Defense Grid 2 on PS4: How to Build a Tower Defense Game

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Defense Grid 2 on PS4: How to Build a Tower Defense Game

It’s really exciting to finally bring the Defense Grid franchise to the world of PlayStation! With the release of Defense Grid 2 on PS4, we now get to share the balance, polish, and creativity that has made Defense Grid famous. It’s considered one of the very best Tower Defense games ever built and we now get to share a new experience with a new set of players — and on a great next-generation platform.

Defense Grid 2

To take on this challenge, we looked closely at how Defense Grid 2 could be its very best on PS4. All the key game features are here, of course: the full story campaign with 21 levels, extensive challenge modes with hundreds of towers and aliens all active at once, smooth performance, great control and response, superfast load times, and dynamic music, voice acting and story that gives a Defense Grid campaign its character and ambiance.

When we brought multiplayer to Defense Grid 2, its integration with the PlayStation Network really shined. Not only does Defense Grid 2 make it easy to invite a friend or search for a particular game type you’d like to play, but if that friend isn’t quite ready, or others aren’t yet looking for the exact same game type you want to play, we let you play the game while waiting, and give you an indicator saying that your game search is still ongoing in the background. Once a match is found, or your friend has joined you, we automatically save your single player game in progress and drop you right into your multiplayer game.

Defense Grid 2Defense Grid 2

PS4 supports all the modes we wanted to have in Defense Grid 2. There’s DG Fighter, our competitive mode that has two players simultaneously protecting their cores while sending defeated aliens over to the other player to deal with. It can become very competitive and very frantic quickly. Doubles mode sees you and another online player tackling any mode in the game together cooperatively. Coordinated Defense — our hybrid cooperative / competitive mode — also makes an appearance on PSN.

Thanks to PSN, we were able to use certain cool features to create individualized friend leaderboards and show them to you on various menu screens. It’s easy to see if you’re first, second, or maybe even last amongst your group of friends on a particular map, mode, difficulty or type. There are thousands of ways to play a level in Defense Grid 2 and we have you covered with a leaderboard for every type and icons to show which difficulty mode a score was achieved on.

Defense Grid 2

Of course, two controller couch play is supported in Defense Grid 2. All the Doubles and Coordinated Defense modes are supported for couch play with both players playing on the same screen for fast performance and a fun two player experience. Take on the full campaign together just by activating the second controller as you play. It’s all very simple and elegant on PS4 and we had a fun time crafting the features to fit the platform perfectly.

As you dive deeper into Defense Grid 2’s feature set, you’ll see that the extra memory and horsepower on PS4 helped us create dynamic maps where levels actually move and add in tower build squares as you play, or give you the option to spend resources to move sections of the map around or add in new places to build towers and fight back the incoming alien invaders.

Defense Grid 2Defense Grid 2

You’ll even see some new modes where we give you the power to augment your towers of destruction with a cursor that does damage to the aliens directly, but also ends up speeding them up as a side effect, perhaps getting them to the cores or the exit faster. Do be careful with all that power.

We hope you enjoy playing Defense Grid 2 on PS4 as much as we have enjoyed building it for you, and we hope you have a tremendous amount of enjoyment and entertainment as you beat back the alien menace and protect the cores!

— Jeff Pobst & John Daud

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2 Author Replies

  • DG1 was one of the best titles I played on XBLA (360) last gen. As mentioned, quite possibly one of the best tower titles ever built. I’d have picked this up already but can’t (at this time) justify the $25 price tag. I know the game had some hurdles to get through in order to even get made and I appreciate that it did get made, but I’m just hoping that the price isn’t going to hurt it too much.

    When it hits $10-$15 during a sale, I’ll be the first in line waiting with my money.

    It’d be great to also see continued support via DLC as time passes. The DLC maps for DG1 were great but support stopped pretty quickly.

  • Seen some PC footage on this one.
    Storyline looked great from what I had seen, and gameplay though mostly linear still looked fun enough to play.

    Not sure why it’s not on Vita though, and $25 bucks for a port seems steep to me.


  • while everyone is playing all these hyped-up games, i’m playing this. and everyone who is not? is missing out big style

  • Thank you for the Defense Grid: The Awakening compliments! I believe we added sixteen maps and multiple challenge modes for several years after the initial release of DG1, and we do have plans to support DLC in the future for DG2.

    In regards to PlayStation Vita, we certainly haven’t ruled out other platforms for DG2.

  • Wasn’t aware this was out, $25? man…why… I really wanted a tower defense on PS4! But that is steep. :(

  • I watched some footage on this game and it looks really good. I am a sucker for a good tower defense game. Decisions, decisions.

    • For what it’s worth, given my obvious bias, you should buy this game. You will not be disappointed.

      I’ve been working on DG2 for almost two years and I worked on DG1 periodically over four years prior. I am still playing the game for fun. Honest. My colleagues are still playing the game for fun. I should be sick of this game by now, and it just hasn’t happened. I am playing the game right now during my lunch hour. I can’t stop. Please send help!

      I apologize in advance for any sleep deprivation you may encounter if you start playing.


  • Would love to play more tower defense games on my PS3 or Vita. Any chance of bringing this to the PS3 or Vita anytime soon ?
    If not, maybe I’ll play it when I get a PS4 down the line sometime, like in 2016 or 2017…

  • Omgosh I didn’t know about this game! I’ll def be checking this out tonight when I get home!

  • @9

    you can’t go wrong with DG. Top notch tower defense gameplay. Just cutting back on my spending right now (thus waiting for a sale). You won’t regret giving it a chance though

  • I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Looks really fun, but sadly I’m not into it at $25. $15, I would have gone for it. Hopefully I don’t forget about this game in 6 months when it’s on sale.

  • I’m a huge fan of the series, put over 300 hours into the Steam version and I am LOVING DG2 on the PS4. For everyone thinking that $25 is too steep, let me assure you that you are getting an amazing degree of content for your money. I don’t grudge anyone waiting for a discount, $25 is a steal for what you’re getting. I am finding it a little more forgiving than the original, but the sheer amount of modes and challenges is staggering. Determined to make this my next Platinum trophy!

  • I have to say… A little disappointed in this game. I played the last one to death. It was the game that got me into tower defense games! This has been on the SEN store since last week. Not sure why its only now hitting the news.
    I didn’t mind the steep price, and bought it as soon as I saw it. It’s Defense Grid after all.

    BUT this game is super disappointing. It is far far easier than the original game. You can just play the entire game on easy and get basically all but one trophy and challenge completed. There is nothing to complete you to play on a harder difficulty level like the first game which had plenty of very fun and challenging trophies. This game you can set it on easy and place what ever tower you feel like where ever…. and it matters very little. On the beat 100 stage level. I put down a few towers, upgraded them to level 3, then after 15 waves I was done, they never get any harder. I went and fixed dinner and ate it, and came back, by wave 92 I had gold medal and not a single enemy had gotten through.

    well… Peggle 2 out soon and that has amazing reviews and is half the price.

  • Decent Tower Defense game, but too easy. The harder levels were actually easier than some of the lower levels. Sadly not worth the $25.00, as basically beat the game in 2 short nights. I hope there’s some free DLC in the works. Much better quality TD games for iPad, for $5.

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