mikami delivered an all-new way to experience suspense, horror, and action all together with Resident Evil. The game remains one of the most heralded games of its generation, and with it, Mikami-san became the creator of a new genre: survival horror.

The Evil Within Out Now, New Trailer

Eight years later, Mikami raised the bar for the genre with Resident Evil 4. Now 10 years later, with the support of his talented team at Tango Gameworks, the mind of Mikami is going back down a dark and twisted road… this time with The Evil Within. A game filled with terrifying and tense moments, it’s the perfect game for the month of October.

In The Evil Within, you play as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, who after investigating a horrendous massacre at Krimson City’s Mental Hospital, is thrust into a bizarre world filled with menacing creatures and a mysterious evil stemming from the mind of a mad man, Ruvik. Spanning 15 challenging chapters, expect plenty of twists, unbelievable challenges, and memorable moments throughout.

In our launch trailer above, get a tease of what to expect in the game – available today for PS3 and PS4.

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  • Man I really want to move on to this game, but I am still heavily into Destiny! What do I do? :'(

  • I actually got mine the day before it good to play before most people :). It was fun rubbing it in at my friends faces.

  • Update the PS4 UI and iOS app please. It’s ugly and inconsistent. Game Overview is unstable, Recent players met list seems to only work for Ubisoft games. Trophy page is boring, bland, sad. Let us delete tiles we don’t use. Let us change our pan names. Thanks! BYE!

  • NO PS VITA,NO BUY!,talking directly to Bethesda Softworks.

  • I’ll pick this up once it’s complete and re-released with all it’s upcoming DLC… I believe they go by the title of…

    GAME of The Year Edition ;)

    Ok, seriously. Please float the idea of Fallout and Skyrim HD Remasters on PS4 to the Bethesda overlords.
    Thank you

  • No thanks…I like to sleep at night ;)

  • GOTY so far!!! This game is truly a gem. It brings back great memories from the Resident Evil 4 days, survival horror hadn’t been the same until now. Shinji Mikami is true legend!!!

  • Been watching the streams… Looks like Dead Space combined with RE1. Graphics are sub-par, frame-rate is poor and IT’S NOT SCARY IN THE LEAST!! Where’s the promise of a new horror IP that is actually scary? The missed the mark by a mile…

  • Just wait for Silent Hill.

    PT is actually scary and creepy… frustrating as all get out. Truly great.

  • why don’t you butt pirates give gta5 digital owners a discount on ps4?

  • eww this game is so awful. i don’t like it very much.

  • This is a very good game. Thank you Shinji Mikami.

  • #swavage415 What does Bethesda Softworks game the The Evil Within have to to do with GTA5 The butt pirates you need to be asking in Rockstar….

  • Already beat the game and love the game so much. Will get the platinum but “akumu mode” will be tough.

  • Reminds me a LOT of RE4, but the reviews are a little mixed so I’m not sure. Probably will get it early next year though.

  • @9: I’m with you on the “not scary at all part”. Gory, yes. Scary, no.

    Also; Why do we need matches to burn a corpse lying next to a huge fire? Why can’t we just , I don’t know, toss the corpse into the fire? Unless I missed something… I don’t know. This game feel so old and not in a good way.

  • @17: The gore is comical too… When a head explodes the character is covered in the shiniest blood I’ve ever seen… Completely coated. I agree, it seems very dated.

  • Great and nice launch trailer too……..been keeping my eyes on Evil Within since the announcement and I gotta say I was worried that the game wouldn’t deliver but it became what I was expecting….at least from what I’ve seen,it looks really good….I’ll be getting it,no doubt about it.

    Thanks Bethesda for the continued support to the gaming community with new IPs and moreover SP only games.You guys have my respect and I’ll keep supporting you guys.Amazing job.

  • Why do i confuse this with the wolf among us and this game?!?!? I had this confusion since the evil within was announced

  • Definitely m GOTY so far :)

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