Zen Pinball 2: Two South Park Tables Out Tomorrow

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Zen Pinball 2: Two South Park Tables Out Tomorrow

Dude, sweet! It’s two all-new pinball tables based on South Park!! “South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball” and “South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game” will be available as a two-table DLC pack tomorrow, October 14th for Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita for $4.99.

South Park: Super Sweet Pinball

Team up with Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny in this ultimate South Park pinball experience! Let your balls fly with classic South Park moments and characters…even ManBearPig. We’re super cereal.

South Park: Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game!

Hey fellas! It’s Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game! Join your favorite 4th-grader in this epic pinball adventure. Take on the Coon & Friends as Professor Chaos, steal the Future Telling Device from the girls, and save Imaginationland as the Chosen One!

Zen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball

Zen Pinball 2: South Park PinballZen Pinball 2: South Park Pinball

Don’t forget – purchase the table pack on PS3 or Vita first, then import to PS4 to enjoy on all three platforms. See you on the leaderboards, dude!

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  • Awesome sauce. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • I may not like south park but its good to see you guys are getting rights to more ip’s.

  • I’m not a huge South Park fan, but I am a HUGE Zen pinball fan, so this is a no brainer day one buy for me! Keep those tables coming :D

    Maybe next year you could make an ExtraLife table??? bit.lycasualgamers

  • @Bobby L. I’ll be sure to do that. I love me some pinball.

  • I was pretty pumped when I saw these trophies pop up in the update last week. $5 cheerfully surrendered. :)

    And hey, the South Park license means you’re talkin’ to Warner Bros, which is pretty huge! Hope this is a foot in the door for more of the IP under their umbrella, DC Comics and Cartoon Network tables would be pretty amazing!

  • Awesome.

  • Haha…brown Mr. Hanky balls. So good.

  • Lu Lu Lu, I’ve got some apples…
    The Pinball wars is over, Zen has won!

  • Bobby, you are the bomb!

  • None of this other crap matters. What about Driveclub and the PS+ edition?

  • You guys always make it so easy for me to spend money. Tables look great and I will be picking them up for sure.

  • First of all, BUTTERS!
    Second, will there be swearing in the South Park table? Please say yes. I fully expect it to be censored, like the show, so it can be slightly more family-friendly, but come on. The constant bleeps and vulgarity is what makes South Park so funny and strangely endearing. Really hoping the South Park spirit isn’t neutered for the sake of pinball. lol

    • Everything in Zen Pinball 2 is rated E, so no swearing, but I think these tables are still great (and a bit edgier than you might think) :)

  • Never really watched South Park but I still think the tables will be fun.

  • I’m stoked about this, and really glad that you all seem to have focused on earlier material from the property. Not that South Park has ever been bad, but I like the less pop-topical, more internally oriented episodes. Anyway, I haven’t played ZP2 in a bit, but I’ll most definitely dust it off for these! Thank you for sharing, Bobby!

  • Man, you guys have a multitude of now Disney franchises, when will we get the TRON table I suggested many tables ago?

  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

  • I have never been interested that much in pinball, but this i might just download Zen Pinball and buy this pack. I love south park. The Stick of Truth is the first real good SP game, and I need more. Please DO the Simpsons next and eventually Family Guy.

  • @17 Yes, I’d love to see them do a Simpsons one next.

  • Awesome . You may have made pinball fun for me again.

  • I hope with the announce of the Ghostbusters reboot that Sony will still allow you guys to do a Ghostbusters table!

    On the PS4 version, will ZP2 be patches to support stereo 1080p on 3DTVs? Right now it downscales to 720p for 3D, but 1080p stereo should be supported in the PS4 firmware as of a few months ago (when 3D Bluray support was added).

    does the White Swallows bath house make an appearance in the Butters table?

  • So wait, there’s an actual South Park pinball table… are either of these “based” on that table, or take inspiration from it? Or are these completely original tables that take advantage of the IP? I’m buying them either way, just curious about that.

    Thanks for some more sweet tables! Keep up the awesome work! Excelsior!

  • “Everything in Zen Pinball 2 is rated E, so no swearing, but I think these tables are still great (and a bit edgier than you might think) :)”

    It looks like someone has never played Moon Knight. ;)

    Also, the PSN version of ZP2 is rated E-10.

  • As always I will buy whatever tables are released for Zen Pinball 2.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AMAZING, thanks!! Downloading these right after work :)

    Question: will these feature the actual character voices? (licensed clips from the show at least, if not Trey/Matt original dialogue?)

  • very nice.. never much cared for South Park personally, but new tables are always good news.. I have them all save for the soccer ones… love that you guys are working on new IPs for tables… Would be cool to see some based of existing Playstation games.. or past ones… or Game of Thrones would be nice… either way, i’ll be buying these new ones on Friday… thanks for the great game and keep up the awesome work..

  • Problem. “There were no tables found to import.”

    Your post says, “Don’t forget – purchase the table pack on PS3 or Vita first, then import to PS4 to enjoy on all three platforms.”

    Bought for PS3, but still can’t play on PS4.

  • Two things:

    1) South Park is, in its very essence, not rated “E.”

    2) As nice as the licensed tables are, I really would like to see some more Zen originals sometime.

  • @26 – It’s because the game hasn’t been updated yet on PS4 to support the new tables. I loaded it up on my PS3 and it shows a placeholder for the new tables where you can play if you bought them or download the demo if not. On PS4 it doesn’t even list them. You’ll just have to wait til they update the PS4 game. Kinda messed up you guys are selling something that doesn’t work

  • @28 No, it worked eventually. “Import” never worked, but I went and downloaded the demo for the game from the Store, and that allowed me to play the demo. But clicking “Buy” in-game didn’t work. And going to get it in the Store didn’t work … it said it was already installed.

    But going to the game in the PS4 UI, selecting plug-ins, seeing the plug-ins I own, and then selecting to download the unlock …

    That worked.

  • best 5 bucks I’ve spent in a while. The tables were fun and brought back some old South Park memories I’d forgotten all about. Cartman singing the cheesey poof jingle or scream/crying at a game over put a smile on my face every time.

  • The new tables are hilarious, but more importantly a lot of fun to play! You all did a great job on them!

  • No warning in the ps4 Store that these games are not retrogradeable back to ps3 and Vita if you buy them from the ps4 store first. What a rip

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