PlayStation TV Arrives Today in North America

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PlayStation TV Arrives Today in North America

PlayStation TV makes its debut today in North America with hundreds of games available to play. Whether you’re using PS TV to play PS4 games in another room of your house through Remote Play, or playing PS Vita hits like Killzone: Mercenary on the big screen, the system has something for everyone. Starting at $99.99 (MSRP) for the standalone system, it’s one of the best deals in gaming. It’s easy to set up, yet offers amazingly deep gameplay. It sits in a special place in the PlayStation platform ecosystem – as it can play titles from PS Vita, PSone , PSP, PS3 (through PS Now), and PS4 (through Remote Play).

Of course PS TV plays entertainment content, including popular movies and TV shows that can be downloaded from PlayStation Store. PS TV will also launch with video streaming apps Crackle, Crunchyroll and Qello, and stay tuned for additional entertainment content we’ll be adding soon to the PS TV lineup.

In addition, PlayStation Now is available on PS TV in much of the mainland U.S. and Canada* and will launch with games for the whole family like Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, Sly Cooper: HD Collection, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

You can also pick up the PS TV bundle we’re offering this holiday, which includes a PS TV unit, DualShock 3 controller, 8GB memory card, and a voucher for The Lego Movie Videogame – all for $139.99 (MSRP).

I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of this small, simply amazing platform as I have. Let us know below which PS TV games you’re looking forward to!

*Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection greater than 5Mbps is highly recommended. See for details.

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  • Huge sigh of relief to have the Crunchyroll app at launch. I will mainly use my PSTV as my video streaming box like a Roku or Apple TV, and also as my dedicated PS Now and PS1 Classics box. It’ll be nice not having to turn on my PS3 or PS4 for those functions!

  • i bought the stand alone product because i already have a dualshock 3 and 4 and because i was also limited in funds.wish the compatibility of the sys with older titles would grow.i havent played neptunia rebirth because i want to try it on the vita tv

  • Too bad Netflix doesn’t work day 1

  • Could you please add Netflix?

  • Ill wait till it has amazon instant video and hulu

  • The only way I’d pick this up is if they had some decent classics that aren’t available on PSN atm. Like some old school rpg’s or something. Breath of Fire 3 anyone?

  • Think you can add the option to copy games directly from a USB source(hdd, flash) I have all my games backup up to an external HDD from the vita through a computer, but the only option for content manager is going through wifi….and the wifi in this thing is just as weak as the vita =/ 26 games 1250 minutes…..seriously……..

  • Waiting excitedly on Hulu before buying.

  • Very excited. I spent last night updating all my games so they’d work on the vita TV. Now the bigger question. Should I connect my dual shock 3 to it or 4. 4 has touch but a completely terrible battery life while 3 last forever but I’ll be missing out on the touch. This is an important question for games like Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus.

  • Mine’s on a UPS truck somewhere. Looking forward to a wired PS4 remote play device! And to get back to all those Vita titles I’ve accumulated but never play because I kind of prefer the TV to the tiny Vita screen.

  • Plan to pick one up after work today, however can you first confirm that DS4 is compatible. Also, I only have one DS4 which is sync’d to my PS4, can the DS4 easily be sycn’d back and fourth to the PSTV and PS4. Also, how do touch screen controls work for Vita game?

  • Does this mean that Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is coming to PSVita ? It’s listed with the games above.

  • @12 They’re talking about PS Now.

    Considering Into the Nexus has Vita trophies listed, I’m sure it was planned and in early development. But after how badly FFA turned out, I’m not shocked that it wasn’t released if they couldn’t get it running properly.

  • I am really consider buying it for the remote play feature so every tv has access to my ps4. Playstation streaming apps have never been really good. Kind cool play some ps vita game on big screen.

  • Can you provide us an explanation on why Netflix or Hulu are not accessible with this device? Especially since they are on all your other consoles.

    Please confirm they will be included in a patch and a definitive date when they will be added.

    It’s a big hole in the unit’s functionality that MUST be rectified.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  • I really wanna play alot of vita jrpgs i missed out on and was wondering if Ys: Memories of Celceta is able for me too play day one, since i know it works on it in japan.

  • Own a Vita TV and my PSTV is in the mail. My wishlist: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and for the 3.5 Jack on the DS4 to work.

  • @16: Xseed is considering updating it, but as far as I know it’s not supported atm.

  • Can we get an official response on Netflix? We’ve been asking for a long time now and you’ve launched a streaming box that lacks the #1 feature most streaming boxes are purchases for in NA. You have until I get off work to come with an official response. I’m either picking the PSTV up or cancelling the preorder and using the store credit on something else.

    As much as I’d like a PSTV in my bedroom, if it doesn’t have Netflix, no deal.

  • Netflix needs profile support.

  • To HitmanRebornEX:

    I believe Tom from XSeed (Ys publisher) said there was a patch coming to NA for PlayStation TV support. I’d wait for a release confirmation if I was you. If not, there’s still a lot to choose from like Persona 4 and Disgaea 4.

  • Waiting on netflix, hulu, and hbogo. Then I’ll definitely buy.

  • I’d definitely like to be able to play Ys Memories of Celceta on the PSTV. I’ll be playing Persona 4 in the mean time.

  • can i use my ps vita as controller in ps vita tv?

  • Add Netflix & YouTube, then I may consider it.

  • I got this just for netflix and i cant even use it

  • Oh thanks for the info guys i’ll wait and see if they support it later but yeah already bought persona 4 =D gonna be awesome along with tears of tiara 2 =D.

  • So does this play digital Vita games? I don’t have a vita but have built up quite a few of the games through PS+. Would i be able to play them with this?

  • Big Warning:

    The PSTV is profile locked just like the Vita. So if you have more than one person in the home that wants to use the device you’ll have to factory reset it every time you enter a different memory card, just like the Vita.

    Sony how could you pull something so ridiculous as this? The device isn’t a handheld machine, I should be allowed to let anyone in my home play Vita games I own, or that they own without having these restrictions. This is ridiculous. You’ve lost a purchase, it’s going back to the store today.

    And on top of that you don’t have Netflix and other streaming support?

    • Your account supports up to 3 devices. Might want to check your account to see if there’s an old device like a PSP still checked in.

  • Games I will play on PSTV NONE!
    number of Vita memory cards I will buy NONE!
    NO HDD NO buy for me I’m out :)

  • I realize that this board is being flooded with game requests, but I’ve got one more to throw in. What about the Hyperdimension Neptunia remakes? Will they be compatible at some point? I’ve looked a lot of places and can’t seem to find any info on this anywhere, aside from the Japanese version being compatible. There are quite a few Vita JRPGs that I’m eager to play, but Re;birth easily tops the list. I love the concept, but the PS3 games got such horrid reviews. The remakes are supposed to be much better. Please include them at some point. I know many others feel the same way.

  • SCEA should have (and hopefully they are going to surprise us) organized a PS TV Launch Sale with all the titles that work on PS TV to help solidify the purchase decision of ours. Just a thought… :)

  • I will consider picking up a PS TV the day Wipeout 2048 is added to the compatibility list. The game should work fine without the touch or motion controls, I was extremely disappointed to see it left off the list.

  • Just waiting for my delivery :)

  • I have a question: is the Sly Collection for PS Vita compatible with this system? None of the first three games in the series used touch controls to my knowledge (being ports of PS2 games), but they aren’t listed on the compatibility list

    Also, how is the motion control feature handled in Sly 4: Thieves in Time? I remember there was a mission called ‘Getting Stronger’, which used the Vita’s tilt-sensing feature in the Vita version and the Sixaxis feature in the PS3 version, am I to assume the game is going to be modified to reflect the PS3 version control-wise?

  • Once all the media apps are available, you guys should really look into doing a bundle that includes the bluetooth media remote.

  • Mine is at home waiting to be opened. Any plans on having Pulse headset support soon?

  • We just need more PS Vita games specially AAA titles from big companies,please someone in Sony,feel us,what’s hard to understand your customers.,,

  • For those that have purchased one already, can you comment on the remote play? I will be able to have a wired connection for both my PS4 and PSTV. Will it be as good as playing my PS4 or is there any noticeable lag at all? If so I will just continue to move the ps4 around the house if need be. Also I would be remiss if I didn’t state that I am a bit disappointed that the $99 devise can play WAY more downloadable content than my PS4. I would love to play PS classics and handheld games on my PS4.

  • Don, does the North American Playstation TV have a Vita card slot on the side, so you can play your physical copy of vita games?

  • Please Please Please add Netflix support and the ability to switch profiles within Netflix. It is very annoying that the Vita’s Netflix app has not been updated since forever (when it seems almost every other device has) to allow different profiles. If so, this would become my main streaming device for watching movies and tv shows. Otherwise, without the implementation of profiles, it is completely useless to me, as well as many other people I know.

    What PS TV needs to succeed:

    – Netflix app (with profiles!!!)
    – larger playable PS Vita catalog

  • No Amazon Instant, No Hulu, No YouTube, NO NETFLIX?! I just got off the phone with PlayStation support and was told Netflix IS supported. Now I read here hat you are “working with partners to bring this?!” Nice, I’ve had my VitaTV for a full year, and in that time you guys can’t sort out netflix on the device? Wow…

  • I expect nothing from Sony at this point other than to be vague and reply with canned responses. Still no word on the Live From PlayStation App that was suppose to be here with update 3.30 and still no word on that or additional PS4 features that was promised

  • I’ve been waiting for this since it was released in Japan! Quick question. Is it possible to use my Vita memory card back and forth between PSTV and Vita? All my games are already downloaded & while I love PlayStation the memory cards are outrageously expensive. I have a 64GB and it costs what the PSTV costs and I don’t want to buy another card if I don’t have to. Thanks! :)

  • Hi, Don, thanks for answering the question about number of devices. I already have 2 Vitas and my PS TV will arrive today. I trusted that the limit would be increased to accommodate this new console and now you confirm. Awesome.

  • Any hope of a Plex app so that I can officially get rid of the Roku box?


    sorry cjkloster but there is VERY noticable lag, I have both my PS4 and my PSTV sitting right next to each both connected to my router with cat6 cables, and nothing on in the house eating up bandwith…

  • Picking mine up later today I REALLY wish Gravity Rush was compatible as its my favorite vita game. *fingers crossed for more on GR2 soon*

  • Hi Don,

    Could it be possible to check if Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment works on the PSTV (or could be made to work)?

    Over in Japan, the Vita TV supports the Japanese edition of the game – indeed, SCEJ use that game as one of the highlights of the system. (Just recently, Bamco Japan noted that over 400,000 copies of that game have been sold worldwide so far.)

    In the long run, I’m hoping that the next SAO game, Lost Song (set for 2015 in Japan on Vita and PS3) will also be (Vita) TV compatible – and of course, that Bamco in North America and Europe will localize it!

  • Whelp, I was about to post about how excited I was to receive mine today. I looked at the Compatibility list and there are even first party titles that aren’t compatible. No HS Golf, no Soul Sacrifice or Delta and no Jak Collection. And for 3rd party games, NO RO:Ace, no Neptunia, no SAO, no Y’s. If this new system were a sport, I’d be inclined to say a ball has been dropped somewhere.

    • Soul Sacrifice Delta should work after downloading the patch. I’ll look into this.
      As for the 3P titles mentioned we’re talking with the respective publishers. More on this soon.

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