Tales of Hearts R Out 11/11 on PS Vita & PSTV, Pre-order Detailed

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Tales of Hearts R Out 11/11 on PS Vita & PSTV, Pre-order Detailed

We are making Tales of Hearts R’s November 11th launch on PlayStation Vita something to remember! The latest western JRPG release in the long standing ‘Tales of’ series will be compatible with PlayStation TV! Many of you asked for such a feature and we are more than happy to make the PlayStation TV’s launch even more awesome.

That’s not all however! In the tradition of previous ‘Tales of’ releases, we are happy to reveal more info on our pre-order promotion and Digital Limited Edition in the Americas! Pre-order Tales of Hearts R in the Americas from participating stores and get a classic ‘Tales of’ costume set with outfits paying tribute to a range of previous ‘Tales of’ games on launch day! This exciting content will be included as a digital bonus while supplies last.

Tales of Hearts R

If you’d rather get the game digitally, you can buy the Digital Limited Edition on the PSN and get the same six awesome costumes! But don’t procrastinate, because the Digital Limited Edition will only be available until the end of November.

Save the date: Tales of Hearts R is coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV on November 11th!

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  • Day One Buy here!!

  • Day Two Buy here!!

  • I’m really glad you keep bringing Tales of games to the PlayStation family.

  • The post says November 14th but the picture says November 11th! D:

    • We apologize for the confusion. The Nov 14th date was the European release date and the post has been fixed to reflect the Nov 11th release in the Americas! Sooner the better :)

  • PlayStation TV you say? Let me pre-order this game too.

  • Does this game have full English support meaning both text and audio? No buy from me if it has anything even remotely not localized. That’s a lazy habit of some recent games and it needs to just stop

  • Repede costume ?
    They killed him :( ?

  • :-D I have no words for how i feel. I hope an emoticon is enough.

  • can’t wait to play as “Kor Meteor”.

  • Oh nice, gimme!!!! :) Really looking forward to this!

  • I wouldn’t have bought this before, but now that I can play it on a TV with a DS4, I definitely will!!!! So stoked for PSTV!!!!!!

  • wooo the only game since Borderlands 2 that is actually getting my money at launch on Vita! Nice to actually have a game to play on it

  • Just preordered it on Wednesday. This will be my first Tales game sadly but since its on the Vita its a must buy. I get more time on my Vita than any other console. Thanks for bringing this to our awesome handheld!

  • GameStop exclusive limited copys I need to hurry……>_<

  • I’m getting this day one and then another one just to have in mint

  • Man between this, Freedom Wars, and minecraft my vita may be my must used console(handheld) this winter.

  • Thank You Bandai.
    You guys have helped make my Vita worth owning for more than PSone classics, and Indie titles.

    Now if we could get better pricing on digital sales, as I prefer to own, and not trade in or resell my purchase once I am through playing it.

    I would think you would have more being made from digital.
    Just look at SOA, and it has only been out a month with no discount.

    I will be waiting for a future sale to pick these up, but be sure I will when they aren’t $40 bucks for PS2 graphics.

  • :O Retail copies too? Can i pre-order on Amazon? :D

  • already pre-ordered from way back in March

  • Thank you Bamco.

    Please bring us Digimon Cyber Sleuth at retail. And Innocence R. Seems SAO did well, despite the Asia Engrish. And One Piece seemed to do well too.

    I am sure this will do well too.

    @18: No, it’s exclusive to Gamestop/EB Games.

  • I’ll get the digital version, but it would be nice if Namco can get amazon on board to distribute physical copies as well.
    also please Namco! we need digimon cyber sleuth, I will go as far as to double dip.

  • @6: No dub. Why bother? The cost isn’t worth it, you are a minority.

  • See a lot of third party titles on PSVita like Tales, but where are the damn first party titles. Last one we got was Teraway and that was almost a year ago.

  • The digital version has same bonus costumes?! Yay! I much prefer digital for Vita games. Thank you, Bandai, but of course I will buy any Tales game anyway.

    I will definitely be trying this on my PS TV, too. Thank you for supporting that.

    Now, if I can only stop playing your other game, Dark Souls 2….

  • Preordered! Thanks for the Japanese audio and PSTV support! That was exactly what I was looking for!

  • Good to see more Vita and PSTV support on the way.

    On a side note, has Bandai Namco North America been keeping tabs on the recently-announced Sword Art Online: Lost Song? it’s due out for Vita and PS3 over in Japan next year, and I’m hoping that the chart-topping success of SAO:HF on both sides of the Atlantic might help make localizing the next game in that series (and for both platforms) more viable an option for Bamco to consider.

  • Sold.

  • I’m buying!

  • Definitely getting this! But now I have to decide between getting for my Vita or PS TV…

  • Day one for sure!!! Those Caius and Repede outfits <3 What about some Innocence R love too? :)

  • @22 minority how?

    Love SOA, and would have probably bought had it not sold so well.
    But how do you even know?

    Some love the game well enough not to even care.

    That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t or aren’t holding off buying it because of.

  • Oh wait, if I get a physical copy of the game I can play it on Vita AND TV. Forgot about that.

  • I know for a fact after watching both versions of SOA, that I can appreciate the artwork much better without glancing down every couple seconds to read subtitles.

    Now the translations and the voicework have varied it some, true.
    But I can spend more time actually watching it.

    I am pretty sure the minority are those like yourself, which is why japanese anime has taken years here in the states to catch on.

  • I hope pstv is a huge success so we can get more psvita games.

  • I hope Tales of Vesperia (the PS3 version – I know it’s a little too late) gets a western release eventually whether it is a digital copy and/or physical copy for the PlayStation Brand ( w Eng subs with Jap audio).

  • Is PSTV that 3D thing Sony was hawking a few years ago?

  • the game will come to America in Spanish?

  • its a shame all the merchandise that is lost of a continent to another. take a look to this video from this limited edition of this game in japan a year ago.


    why can’t we have a package like that?

  • That Repede costume looks niiiiice!

  • Wow. Patty costume. Just keep twisting that knife that we didn’t get Tales of Vesperia on PS3 in NA. :(

  • Thanks BandaiNamco for ToHR supporting PS TV.

  • Can I play this enjoying the voices of Shizuka Ito and Marina Inoue…. or is this an Dub?

  • Can’t wait to get this one! Got it preordered and everything. Bought myself a Vita just to this game and I’m soooo happy!!

  • Can’t wait to get this one! Got it preordered and everything. Bought myself a Vita just to this game and I’m soooo happy!!

  • I can’t find where to pre-order this digitally

  • Thank you for supporting Vita. It’s my favorite handheld ever and I’ve had this game preordered since it was available!

  • Gonna be GREAT having a Tales game to play on the go!

  • Thanks! @Grace Liu !

  • Thanks for listening! Had it pre ordered at GameStop for months now! Just got to pick it up Day 1.

  • First of all, I really want to thank you Grace Liu and all the team at Bandai Namco for listening to your fans and bringing this game to the Playstation Vita to the Americas, now i really have a question that i really hope you can answer.

    I pre-ordered the game through your official store page (bandainamcogamesstore) since I prefer to pay with my Amazon account rather than pre-ordering through Gamestop, but I am concerned since you made no mention of pre-ordering the game throguh this method, and only mentioned that the physical retail copy would only be available on Gamestop.

    So my question is, pre-ordering through your official store gives you the pre-order bonuses, or is it only Gamestop exclusive?

    Thanks in advance.

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