Driveclub Update

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Driveclub Update
Update: We know many of you were looking forward to playing the promised PS Plus Edition and we are truly sorry for the delay. Our first priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while playing DRIVECLUB. With the high volume of new players and additional server load the PS Plus Edition is anticipated to bring, we are currently not confident that we can guarantee the best online experience. Until we can ensure that everyone can enjoy the full social connected online experience, we will be postponing the release of the PS Plus Edition until further notice.

Hi everyone. As many of you are already aware, the DRIVECLUB team has made the decision to postpone the release of the PlayStation Plus Edition due to multiplayer connectivity issues following the game’s launch yesterday in North America and today in much of Europe. See here for a full statement on the situation from Evolution Studios.

The team is working around the clock to rectify these problems, and we apologize both for the delay in delivering the PS Plus Edition and for any difficulty that you may have connecting to the game’s multiplayer servers.

For live updates on the situation direct from the studio, visit the team’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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  • Oh, only a full day late with the response. Good job.

    • Yeah, not great. Apologies for that. We will keep you updated on the release timing of the PS Plus Edition.

  • Any time frame for when we can expect the PS+ Edition? Hopefully soon.

  • its ok take your time delivering the best product you can. ignore these salty entitled gamers.

  • Playstation I’m getting pissed off about psn I pay 60dollar a year and it goes down every other week put ps plus money back into psn plz you need to be on par with Xbox live and it’s not

  • “Let’s make an online game and not have adequate servers to support the load!” Good job, you morons.

  • How about some flash sales to make up for it?

    Wink wink, nod, nod.

    And stop forgetting us Vita owners, and give some better pricing on PSP titles

  • If we could at least pre load the game….

  • I bought the ps plus game for $49.99 it’s amazing! But please fix the online, I want to be able to unlock the cars that require me to level up my club… Which I can’t due because the servers are offline. Yeah I can level up in other ways, but I feel pretty limited without the online aspect. Godspeed ladies & gentlemen!

  • Cant i just get the ps plus edition and play offline?

  • Any updates on when we can expect it to go up?

  • And you people with grievances with your paid membership, ignore the morons that think were entitled, when they complain about complaining.

  • Oh I guess these things happen! Over and over again, makes you wonder if you can be too successful and too much of a user base in order to bring down a network every time there a big release. Anyway of to bed and hopefully download it Thursday.

  • This statement would have certainly been appreciated yesterday, as opposed to showing the month’s PS+ lineup and pretending as if DriveClub: PS+ Edition had never been a part of it.

  • I’m not gonna make some hyperbolic statement here.

    I just wanna say i was disappointed i couldn’t play the PS+ edition yesterday (and it seems neither today) after looking forward to it for a long time. I can understand unexpected situations and error; but the lack of communication is really the only thing i would complain.

    You really need to improve your communication with your costumers in this kind of stuff.

  • Sid, you guys need to be on top of this stuff faster. In other words be aware of what is happening with the Store and anything that is supposed to be available that day. Sony has shown great initiative in providing us a competitive console and concern for the community that comes with that console, but since PS3 the PS Blog finds itself as the last man to let anyone know what is going on about a situation that is in Sony’s domain to resolve. Case in point Drive Club. You effectively destroyed part of your chances for getting sales for the full version from individuals who were waiting to see what Drive Club had to offer with the PS+ edition. The momentum is now lost as they are now likely busy with other games and won’t think to check back here a day later to find out what happened with this game.

  • Already 1 year late on when it should of been released. The Plus version is a joke of a game with it only being 1/7 of the game when it should of been the full game due to the year long delay. Had there been betas, the morons at this company would of known how much stress would be put on the servers and how much was needed to take care of the issue. It just screams pathetic up and down every level of the process. Evolution needs to go back to developing crap games like WRC and Motorstorm, something thats actually on their level of talent,which isnt much.

  • @meltedwolf, people have already paid for the game. The “take your time” sentiment is no longer reasonable.
    Already knowing that the weather system wasn’t going to be available at launch, I was all for a longer delay, but I still kept my pre-order and only get to experience a small portion of the game. Funnnnnnn!

  • Screw destiny launch up and now this one too. We are all now paying to support the network and not just for free games. So fix the network!

  • P.s. Night all ps+ members

  • That’s what happens when you don’t do an open beta. My question is, how many people actually bought the game, and the servers are crashing? Imagine what would happen if the other 95% of us that were waiting for the Plus Edition got on.

  • Live > PSN

    Forza > Driveclub

    Greatness awaits… Waiting, waiting, waiting.

  • Whatever, it’s not like I expected the PS+ version of the game to be here on day 1 of release just like when you promised it would be out on release of the PS4. It’s just one thing after another with you guys, how disappointing.

  • I could foresee this issue, and I don’t even make or publish video games; how could you/they have not? Particularly with an additional year of development time, knowing the plan was to give all PlayStation Plus subscribers a free version, and the obvious excitement that garnered.

    I still hope to get the full game for my birthday later today, but I am disappointed that my experience may be marred.

  • PS4, you mean PSBore?

  • this statement reeks of PR talk, they could have still released it without functioning multiplayer while they fixed the server issues, they obviously saw the reviews were generally pretty bad and held back the PS+ Edition hoping for more impulse buys from gamers who don’t have the patience to wait, and for anyone calling those upset entitled we PAID for this experience with our PS+ subscription.

  • Thanks for responding. I respect the work being put into making the online function like it was mean’t to. Take your time to perfect it guys!

  • This is not an update. This is the same information we had earlier. How about some NEW information??

  • You had a year of postponing to get it together, and now this. I love Sony, but it’s only Sony studios that manage to screw things up so bad. Kaz has personally apologized on y’all’s behalf already… you’d think that would have been enough to say “wow, we better not screw this up”. I bought all the Motorstorm games and enjoyed them… was looking forward to trying out the DC PS+ edition before making a decision. All you had to do was meet a deadline after two great increases in the deadline. What industry would allow for such failure. Sony canned Zipper Interactive for far less. Wish they would have kept Zipper instead.

  • Why dont you remove the paid version from PS too then? I still can buy the 49,99$ version and keep overloading the servers.
    This is not about the servers. This game was advertised as free version (in full) during PS launch for PS+ subscribers. Due to that, I bought the PS4 and paid the PS+ subscription. My subscription is almost expired. I will have to buy another subscription to be able to enjoy the game. This is not about the SERVERs, this is a BIG SCAM From SONY, not even from Evolution.

  • you can play the game if you paid for it right these comments are quite rude they have communicated the issue if you look in the right place. i want to play too guys but how does this help the situation?

  • Awesome game but really disappointed with the servers, how come you weren’t prepared? There is no way any developer in 2014 can think “Our servers will withstand the strain on release day”… you should have double the amount of servers needed at release to avoid these frustrating situations, especially for such an online heavy game like Driveclub. Once the traffic subsides you can still use those servers for something else, but now you f***ed up and people won’t forget that so easily.

  • Had there been some better sales this week, we might have more to stay occupied than take up possible positive ad space.

  • I swear people can’t read these days everyone wants to blame Sony when they had no control over this decision.
    “the DRIVECLUB team has made the decision to postpone the release”. and to the people complaining about sony’s down every other week you obviously haven’t been online very much because I haven’t had any problems, except for destiny which is on destiny Not Sony.

  • What I cant quite understand is why is wrong to release PS+ Edition but youre okay if someone just want to buy the whole thing.

  • I have the physical copy of the game sitting next to me unopened, which I will probably now return because I couldn’t try the game when it was promised. My hopes were to download the +version, confirm that everything was up to par racing with friends, then open up my game.
    With what has happened now, and in the past (EA I’m looking at you), I’ll end up returning this and waiting for the + version to confirm this is actually a playable online game.
    I am frustrated like many others that even after the delay you can’t put a working game on the table.

  • I just keep loosing faith in Evolution Studios… LOGITECH!

  • @35 maxcoronel2014: it’s simply the lesser of two evils, and I agree with that part of the decision.

    If there is unfortunately going to be issues with the online component of the game, I think it is preferable for the customers who laid down their hard earned cash to get the better experience at the moment over those who would be experiencing the game in a limited capacity with the PS+ version.

  • So it’s still delayed after being put off for a year. I guess you guys only worked on the graphics since that’s the only thing that’s been praised. Well, back to Forza Horizon 2 then.

  • Awesome, thanks for bein quick and honest. I know your game is gonna be awesome any way and as soon as you guys sort it out, you best beieve im buyin it. Don worry most of us understand what an amazing and ambitous project this is so we donmind the hold up. Please don be put off by these cry babies

  • Though late, your statement is welcome. Ignore these entitled brats.

    @35 They’d rather just complain.

  • 1. This is old information.

    2. Why wasn’t there a beta test for a game that depended so heavily on the your servers?

    3. Why are we just receiving an “update” 24 hours later, and why did you let 800+ comments go unanswered on yesterday’s PS+ update?

    4. Why was the DriveClub PS+ version COMPLETELY absent from yesterday’s store update post?

    5. Why is the communication from the community team so terrible?

    6. Why can’t Evolution modify the PS+ version so it doesn’t try to connect to the servers and then patch it once the servers are ready?

    There are a ton of unhappy PS+ and PS4 customers right now, and this update does absolutely nothing to resolve that. After a year delay, there are still people excited about DriveClub and want to play it, but you are making it difficult for them to continue to feel that way.

    I have been a Sony supporter for a long time, but there is literally no excuse for these oversights.

  • I get the servers being overloaded. That just happens with any online game these days. Big reason I don’t buy online games only at launch. But why aren’t we able to play the single player aspect of the game. I mean it does have both and one does work fine. Not like we need the online side to play the game in the first place.

    And yeah reviews have been pretty bad, but doesn’t help the forza 2 just came out a fun sandbox racer, and then drive club a traditional racer simulator. People compare even if they say they’re impartial.

    I more annoyed at the silence for the last few days instead of a public warning. Instead they waited to piss of everyone, when they could have been upfront about the issues from the get go. At least that would have seemed honest instead of it just feeling like they are ****ing over the fans. I found out about the evolution studio announcement from the European blog.

    So at least give us a time line.

  • Little late with this one guys….. what a rough start for a game that was delayed a year. I can only imagine what kind of shape this was in when it was supposed to be a launch title.

  • 34: MMandevil

    I think you are completely missing the point. The would not have to pull back #DriveClub if there were no server issues. Almost everyone that has a PS4 is paying $50 a year for online service. When there are not enough servers or a game doesn’t work online, that is completely on Sony for being cheap and not having enough servers available for everyone to play. Same thing goes for Destiny. If there are server issues, its on Sony.

    I am not for or against Sony/Microsoft, but you never hear about any issues with XBox live. When games go live and there are issues, they add more servers, they don’t pull games.

    On top of all that, this game was supposed to be a launch title, Sony promoted the heck out of it. With almost a year delay, you would have thought that they would have done some extra testing to make sure the game was ready. You can say whatever you want, but most of the people commenting on this post are right, Sony completely dropped the ball on this one.

  • “Sorry. More delays. Unless you wanna give us money that is.. With the full version, you can play it right now!” Come on guys.. If you’re so worried about the Plus Members dragging down the servers as you’ve said.. (The same people who pay to keep your servers running btw) Then just disable online in the Plus version for now. Problem solved.

  • I’m glad to see there was finally a post on the blog about the issue. I really do hope Sony/Evolution can get this worked out.

    I also hope you buried/deleted/burned/destroyed/wiped from all memory that Driveclub video that had “Forza Killer” in it. I said when you guys posted that video that it was a really bad idea to take shots at the competition and look what happened.

  • @40 & 41
    Refer to #11, your late, as usual.

  • It seems odd… people who buy Driveclub get to play it offline and people who should get it free via plus can’t because of server issues? We could play it offline at least like the rest but I smell something alse here.. Bad reviews and bad saled led to this decizion to boost sales. We could just play it offline like the others , I dont tink that wold be a problem for ur lame excuse.

  • Sice when playing a game offline game loads the servers?

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