Sound Shapes: Ultimate Bundle + New DLC & Update

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Sound Shapes: Ultimate Bundle + New DLC & Update

Whether you’re a current Sound Shapes player or have never heard of it before (that would just be crazy), we have something for everyone today!

Today we are releasing the Sound Shapes Ultimate Bundle, which includes the game and all of the playable add-on content, including the new DLC below. And for those of you who already own the game, there’s also an Add-On bundle that includes all of the DLC.

Sound Shapes Ultimate BundleSound Shapes Add-on Bundle

Sound Shapes Lizzywanders Art Pack

Ultimate Bundle: $19.99 (Regular) $15.99 (Sale) $12.79 (PS+)
Add-On Bundle: $9.99 (Regular) $7.99 (PS+)

Sale and PS+ Pricing is for ONE WEEK ONLY from 10/14 – 10/20 so get yours now!

We are also releasing 2 new DLC add-on packs.

Lizzywanders Art Pack – $.99

This pack features original artwork by Dutch artist Liselore Goedhart. Liselore submitted early concepts for Sound Shapes during the development of the game that we absolutely loved and now we’re very excited to have her art in the game. This pack includes a variety of surfaces and decorations in Liselore’s unique art style for use in the editor.

Sound Shapes Lizzywanders Art PackSound Shapes Lizzywanders Art Pack

Sound Shapes Future Funk 3000 Pack

Future Funk 3000 Sound Pack – $.99

This pack features a 5 note/loop set of funky sounds from the future for use in the editor. It also includes 5 new Beat School lessons and trophies.

Check out the samples in this trailer:

This is also a great opportunity to remind you of the special Sound Shapes – Hohokum combo DLC pack we did for the launch of Hohokum. This pack features artwork by Richard Hogg (Art Director/Co-Creator of Hohokum) and the awesome track ‘L’ by Ghostly International artist Tycho.

This pack is $1.99 and featured in this cool trailer.

We also have 2 updates to the community that will go live today.

Daily Level

This is a fun daily community level challenge with a fresh leaderboard and new level every day. A great way to discover new community levels and challenge your friends and the rest of the community.

Sound Shapes Daily Level

Sound Shapes: Difficulty Rating

Difficulty Rating

With over 30,000 community levels to play, we know it can be a challenge finding the right kind of level to play. If you’re looking for something chilled out and you stumble upon a super hard level, it can be frustrating. We now have a rating system that is dynamic based on average plays & deaths. You’ll find the difficulty rating on the level detail window just under the thumbnail image.

One thing to note is that in order for there to be a rating, a level must have been played at least 10 times. This means that many levels will not having ratings yet. Please be patient with this, as it will evolve over time.

We hope you enjoy the bundles, new DLC and community features. Sound Shapes has an incredible community of players that have blown us away with their creativity. This is for YOU!

Learn more about the game at, and follow @soundshapes and @SonySantaMonica for the latest updates and featured community levels.

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3 Author Replies

  • NO!!!!!!! God damn it guys! Why, WHY more DLC with trophies? I’m sick to DEATH of having to redownload this game on 3 systems! Can’t you just make a new game or a SS sequel or something I mean ENOUGH ALREADY DAMN!

  • AWESOME!!!

  • @Coody-Baroody, Man, you sure know how to have fun with video games. Don’t want to do it? Don’t do it. Simple as that. As soon as entertainment becomes work, drop it.

  • @FunkyTable Just another trophy collector.

  • Too much content! Stop giving me fun things to do you monsters!

  • @SlyCooperFan100 I know, someone has had to point out the fallacy in my own logic once or twice. So I thought I’d give it a shot.

  • Wow @1. Go outside or something.

  • Got the game when it was 7.99 before. Was waiting for a DLC sale…guess this as close as it will come to that 0.50cents per DLC sale.

    Will pick up the Ultimate DLC Bundle. 7.99/14= 0.40 cents.

    Much better deal actually, if you tend to buy all the art packs.

    Thanks, Santa Monica.

  • Thanks for those nice bundles, but i would appreciate individual discounts also for those gamers which already have bought some DLC.

  • If you don’t care about trophies then you won’t understand what #1 is saying. It’s annoying to be nickled and dimed for trophies with DLC for 2 years when the trophies take 5-10 minutes to complete. Redownloading the game for every DLC across all platforms becomes quite annoying.

  • Thanks for the continued support.

  • So are the two NEW DLC packs included in the DLC bundle?

  • @SlyCooperfan100

    Just another trophy collector eh? I’ve been gaming since the 1980s mate, LONG before trophies were even thought of and probably before you were born. I don’t only game for trophies but yes I do like the trophy aspect of gaming. If I was JUST another trophy collector I’d only play easy games with easy trophies wouldn’t i? Well how about Ninja Gaiden, Battlefield Bad Company1, Far Cry 2, Vanquish, Payday 1, all seriously hard games and I’ve 100% all their trophies and they’re just the ones I can think of now. I also play to 100% game completion whether a Platinum requires it or not and I hardly EVER use any kind of guide or Youtube videos like almost ALL other trophy collectors.

    I am a GAMER first, trophy collector SECOND.

    Who d’you think Queasy Games are targeting with these never ending DLC packs anyway? Trophy collectors. That’s why they made all 3 Platinums pop for anyone with all 3 systems.

    But this is now the ELEVENTH DLC pack with trophies and easily the 8-9th time I’ve thought it’ll be the last and deleted the games and had to redownload them. That is annoying.

  • @Funkytable

    When did I say GAMING is work? Downloading, deleting and redownloading is what I’m annoyed about, not actually playing the game. If Queasy weren’t JUST targeting trophy collectors with this infinite DLC they wouldn’t include trophies with these packs. It’s just annoying to think I’m done with the game countless times only to find they’ve added more DLC again n again.

    They should channel that energy and money into making us a sequel or I don’t know………….a NEW VITA GAME?

  • Awesome! I’m new to Playstation and have been thinking about buying Sound Shapes for a while now. I guess I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along….

  • Can we please get some professional level packs/albums instead of just sound packs?

  • Can’t say I am too thrilled with this.

    This is not the first time I have bought a game through a Plus sale, only to find out a few months later that it’s on sale again but featuring the add-on content.

    I would have bought the Ultimate Bundle had it been available then, only adding $5 bucks for All of the DLC.

    But I have already bought a couple of them thinking I would since they put their game on sale.

    Kind of annoying, really.

    *Maybe do the idividual sale like what was suggested earlier, instead of makng past buyers feel cheated.*

  • Or credit the DLC purchases toward the Ultimate Bundle.

    But probably too much to ask. Not too mention showing good ethics towards your fans/buyers.

  • I agree this dlc is getting old. They’re pumping them out for trophy hunters only cause they know they can make some cash off people who want to keep their 100%. I wouldn’t mind if they actually made levels like the main game where you move your character around trying to beat the level in a certain time but nope that would take effort, creativity, and time. I know I’ll never buy the sequel to this game for this kind of bs they’re doing.

  • I actually really like the Beat School packs. I mean, they are only 99 cents, so really why the complaints?

    I even replayed the game on the PS4, as it was quite good. For trophy hunters, where else can you get 15 or more silvers for a buck, and non-hunters don’t need to buy it if they aren’t interested.

    You shouldn’t delete Sound Shapes, as like Little Big Planet, you know another pack is always just around the corner.

  • Really curious about this game.. Is this bundle cross buy with PS4/Vita?

  • Sound Shapes has been one of my favorite games on Vita. The game is fantastic, and the DLC has been challenging and fun.

    The only thing that could have made it a better value would have been to add a few more Death Mode levels in addition to all the Beat School DLC. Beat School keeps me occupied for a few minutes and it’s nice to be able to figure it out. But Death Mode made my head explode several times, and I didn’t even know that was possible.

    But man was that Platinum satisfying, after all the work I put into Death Mode.

  • I’m seeing this as an Ultimate Bundle and thinking “Is this the last Sound Shapes DLC?” Really hope thats not the case. I enjoy this game when I’m on the train.

  • Very nice…I might get this DLC bundle since the only DLC I have is the one you guys gave it for free.Its great to see the continued support for Sound Shapes…keep it up.

    @ 14 Coody-Baroody – All that talk…ha….if you’re annoying of redownloading the game,then just dont do it….you’re so worried about your 100% and you’ll be getting back into the game just for trophies….yet you say trophies comes 2nd for you….I find it funny,because you say you thought you were done with the game in a “I got all trophies so I’m done with this and I can delete it” way….in the end…all that talk is about trophies.

    BTW what a fantastic avatar you got there sir.

  • Coody-Baroody , Lol cant front that made me laugh. hope that comment was sarcasm though or ah joke.

  • Picking up the ultimate bundle today.

  • So glad to see you are all still at it and Sound Shapes is still going strong. Shout out to Daft, Beej, Gez, Welmosca and all of the original shapers from back in the beginning ;)

  • Just bought the add on bundle for the Vita…..doesn’t include the new DLC sadly even though it states it does.

  • What I meant it doesn’t appear in the download list.

  • Now it appears free on PSN….3000 Sound Pack. Guess it working now.

  • I haven’t played Sound Shapes in months! This DLC sale might finally change that!

  • How do I go about finding my DLC on the PS4 version? I can find it on the PS3 version but not at all on my PS4 version… it says it is installed.

  • I bought this for PS3 and cannot download it. For some reason only the Vita version will download to my system. Can someone please fix this?

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