Killzone Mercenary Update: PS TV Support and More

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Killzone Mercenary Update: PS TV Support and More

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When PlayStation TV was first announced, we were super excited at the idea of having Killzone Mercenary running on a big TV screen. So, we went to work on making that idea happen, and are pleased to announce we can finally share the results. Killzone Mercenary update 1.11 is now available across all regions, bringing full support for the PlayStation TV system to Mercenary.

The game does indeed look fantastic on the big screen, and the DualShock controls bring a new feel to the game’s mechanics. We’ve reworked all the touch mechanics to maximize the experience when played with those controls. Knowing that PS Vita players will play directly with PlayStation TV players online, we’ve worked hard to ensure the game is balanced for both parties, without either one having a competitive advantage.

Also, as part of update 1.11 and in response to player feedback, we’ve finally been able to implement a restart-from-checkpoint system into the game — so campaign players can save progress mid-mission and return to it at a later date, without needing to hit the suspend button!

Happy hunting Mercs, and don’t forget to let us know what you think to the changes.

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  • Thank you :-D First game from my Vita I’m popping into my PSTV…. right after I get my work in progress game working on PS Mobile with it :-)

    Hopefully this will make doing challenges a bit easier. Any benefits to using a DS4 over a DS3? Is there a Shadow Fall layout option? how do the swipes translate.

    • Hi KazeEternal,

      Both the DS3/DS4 function the same with Killzone Mercenary and both feel great with the game.

      On PlayStation TV the swipes are now mapped to the analog sticks. You have to press the sticks in the on-screen indicated direction.

  • awesome like playing mercenary but small screen can be eye straining glad to see all the support for pstv i want to get one now as a companion to my vita and ps4

  • Nice. I still think the DS4 w/ PSTV users will certainly have an advantage. It will just be so much easier to see on the big screen. Great game either way.

  • Hi Matt

    This time please make another new and exclusive game for Vita,we are waiting for upcoming Guerilla games for Vita.

  • Could you update Uncharted Golden Abyss to play it in my future PS TV ?? Please?

  • I always planned for this to be the first game I play on my PSTV!
    Glad about the restart from checkpoint, though I am about 99% done with the campaign now, just a few intel items to go back and get on the last level.

    My favorite Vita game, sure to be my favorite PSTV game!

  • Awesome, thank you!!! I was wondering why this game was listed as compatible, despite having touch features. Now we know why! Thanks for the support on this. I own the game but haven’t played yet, so I’m glad that I’ll be able to play it on my TV as well as on the go!

  • @5 — It’s not the same developer, so these guys can’t help with Uncharted: Golden Abyss. But I do hope the PS Blog folks pass the word along to Bend and Naughty Dog, because U:GA would be a lot of fun to play on PS TV!

  • Yes a reason to justify my purchase of the Vita TV System.
    Thanks a bunch.

  • Great can’t w8 this game 100 times better ps4 kz :D

  • I cannot say enough good things about Killzone Mercenary! Truly an amazing Vita game. To know that more gamers will be able to enjoy it makes me very happy. I will stick with the Vita myself because it’s part of my DNA now. Glad other can play this wonderful shooter on the big screen!

  • Awesome… glad I left this one sitting one my shelf until now!

  • I platted the game a few months back but look forward to playing it again on PSTV. I’ve got so much respect for your company because you keep giving back to your customers. Thanks for all the hard work and making one of the Vita’s best games.

  • Yay, I’m so happy! This game makes the PS TV worth it. I respect Guerilla Cambridge, a lot. You guys created a game that was perfect for the Vita and continued to support it and for that is very well appreciated in the Vita community. I hope you guys continue to make games for the Vita. Best of luck!

  • Not getting PS TV. The game is awsome, worth playing one of Vitas best games hopefully we can get another killzone on Vita again. I do wonder how the games controls will be with the controllers. I have a feeling its going to be loose if so i hope people give it a try on a actual Vita
    Tight controls on this game us a must to me.

  • One of the few games I bought digital right at release.
    And although it went on sale for $9 bucks six months later and charged for bot multiplayer, I felt it was a game worth buying.

    Really wish you would bring us more of this quality.

  • I’m about out of PSone titles to buy, and with no decent PSP sales, will be waiting for more like it.
    It’s been a year now, so hurry up already ;)

  • Awesome i preordered PS TV and will be playing all week

  • Thanks Matt. Also, I’m looking forward to an announcement on what GCs been working on. Any hints on when that’ll be?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHECKPOINTS SAVES! Yes, I’m excited. Just look at my trophies for this game and you’ll see why. I love the game, just couldn’t play it through in campaign because of feeling icky by the time I jump out the window, and there’s too much time input into it by then and feels even worse because I have to quit the game to play something else.

    Thus I completely abandoned playing this game (but would have loved to continue multi-player, I just didn’t.) One main reason for wanting PlayStation TV is for this game, as well as others, since big screen play won’t affect me as much either. Checkpoint saving continue from there is a cherry on top of it all.

    Thank you Guerilla Cambridge!

  • the very single reason ive been waiting for ps tv was it could play vita games. I have always held off on uncharted:golden abyss because i dont like playing games on such a small screen. i was sure sony would release a ps3 port as they did wih the god of war origins collection. That day never came for golden abyss. Are there at least plans to add support for uncharted:golden abyss in the future? If so i wil be purchasing the ps tv. Its the biggest deal breaker.

  • I love this game, sadly it seems it was one of the last AAA games for the Vita ever :'(

  • I love kizzy Mercs, i hope playstation tv is a huge success so we can get more AAA first party games on the vita.

  • Awesome. Now get Uncharted to work on the PSTV and I well buy one

  • how about updating the ps4 for mp3 ability than putting out updates to a sub par game. Oh wait that may cost sony the ability to force you to buy music unlimited. Sony is a joke

  • I think it’s great to see this title still getting post-release support. I just wish there were co-op maps that could cross-play with Shadowfall on PS4.

    since the PSTV is plugged in and doesn’t have the same battery/thermal constraints as the Vita, does the GPU stay at the higher clock rate even with Wifi turned on?

    any further rendering optimizations that were made for PSTV that will also make the Vita version even better?

  • @25 NO they should have a hard drive in there PS TV and VITA instead of $100 memory cards. don’t be a jerk !!! Delaystation forever…

  • Can someone please tell me if I can dude my dual shock 4 to control the playstation tv?
    I don’t have a ps3 remote and I want to buy the PS tv they one that comes with out DS3.

  • @ getsome4210: This is a post from Guerrilla Cambridge. They have nothing to do with the PS4’s firmware updates. Their game isn’t even available for PS4. Troll somewhere else.

  • maxvtek, yes you can use a dualshock 4 with playstation tv

  • Oh man great update…I’m so happy you guys added a “restart from last checkpoint” option…I mean for real this was something much needed.THANK YOU guys.

    And as much as I don’t like the PS TV…..I would like to play and feel Mercenary on DS3…oh it must be awesome.

  • they should add uncharted support…. however i really bet they will bring a better full HD version to psn for ps3 and ps4 soon enough… i hate the fact batman black gate and assassins creed did that.. but hey if its worth it.. what can you do?

    i hope they dont actually.. or for any more games… its just defeating the purpose of getting a vita…. same goes for xperia phones and tablets getting remote play support…. i mean really? come on now sony..

  • i heard that you need a DS3 to navigate the PS tv menu, it wont work with the DS4 only in some games, so im confused about it, ive seen people use the DS4 for games only!!

  • Thank you so much for supporting this game. I have a request.

    mercenary warfare
    duration of engagement to 15 minutes. 10 minutes is too fast.

    guerrilla warfare
    duration of engagement to 15 minutes and first team to achieve 50 kills. 10 minutes is too fast and 40 kills is to short.

    It will reduce me from waiting the long loading screen. Please this is my reason for not playing this game for now. I hope you can make this in the next update. I hope its possible.

  • For example if i want to play this game 30 minutes a day, after 15 minutes i have to wait 1 long loading screen before the other 15 minutes and then play another game. 15+15 = 30. But because the time is 10 minutes i have to wait more long loading screen. 10+10+10 = 30.

  • This was one game that I regretfully did not get far into on PS Vita as I really didn’t enjoy the controls or the changing visibility based on the angle of the system in my hands. But as a game I enjoyed it far more than I enjoyed Killzone: Shadowfall on PS4, so I’m happy to know I’ll be able to to take another crack at it with a larger screen using one of the best game controllers every made. I’ll be waiting for a digital sale as I already bought the game once at retail and sold it later for a song, but I’ll definitely be revisiting the game soon.

  • Thank you for this amazing game and please do spread out your excellent idea of gyroscopic finetune aiming.
    It delivers amazing satisfaction and accuracy.
    If games on ps3 had used this idea with the sixaxis/dualshock, there would be no argument on controlers vs mouse accuracy in fps’.

  • I was honestly surprised at how solid this game was from the multiplayer demo from way back when. The full game itself was quite good, and I liked how you gave multiple methods for clearing stages in the story mode. The multiplayer ended up being even better than what I had enjoyed in the beta and is still a blast, even today.

    Serious question, though: Will KZ Merc ever get more multiplayer maps?
    I appreciate the extra 2 we got, especially since they were free, but a few more would be nice, if only 2, hopefully 4 more.

    Also, I agree with JOHNVMZ on botzone time adjustments, if it’s possible. It would also be nice to have the option to play as long as you wanted in botzone mode, or at least somewhat longer than the real online matches (as it’s basically a training simulation).

    Thanks again for making one of my favorite vita games.

  • Please make another Vita exclusive like this one, it’s exceptional!

  • Thank you for the support! Hats off to you guys :D

  • Oh thank goodness for checkpoint saving. I had thought Merc would be a great game for my commute but the levels are just too long for single sessions and keeping that session open just to try to finish it prevents me from playing anything else in the meantime — it’s a bit like way back when Patapon debs decided they’d remove the ability to pause the game — and means I might actually be able to finish this game at some point. So, thanks.

  • Thanks for all the support.

    Shame Sony doesn’t want to give us more games of its caliber on Vita.

  • Great update, I love this game… Is possible get more guns?? I have a lot a money to spend and not gun tu buy… Regards

  • Hi, though i do appreciate the team’s effort of updating the game for PS TV, any word of updating it for DS4 as well? Currently, shooting and aiming is using the R1 and L1 on DS4 which is not optimal and more of a DS3 setup. DS4 should be using R2 and L2 instead for shooting and aiming.

  • Michael, I know what I’m about to ask is tough with sony all over you 24/7 asking to release maps and stuff for the ps4..
    But could we, the Vita Nation, ask you guys to extend this support? Of course we want new maps and new weapons. Maybe even new missions or a new paid DLC featuring a Mission Pack, I know every single Killzone Vita Player will support you guys, should that happen. All we get is “NO!” because the Vita is basically nothing in numbers when compared to the ps4, but we never give up.

    If maps and new weapons is out of question, then please release a new update featuring in-game tweaks.
    I want to be able to set for how long a match will last, how many points should be scored before the match ends and to make things more interesting, I want to be able to set which weapons the bots are supposed to use. It’s basically the same thing as browsing the weapons dealer but instead for me, it’s for the bots.

    And please.. give us a check box to enable/disable that voice “THIRTY SECONDS!”. Sometimes that bit** scares the hell out of me.

  • Today I’ve brought PlayStation TV and played Kilzone Mercenary on my Sony HDTV 1080p. It was awesome. I just wish in the future Sony will allow us to output in HD 1080p. Can you guys update Uncharted: Golden Abyss to play on PSTV? That’d be awesome. I’d love that. I Just love Uncharted Series. Thanks so much

  • I guess adhoc support for botzone is too hard to make

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