Hands-on with Resident Evil on PS4

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Hands-on with Resident Evil on PS4

Abandoned mansions. Window-shattering dogs. That iconic zombie moan. So many gamers have memories of the original Resident Evil. It is, after all, a legend in the gaming space and one of the forefathers of the survival horror genre.

Fortunately for those who want to re-experience Chris and Jill’s original fight for survival, Capcom is bringing Resident Evil to PS4 and PS3 in early 2015. Last week I took a few nervous steps through the mansion for myself and was mauled almost immediately. Still had fun!

Resident Evil

To start, the upcoming remaster of Resident Evil is based on the remake from 2002, which was already a tremendous leap forward in visual fidelity. The fearless members of S.T.A.R.S. were remodeled, the environments were enhanced, and even the dialogue was re-recorded (R.I.P. Jill Sandwich). The upcoming remaster has been shined to an even brighter (Or darker?) polish, with 1080p visuals and 5.1 surround sound on PS4. Even the smallest details — like the flickering flame of a candle or the sway of overhead branches — have been touched up by the team.

Resident Evil supports various display and control options, as well. Want to play in the original 4:3? Do it. Prefer a widescreen, camera-panning view? Resident Evil has that, too. The development team has even included the original “tank controls” for survival horror purists, though a simple selection in the options menu allows for modern movement control instead.

Resident EvilResident Evil

Regardless of your preferences, Resident Evil remains a game of great detail. Listen for the fluttering of moths near lamplight, or the creaking steps of a zombie hidden just out of view. Note Jill’s reflection in the tiled floors, or the intricate design of a chandelier. Though the primary goal is survival (and the desperate collection of ink ribbons), it’s hard not to admire the smaller pieces that fit together into the larger puzzle.

And somehow, Resident Evil’s high ceilings and tall windows still feel claustrophobic. Part of the fun is navigating these environments and recalling the same fear many of us felt while huddled under blankets in 1996.

Resident Evil

In fact, Resident Evil still lends itself extremely well to group play. The sudden scares, moment-to-moment inventory choices, and over-the-top story all pair well with a crowded couch — and optional beers, if the players are responsible adults of course. Like the foundation laid by the original, Resident Evil is not a wholly single-player game, but an experience to be shared, discussed, and enjoyed with friends. And really, we’ll take any excuse to witness the majesty that is Barry Burton.

Resident Evil launches early next year on PS4 and PS3.

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  • I wish they would remake Resident Evil 2. One of the best in the series.

  • Big fan.
    Even went back and replayed them about a year or two ago, and finished them.

    Seriously dissapointed no Vita version, but hope the newer generations can understand once again what made PS and newer graphics so popular.

    Can’t say I’ll be first in line this time, as gaming though cheaper, still takes a heavy toll on the pocketbook to stay current.

  • Have to +1 RE2 as well.
    Though I think they are all equally as good, in their own rights.

  • “Note Jill’s reflection in the tiled floors”

    I feel nitpicky about this, but it’s something i notice missing in a lot of current-gen games, even in puddles, reflective surfaces on buildings, and even MIRRORS: no reflection. I understand it takes some power to achieve, but the fact that reflections are present in this game make me happy. I’m looking forward to its release.

  • amzng! cant wait!

  • At least I won’t be scared by those dogs that jump through the windows this time… I know they are there. Love this game!

  • Does anybody else want to see the Arkham series remastered by Rocksteady?

  • “I wish they would remake Resident Evil 2. One of the best in the series.”

    Depending on how well this one does, perhaps refreshing other titles in the series may be on the table. As one who has never played the series and is eager to play on my PS4, I’m hoping it’s at least a consideration for the team. The initial screenshots look very promising; I’m really looking forward to it.

  • This looks exactly the same as I remember it on the GameCube. I’d better not go back and play the GameCube version!

  • @8 You never played Resident Evil 1?? You’re in for a treat! It’s absolutely fantastic! Especially the REmake on the Gamecube. It was one of the first games I ever played on PS1 and is still one of my favorites.

  • I know a few people who will be very happy to hear you’re keeping the tank controls ;)

    Glad to see some more classics being brought back for everyone to relive.

  • What are these ‘more modern controls’ like? Are they shooter esque or more like RE4/5? I know everyone hates the ‘tank’ controls but I feel they helped make the original RE great and scary. Having to navigate cramped spaces with awkward controls kicked up the intensity of tough situations.

    • The modern controls mean that if you tilt the stick to the left, your character moves left. Like in a standard third-person game today.

  • Great article Ryan(as usual) I bought this on a whim in 1996 because games were few and far between at that time on PS1. I will never forget this game. I had no idea what I was getting in. It was a great feeling. I never played the GC version and I am really excited for this. The implementation of modern controls is brilliant. Not sure I could go back to the “Tank”

  • time to get me some revenge on those crimson heads!

  • Hey Clements, do me a solid here would ya…

    QUESTION: why for Canadians, on PSN is the Borderlands pre sequel $69.99 for a digital download when every other retailer I’ve seen is selling it, for Canadians, at $59.99 for the disc?????????????

  • @12 By modern, they probably mean something in line with Parasite Eve controls, as something like RE4 would not work with pre-rendered scenery.

  • I would love RE 3 HD. I bought it used for psx back in the day, but it was damaged and wouldn’t play after a short time into the game. It is the only one in the series 1-5 that I haven’t play.

    Make RE 3 HD please!

  • All hail the choice to not use tank controls ever again.

  • Hooray, can’t stand tank controls. I’m looking forward to having the chance to actually progress in a pre-RE4 Resident Evil game.

  • This is a day one purchase for me.

  • Sup dawgs, heard you liked Remakes… So we put a remake in a remake.

  • Thanks for answering my ‘modern controls’ question. Do they affect the shooting as well?

  • I just wish sometimes they would make these Resident Evil games a little more accessible sometimes, every time I’ve given Resident Evil games a try, I’ve been overly frustrated in a short time. I know that most gamers like challenges, but I care more about the story and not spending too much time on one game. Most people would probably hate it if there was easier modes added, even if they didn’t have to choose them :(

  • Capcom would rake it in if they did a T-Virus Edition with RE, RE2, RE3, RE4… although I would love a way for them to fit in Code Veronica,

  • Any idea what the price tag on this game will be? I’m buying regardless, but I’m curious.

  • @24 Yes.

  • Hey capcom! 1. Loved this game grew up with it on ps1, 2. Bring back Dino Crisis, a remake or a continuation, doesn’t matter. Please respond to the dino crisis comment, please! :)

  • Are the puzzels the same? Cause if they are, I won’t be interested.
    I’m all for remastering a game….but the fun of RE for me was solving the puzzels while running for my life.

    And I can still remember some of them…so I don’t want to be able to fly through them without much of a challenge.

  • Oops, lol puzzles can’t edit :(

  • Shame I won’t get to play this again since Crapcom is being too thick to bother with retail release in the west.

  • RE it’s a great game, but $40 (aprox.) for another remake with still the same content as before?… only on Crapcom.

    I wonder how many content they cut to sell it as DLC…

  • I will be getting this just like I have gotten every other Resident Evil game. Kind of disappointed that Revelations never made it to the Vita, but did make it to that other handheld. Capcom needs to show some love for Vita, and I don’t just mean Remote Play. Beg them, throw money at them and do anything to bring Revelations, RE4 HD and other Capcom games to the Vita.

  • This is the cream of the crop of RE games. I will be buying again.

  • SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!
    HELL YAHH Count me in dude it’s been too long since iv’e played something worth while, this piece of news made my day.

  • Any chance that the team that worked on DMC3 would work on another DMC game? Devil May Cry 5 made by that studio would be nice.

  • For those of you that haven’t played RE remake I just have to tell you that it’s way too easy . When I beat it I had over 42 healing supplies. BTW look like Nintendo got rob since it suppose to be their little exclusive game.

  • I already pre-ordered my copy of the game for the PS3
    Which will be shipped on Nov.27 2014 … can’t hardly wait to play it all over again!!

  • I’d love to see a complete from-scratch rebuild of the original trilogy (no, not Nemesis, but 1,2 and Code: Veronica). We can dream. Is there anything new here? I’m happy for the graphical upgrade from the GC version, but is there anything else?

  • I’ve learned the release date is Jan 6th. Trophy and achievement list has been leaked. Not too difficult from what I have saw.

  • Also the best old-school RE game. Really scary, even the zombies are scary to face now especially the Crimson Heads (aka the super zombies)

  • I’ve also heard the voice acting was redone, hopefully it will have the option for old VA. Still was good though (not B-movie like original game)

  • Resident Evil 1 in 1080p Widescreen with the abilty to play without tank controls? Count me in!

  • Well I’ll definitely be buying this game, again for the SIXTH time…lol.

    1. Original PS1 (1996)
    2. PS1 Directors Cut (1997))
    3. Gamecube remake (2002)
    4. Directors Cut – bought via PSN to play on my PS3 (2009)
    5. Wii RE Archives (2009)
    6. RE1 Remake HD (2015)

    One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! Can’t WAIT to experience it again in widescreen HD!!

  • Patiently Waiting

  • Just recently broke out my PS1 and played the original, it must have been an omen of the upcoming rebirth. SO SCARY!!!

  • I will + however many RE2 for PS4 shouts we have so far. Ryan, we need Sony to express this to Capcom because they have a bad habit of not listening to the fans that much for the past…ever.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this re-remake; it will be fun to play again since it’s been quite awhile for me. Not sure if I’ll get it immediately but I’ll definitely be grabbing it sometime. RE2 remake on PS4 on the other hand, that would be an immediate purchase! *hint hint, anybody from Capcom reading this*

  • It looks good…will get it at some point.My PS1 disc of RE ain’t working so it will be good to have this in HD…and I never played the remake….so the remake of the remake haha…shall be okay.

  • Finally…. the day has come where I do not have to pull out my Wii or Playstation 1 to play this game……

    Thank you Capcom……..

  • There will be fisical copy of the game?Or it will be digital only?

  • I totally missed this on Gamecube. Thanks Capcom for re-releasing this! :)

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