Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Out Tomorrow on PS4

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Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Out Tomorrow on PS4
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Out Tomorrow on PS4

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! The all-encompassing Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition will be ready for you to play on PS4 starting tomorrow. The amazing team at United Front Games has worked really hard to make this an even better experience on PS4.

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

For those unfamiliar with what this comes with… well, it comes with everything! All the Sleeping Dogs DLC ever released, including skins and vehicles, and fan favorite levels: Nightmare in North Point, The Zodiac Tournament, and Year of the Snake. And, of course, the game itself has been remastered to take advantage of what PS4 has to offer.

We’re all really excited to bring Sleeping Dogs to PS4, and we hope you guys have as much fun playing it as we had making it. Feel free to post below about anything and everything Sleeping Dogs related. Favorite mission? Costume? Other big Square Enix titles you’re looking forward to? We’d love to hear from you!

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  • For those that haven’t played this on the PS3, I encourage you to try this on the PS4. The story is amazing. The gameplay is fun. There is a lot to do and explore. Plus, all of the DLC is included.

  • Don’t really care about the PS4 yet, no backwards capability and I prefer to buy than to rent/trade.
    What I do want is better support from you guys for Vita.

    I know I am part of the minority on this one, but I am guessing about as many as those wanting HD, unless they have not played it yet.

    Yes, I’m pointing at you Kingdom Hearts, and would it kill you to bring Crisis Core over to PSN while you actually had a bigger demand for it?

  • And how about a Parasite Eve sale already.

  • I love this game. Good to see a complete edition on PS4. Now, how about something for Vita, not just remote play. Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts HD, or anything upcoming from Square Enix for the Vita?

  • eh too expensive

  • Didn’t finish the game on PS3, this game is selling for 69.99 in Canada really don’t think its worth full price.

  • I too haven’t played it and i ordered this on PSN with 10% off. Can’t wait! Also The Evil Within for same price. :)

  • For those who missed it on PS3 this is a no brainer. It’s an excellent game. However there’s nothing here for those who want to double dip. The graphical improvements are quite underwhelming.

  • Too expensive is right! This game came out quite while ago. Sure it’s got the DLC included. Sure you spent lots of time upgrading the graphics. It’s a great game and for those that haven’t played it are in for a real treat. However, I think Naughty Dog did it right. The price should be lower. There should be a price for people that own the digital version to upgrade to the definitive edition. This game is over 2 years old and the price point gives HD remakes a bad name.

  • I love this game and already pre-ordered the PS4 version. I already own the PS3 and PC version. I’m ready for my tripple dipping on this great game.

  • PlayStations first response on their Facebook page for this game is amazing! Everyone go check it out! :D I straight laughed out loud at their response to the Illuminati. :D

  • It’s a great game but $60 is too much for a 2 year old game. On Steam is $30 and if you own the original Sleeping Dogs then you automatically get a 50% off (leaving it at $15).

  • I bought this on Steam for $5. It’s a surprisingly good game and I’d highly recommend it if it wasn’t for the $60 price tag.

  • I managed to platinum this game on PS3 thanks to PS+ giving us this game for free. I certainly wouldn’t go out and buy it again though. it was fun, but not even remotely close to being as good as GTAV

  • Beware: Unlike Tomb Raider where they actually had lots of visual enhancements and higher frame rate, all reviews are saying Sleeping Dogs on PS4 is just a lazy port with the same 30FPS and no visual upgrades besides the bump to 1080p. But no sharper textures, better physics or another additions like Tomb Raider.

    In other words, unless you’ve never played it before, you should pass.

  • Awesome game!

  • Yeah, no thanks. S-E gives the other a system an exclusive (Tomb Raider) and they pump out a crappy port of Sleeping Dogs. Worst yet, it’s over priced.

    Listen to ElektroDragon. Unless you’ve never played it before, you really should pass on this. I hear the game runs like garbage on the PS4 (and Xbox One).

  • I can`t wait I some how missed this on ps3 but I will be picking it up for my ps4

  • @ElektroDragon, I was going to ask what they changed in the PS4 version visually apart from resolution. Thanks for that insight. Will wait for a $15 sale or lower.

  • I’ve already played this on ps3 with all three dlc missions, so i’ll pass on double dipping for the ps4 version. I do really hope you guys are working on a sequel or new open world game set in Asia.

    I really found the Hong Kong location very refreshing and i enjoyed Sleeping Dogs more than the post San Andreas GTA games. :)

  • I absolutely loved this game on PS3 and will definitely get it at some point on PS4. I would love to be able to get it day 1 but things are pretty tight for me financially and so many other new games coming out that I want in the next couple of months. But I can’t wait to play this again whenever I can afford to grab a copy.

  • Didn’t play on PS3, so will be getting this soonish.

  • Great game on PS3 – one of the best games that was free for PS PLUS subscribers. Won’t buy it again since there’s not much new content and no online but it’s very good. Have to say though, it can not compete with the beast that is GTA V. But if you want to play a game with a pretty good story and is GTA in hong kong with more solid fighting mechanics (it’ll make you feel like Bruce Lee in training, haha), this game is worth playing.

  • Would like to preload this game. The store is down before a Tuesday with a load of releases that’s really smart!!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Oh and that reminds me.. bring back “True Crime, Streets of _____ ” ;) Games were great, keep em going! If you guys add an online mode to a game like this, it can really start competing with GTA.

  • Love this game, just release part 2 or if they could complete the game (put the stuff in before it was cancelled). I spent so much time with it on PS3 I don’t think I could do it on PS4 again. However, anyone that missed this and loves a good open world action game, pick it up.

  • Guys don’t add money these pigs just stole 10$ great work sony you are good stealing

  • Good game, but this $60 pricing scheme for an old game is lame. Last gen, we’d get 2-3 games with updated visuals for $40 (GoW, Sly Collection, etc) or at worst, one complete HD remake for $50. These are just quick money grabs with no respect for us gamers. Lower it to $40 for port launches of old games, then we may take you seriously.

  • Keep it coming guys i love having a Next Gen system so i can have upgraded versions of old games.

  • I played a little of this on the PS3, but never did get around to finishing this one (My backlog is to thank for that). I might look into it when I’m done with The Evil Within.

  • The “definitive editions” need to stop. You are porting a last generation game to new hardware. You spent resources to bring it over, and charge $60. This is a great game, but it’s older and bringing out a GOTY/Definitive version is doing nothing more than trying to wrangle out more cash for the game. Do I want the games to be profitable so you can afford to make more? Yes. but the DLC parade, multiple editions don’t work for most. Lower your budget. The gamers that insist on the pretty eye candy are far less than the ones that demand great game play.

  • @2: licensing prevents crisis core from releasing on PSN.

  • I hear it has framerate drops and isn’t much of an upgrade. So why not 60FPS? SE is lame, but at least it explains them never talking about the game or showing it,

  • @#30 I wouldn’t have bought a Vita if it wasn’t for the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remake :/

    They don’t need to stop, they just need more exclusives.

  • The game is still great and looks really nice but I really wish they would have fixed the camera, it’s still awful. That alone drops my score on this game from a solid 9 to a weak 7.5-8.

  • This is a Great Game, received it today and cannot wait to play it!

  • Its a good game which i had free on ps plus but i didnt finish it. I will pick up a copy when the price drops below 30 pounds, as its a upgrade of an older game and should not be sold as a full price game. Metro redux has 2 games and is under 30 pounds and thats well worth the money.

  • I really enjoyed it on the PS3.

    Could someone please tell me if the PS4 is a different story line completely? I don’t want to spend £45 on a game I have already played and completed.


  • Someone help me!! I Don’t know where to find my DLC costumes, cause Im new on sleeping dogs it’s my first time playing it
    Anyone help me please I just need directions for finding them

  • We need a Patch for this game. There’s a couple of missions that requires you to use your phone to take pictures, when you click R1 for the camera & R2 to take the picture, the R2 won’t take the picture it’s not sync. Please Sony give us a Patch for sleeping dogs definitive edition.

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