Nidhogg Out Today on PS4, Vita, PSTV

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Nidhogg Out Today on PS4, Vita, PSTV

Today is the day, friends! Nidhogg is out on PS4, Vita, and Playstation TV! If you haven’t played it already, its a crazy fun two-player fencing-fighting game great for parties and awesome for online and offline play at home. The launch price is $14.99, and for PS Plus members, it’s on sale for $11.99 until October 28th.

The best part is that Nidhogg features cross-buy and cross-play; meaning, if you own one, you own them all, and you can play across platforms! If you prefer playing with your friends in person, you can throw a Nidhogg party, since there is a built in tournament mode for three to eight people.

You can play in single-player mode against AI opponents, or you can connect to PSN over wifi and play against other players, whether they’re on a Vita, PS4, or PlayStation TV! You can even play online across systems, such as: Vita vs PS4, Vita vs PlayStationTV, or PS4 vs PSTV. If you’re out of wifi range and you just want to play someone on the bus, or on a long car trip with two Vitas, you can do that in Vita to Vita ad-hoc mode. If you just have one Vita and two people, you can still play! The left stick controls one player and the right stick controls the other!


Nidhogg’s soundscape consists of four dynamic songs by electronic music magician, Daedelus. The music track levels change based on the action on-screen, so you’ll never hear the same version twice!

We hope you are as excited to play Nidhogg as we are in bringing it to you — en garde!

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  • Will the PS TV support 2 controllers? DO IT FOR THE NIDHOGG!!!

  • When’s the European PS release date for the game please?

  • I’ve heard about this game but never seen it in action. I’m usually turned off by the retro aesthetic but this game looks really fun! Now i just need to get a couch coop friend to play it with.

    • Glad we have the opportunity to turn you on to “retro” graphics! May you’ll be open to more pixel magic in the future!

      Playing with a buddy is the most fun thing EVER!!!

  • I don’t see anywhere to actually buy it on the PSN store.

  • $15 for a game that looks like it was developed on the Atari 2600? No thanks. Can all game developers please stop with the blocky cheap looking “retro” look. I didn’t buy a ps4 so it could render 4 pixels of graphics on my 60″ 1080p tv. I want next gen games not games that were possible on 8bit roms in 1986. And at least those 8 bit roms didn’t need 2-3 patches to make it work they actually worked right out of the box. That is the only thing that today’s video games should adopt from 1986 is finishing a game before release.

  • @5 that’s because the ps store hasn’t actually updated yet. Wait until about 1 pm pst, then check the browser store.

  • @7 You want a game to look a particular way, YOU do it. The way Nidhogg looks is the developer’s choice, not yours. If they could afford better, they would make it look another way but getting an artist costs money.

  • **** yeah!! NiggaDog for psvita FTW!!! Instant day1 buy for me! :)

  • What about DriveClub PS+ edition?

  • I’ll be picking this up today for sure! Thanks for also bringing this to the vita.

  • No way I am paying that.

  • @7 – wwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • i hope your game is a success, i can see the effort put into the game.
    i wont be buying it day one because i only have 9.64 on my ps store money.
    seems like a really fun game.

  • I can’t wait to show this game to all my friends! It’ll showcase the power of the PS4!!! They’ll definitely want to buy a PS4 too, once they see the all this “eye candy”.

  • I wonder if the people who boohoo when developers choose retro art styles also bellyache about black and white movies. “‘Nebraska’ should never have been nominated for best picture!”

  • Apples and oranges #17

    I understand your argument that content and entertainment value is the core but Nebraska wasn’t shot on a handycam from 1986 and then shown in SD at IMAX. The game actually looks fun but because my personal taste and opinion I will not being buying it for $15. If the developer had chosen to go another direction in art style then I might have given this game a chance. Is that easier for you to swallow? boohoo

  • Sarcasm is lost in comment boxes.

    For everyone complaining about the Retro thing, that’s the current “in” trend. Developers, especially indie developers are too used to getting paid for doing nothing.

  • @18: Cry moar. I hope we get nothing BUT retro games from now on, then you can focus your selfish efforts towards something more productive.

  • This game is incredibly fun.

  • @7 I totally agree with you!

  • Wow. So I finally started playing, and I gotta say…this has got to be one of my favorite indie games ever. I’ve always been more of a “gameplay over graphics” kinda guy and it’s what originally drew me to this game in the first place. But when you actually play it…”fun” doesn’t begin to do this game justice. Thanks so much for bringing this over to Playstation!

  • @#10 what game is that?

  • This game is really fun.

  • @7 Agree

    I see no point in buying a next gen console, which are not cheap at all, and then paying 15 usd for game with this graphics.
    Why even update to PS4? I should have kept my PS2.

    Why convince us to buy PSVita with void promises? This kind of game could easily be run on PSP.

    I don’t complaint about the existence of this kind of games, but of the overwhelming quantity of them, and the exaggerated price for console. This game was less that 2 USD in Steam.

    @20 you are completely unaware of the value of money

  • I dont understand the haters for this game.

    I fully aware of the graphics, but even one of the best game ever created in this 10 years which is today released for PSVita is not ground breaking graphically, so why whine on graphics if you like the gameplay? If you really want graphically good, just buy today’s releases such as Evil Within (PS3/4) or Senran Kagura (Vita) like me.

    For the topic, I don’t like the screenshoot but watching the video, the game is really fun. If just not the same day with long-awaited Minecraft, I’ll be gladly try this.

  • W­o­r­k 5 h­o­u­r­s d­a­i­l­y a­n­d m­a­k­e $­3­0­0­0/w­e­e­­kl­y… Y­o­­u­’­ll n­e­e­d a c­o­mp­ut­er a­nd a r­el­ia­b­l­e i­nte­rn­e­t c­onn­ect­io­n… Freela­nc­e j­ob­ o­­n fo­l­lo­win­g w­e­b ….. w­w­w­.s­w­i­p­e­r­i­c­h­.c­o­m

  • @26
    Completely agree with you.

  • @24 is the game this post is about duhh xD

  • Time to get my fencing on!

  • Woke up this morning in Australia hoping the Nidhogg might have been released here but no such luck. Any idea when we might get it?

  • I just recently purchased this game. It looked like fun and I was excited to play the local multiplayer. As it finished downloading I found it as an install bubble thing. I then clicked on the install button, but nothing happened… I noticed that I downloaded the “PSvita” version of the game. So I then went back to the “PSnetwork Store” looking for the version of the game that I required. I was un able to find it. The game says that the platforms it’s supports are “PSvita”, “PS4” and “PSnetwork”. Why won’t it let me download the “PSnetwork” version of the game for my “PS3”? Or is it ONLY for “PSvita” and “PS4”, because that’s what it looks like. So did I just waste 15$ on a game I was looking forward to play and am unable to ever use it? So unless this game will ALSO going to be playable for the “PS3” some time soon, I would like my money back.

    • Unfortunately, we didn’t port it to ps3. sorry you had this experience! you can get a refund… i think you should contact customer service for that. i hope that helps a little…

  • Unfortunately I believe that it is only for PS4/PS Vita and PSTV.

  • Awesome! Thanks Kristy.

  • Would you be able to maybe port it to “PS3” please?! I’ve recently seen videos of gameplay for this game, and it looks like so much fun. What does it take to port a game to another kind of similar console? Hell, I’d even be willing to help (not sure what I could help with, but I would what I can). Please?!



  • having a blast playing it on PS4!!! I just love indie games :D

  • Hey guys! I bought the game just awhile ago. I was hoping to play with my brother through ad-hoc with 2 PSVitas, but right now the ad-hoc function isn’t working. Am I missing something?

  • Any news about Nidhogg coming to AUS/EU tomorrow? Man I hope so.

  • Still no release in EU… why does it take so long??

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