Score Big in Pix the Cat, Free for PS Plus This Month

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Score Big in Pix the Cat, Free for PS Plus This Month

Greetings and salutations! Pix the Cat is out now on PS4 and PS Vita, and it’s on the October PlayStation Plus line-up with cross buy support! We have previously introduced the ARENA and the NOSTALGIA modes and now it’s time to scratch that competitive scoring itch!

The Arcade Mode is a seemingly endless descent through handmade levels at break-neck speed where quick thinking and faster fingers are well rewarded. If you’re into scoring and competing against yourself, your friends, and the world, you should feel right at home.

There are many tricks and subtleties that will help you grow your score! Here are 10 tips that both beginners and advance users should find useful:

1.) Stay focused at all times!

It sounds obvious but it’s mandatory to stay ultra-concentrated throughout the Time Attack. The entire Arcade Mode’s purpose in to get you sucked in from head to toe and always keep you on edge! Pix the Cat never stops! Neither should you! Take a deep breath, sit comfortably and dive in.

2.) Speed and Combo are one and the same.

Your speed goes up constantly, and with it your combo multiplier. However, every mistake will slow you down. Missing a perfect, facing a wall for too long, trapping yourself or colliding with an enemy will all cause you to lose speed and with it your combo multiplier level.

Pix the CatPix the Cat

3.) Getting a perfect is nice but keeping your Combo is nicer!

It’s far better to fail a perfect than to trap yourself! You’ll soon learn that some mistakes are more costly than others. In the end you’ll have scored a lot more points by playing safe even if you miss a few perfects, than playing greedy and getting trapped. If you do happen to miss a perfect, adapt! Find the new optimal clearance path and move on!

4.) Having trouble getting a wall-boost? Turn earlier!

Getting those sparks on every turn against a wall is a sure fire path to the leaderboards. Practice your timing until you don’t miss any, you’ll be surprised how much speed you gain through this. The deeper you are, the bigger the boost is!

5.) You can boost against your own duck-tail.

When you get into the mindset of getting every boost you can without going too much out of your way, you’ll think of new ways to catch easy boosts! Boosting against your own duck-tail is one of them…

Pix the Cat

6.) Look ahead, use the best warp to get close to your next target.

Some levels have more than one entrance, picking the right one is a huge time saver. Think in terms of distance and be smart. Some levels have warp entrances right next to each other but that end up on opposite sides of the level below. Going back up and down elsewhere is very useful. Use the dimensions to your advantage to cover distances much faster!

7.) Don’t focus only on the best path to pick up the eggs, finding the best drop off path is equally important!

Think of each level as being built with two paths, one for pickup and one for drop off, don’t give up on saving time halfway through!

Pix the Cat

8.) Is now the best time to blast that skull? Maybe if you get it later you won’t have to go out of your way as much.

When going for the skulls in Fever Time don’t forget everything else. Try to get them when they’re on the way to your next objective (warp / pick up / drop off). Optimal path-finding is the key to best the leaderboards.

9.) Don’t stay stuck in your old ways, keep innovating, you may have overlooked a simpler, more optimal path.

Don’t be afraid to try new paths, they might be better than the ones you’ve been using. Some paths might be a few tiles longer but maybe you’ll pick up more boosts on the way which overall will make you faster.

10.) The ghosts are a great tool, use them as reference when trying new paths and see if you come out ahead!

Ghosts are the perfect tool to find out if one path is faster than another — use and abuse them. Look at your friends’ or the developer’s ghosts as well, you might learn something. You also can progress a lot by challenging the Scoreboard Sensei! Which is basically the ghost of the player just above you on each Grid’s leaderboard. The Sensei will teach you tips & tricks until you reach the top.

Hope to see you in the Grid of Infinity sometime soon!

Pix the Cat

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9 Author Replies

  • Pix the Cat has been awesome so far! Really fun to play when you don’t have too much time on your hands.

  • I’m trophy hunting on it, and DAMN! those 1.5Mil and 2Mil trophies are crazy, I’m constantly top 10 in the leaderboards and my best on the Arcade grid is only 1.68 Mil.

    I’m either missing something, or the game is way harder than I expected.

    also, is grinding against the wall a long time before the turn a good thing or a bad thing? I can’t seem to figure out whether it lowers my speed or boosts it.

    • Glad it’s giving you a challenge!

      Grinding against a wall does neither, but it definitely helps to get boosts by getting you in the mindset
      of “turning early”…

      Keep at it!

  • Got this yesterday, but waiting until I have PS4 to play it.

  • I am really enjoying Pix, but the lack of cross-saving is definitely hindering my progress. Any plans to add that feature?

    • Thanks Nazotchi, I wish we had cross-save included at launch. It didn’t make the Aleeeert-High-Voltage list!
      It will come eventually, anyway I hope so ;)

  • Played for hours last night on the Vita. Surprisingly good. Well done.

  • Hi Nadim, I played this on my buddy’s Vita & enjoyed it! The price is abit high but the production values & the content really makes up for it!

    However, the load times on the Vita can be long. Can a patch be developed to address this?

    Thanks to you & your team for a fantastic release!

  • How do you unlock nostalgia mode? That’s the mode I want to play in. Cool game but not likely to stick with it if I don’t get to see nostalgia mode soon.

    • Hey Rainwater, Nostalgia Mode is not a skin for the Arcade, it’s another game mode that has different rules and delights. Stick with the Arcade a bit more and Nostalgia will come your way.

  • All of you indie dudes are aggravating with your pricing. Why 16.49? Was 15 not enough of a rip off for you? I refuse to support the ps4 and vita TAX that you devs are imposing. this is a pretty version of snake. snake, the oldest cell phone game there is. $10 or less or i dont support it. I dont care that its free for plus.

  • @yowzagabowza

    It’s free on PS+. What the hell are you complaining about?

  • @7, Rainwater- To unlock Nostalgia Mode, score 1 million score on the Main grid in Arcade Mode.

    Btw PS4 owners, the exclusive Arena MP is a blast!

    I would also suggest fans if this game to download the Media Pack on their phone/PC for some nice images!

    @Pasta- You guys & gals are bananas when ye made up that Trophy list!! :(

  • @7, Rainwater- To unlock Nostalgia Mode, score 1 million score on the Main grid in Arcade Mode.

    Btw PS4 owners, the exclusive Arena MP is a blast!

    I would also suggest fans of this game to download the Media Pack on their phone/PC for some nice images!

    @Pasta- You guys & gals are bananas when ye made up that Trophy list!! :(

  • @all, apologies for the double post!

  • Not a complaint, not a troll.. just my honest time with the game. I played for about 5 minutes then decided this game is not my cup-o-tea. I’ll leave it and see if my 6 year old likes it, but my time with Pacman and Snake have pretty much been over for the past 15+ years.

  • Played it for a couple hours last night.
    Love the beat, and enjoy the fast paced action, paired with coming up with your own patterns and how you restrategize when you miss a turn (which drives me crazy).

    Not worth the $17 bucks though (only downside I see), that and not seeing much gameplay for the month of October with this and Rainbow Moon to make Plus very worthwhile for Vita owners.

    Sony’s sales since I resubbed a couple months ago have been non existant.
    I find myself no longer wanting to reccomend Plus as I have in the past.

  • @13, Kid- Do you own a PS4? The Arena MP mode a dang fun for families & friends!

  • @13 sooooo your saying you suck at it right?

  • this is definitely one of my favorite games on the vita already i love the challenge and if it wasn’t for Dust: an Elysian Tale it would be my favorite plus game this month! thanks for a great game!

  • This game is really, really fun. Highly recommended. Great job guys!

  • I didn’t know about this game until yesterday, downloaded it and it’s very, very fun! Def had a blast playing it. Really good work Pastagames!

    • Such Kind. Much Love.
      Many many thanks to you jimmy, reson8ter, marcos…

      If you’re on PS4, have a go at the Arena with a couple friends. It works best if you enjoy the Arcade already!

  • @ 15: Yeah, I own a PS4. I’ll give the arena a try. So far I just did the main Play Game part.

    @ 16: Yes.. because anytime a person doesn’t enjoy something, it is always because they suck at it :/ I just didn’t see the point. I collected ducks, I dropped ducks off, all while not hitting my “tail” or scrapping walls. After going through the first 8 or so levels, without dying, I just decided I didn’t enjoy it.

  • #ScamClub #EvoLied #SonyLied

  • Game actually very fun I was surprised

  • @therealdanhill this post is about pix the cat not driveclub if you think its a scam go check driveclub’s facebook they released a statment this morning and its also in the blog on the store update post thanks :) now anyways pix the cat is awesomeeeeeeeee gonna play more wheni get home!

  • It’s a great game, very fun and addictive. I have been playing it all day.
    Greetings from Argentina

  • @15 Thanks for the information. Since I do suck at these types of games, not sure that’s an attainable score for me, but I’ll keep trying a little bit longer.

  • Nice tips I’ll be sure to try those out ^^

  • Maybe its me or the controls just suck. I’m just going to say I suck at this game, because I want to unlock Nostalgia mode but grow tired of losing. Pix doesn’t seem to respond as fast as I hit the d-pad. I definitely enjoy it until I have to rage-quit from the game not responding. Very surprised how fun it can be, wish there was some sort of difficulty curve for those of less skilled at lightning fast reflexes.

  • i like this game so far. i just wish the how to play section was more clear. like, how do u kill the skulls? it says to bulls-eye a certain number of skulls to unlock something but i cant figure out how to do it.

  • @28 In frenzy mode, the top tear bonus mode you can eat skulls like in pac man.

  • thanks – maybe i can unlock nostalgia mode now.

  • Quite fun for shorts bursts on the Vita. JRPG take their toll sometimes….this allieves the boredom between grinding times.

    Every time, I read the title I just hear in my head “Neeko the price gouging cat”.

    Thanks for the PS+ release.

  • This is a surprisingly fun game. Didn’t expect it to be so good.
    Believe it or not, this is my highlight of this month’s PS Plus offering.

  • I’ve been enjoying myself quite a bit, but man is this game tough. I finished Nostalgia mode yesterday, but I still have five more levels to get the bonus on. I’ve really enjoyed the Lab mode, too. Some of those are crazy hard, though. Has anyone beaten level 40? It’s the only I’ve had to skip so far (through level 73).

  • Awesome game, very polished, and surprisingly an instant hit for me. Great addition to my Vita library, much appreciated!

  • I’ll probably purchase this gem as part of the “Spend $100 for $15 credit.”

    Also guys & gals, Pasta’s Media Pack has high-res pics & neat gifs heheheee: (fyi, 180mb Zip file)

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