In Space We Brawl Storms PS4, PS3 Tuesday

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In Space We Brawl Storms PS4, PS3 Tuesday

Hi! This is Alessandro from Forge Reply again. A couple of weeks ago we posted a lot of details about the main feature of In Space We Brawl: the 100+ combinations of spaceships and weapons!

In Space We Brawl

We spent those two weeks giving the last touches to the game and we’re proud to announce that In Space We Brawl will storm your local multiplayer gaming nights on PS4 and PS3 next week, with a release price of $11.99 and a 20% launch discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Moreover, the game is Cross-Buy so you can download it on your trusty PlayStation 3 if you have yet to jump on the PS4 train, obtaining the best version for free as soon as you do.

Here’s our enlistment trailer:

So, call your friends and prepare your gamepads for true cosmic mayhem.

If they can’t join, don’t worry! We’ve prepared 21 single player challenges that you can face alone, trying to unlock all the content that the game has to offer. Beating them will get you the oddest ships and the most peculiar weapons, like the bio-vessel Nargoon or the Cosmic Spreader: a flamethrower that works also in the void of space!

Plus, you’ll discover all the secrets behind In Space We Brawl’s spaceships and weapons, gaining an invaluable edge on your friends.

In Space We BrawlIn Space We Brawl

When they’re finally ready to join you, the 100+ combinations of deadly vessels and tools of space destruction will be ready, so you can storm all eight battlegrounds, fighting in small Alpha sectors or navigating huge Gamma ones, and facing deadly space hazards like black holes, explosive asteroids and unpredictable solar wind.

We spent an incredible amount of time fine-tuning all the aspects of the game, so tell us what you think in the comments! We will adapt the game following your suggestions, modifying parameters on the fly.

Every match of In Space We Brawl is a mix of super-fast reflexes, well-played strategy and brutal action — so have fun with it! If you want to know more about the game, check the comprehensive wiki and our Tumblr: we will post GIFs of many spectacular kills and some unlucky crashes as well!

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