Punishing Platformer Fenix Rage Coming to PS Vita

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Punishing Platformer Fenix Rage Coming to PS Vita

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Eduardo Ramirez, founder and lead developer at Green Lava Studios, a Costa Rican based indie game studio. As big PlayStation fans, we were very excited to make the announcement that Fenix Rage, our hardcore 2D action-platformer, would be coming to PS4 in early 2015.

It’s been amazing to read all the comments from people looking forward to playing our game on PS4, and we’re getting great feedback from current players of the PC version on how to make improvements for the PS4 version.

Fenix Rage on PS4 and  PS VitaFenix Rage on PS4 and  PS Vita

After reading several PlayStation blogs and forums asking us to make this game for PS Vita, I’m also very excited to announce today that we will also be bringing Fenix Rage to PS Vita — yay! Our plan is to have it available at the same time as the PS4 version early next year.

Fenix Rage on PS4 and  PS Vita

We’re very early in the process of planning out what gameplay changes we want to make for both the PS4 and PS Vita version, as well as what types of new features we like to add. We definitely want PlayStation fans to enjoy the addicting fast-paced action of our game and perhaps even add new challenges – so please, leave comments on what you would like to see! Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more Fenix Rage updates.

Fenix Rage on PS4 and  PS Vita

Fenix Rage on PS4 and  PS VitaFenix Rage on PS4 and  PS Vita

Fenix Rage on PS4 and  PS Vita

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  • Oh, and will it be cross-buy? WOOOO FENIX RAGE!!!

  • Lookin reaaaaaaaly goood. Id love to play this.

  • Thank you guys!! I was waiting to read this! Day1 buy for me! ;)

  • LOLWTF cthulhu beanie.

  • Yawn.

    “Oh, joy of joys! Yet ANOTHER indie title on current-gen systems! THIS is what I plunked down $399 for!”


    This is why I do not own a PS4 yet. No point.

    Don’t take this personally, Eduardo Ramirez. Sony has just simply glutted the PSN with a horde of indie titles and ports of old PC or Android or iOS titles, and many, many gamers like myself are just weary of it. You could have the greatest game of all time, and lots of us would ignore it because of all the shovelware we’ve been presented with in the past year.

    Sony is simply using you. You know this, right?

  • I’d like free cookies when preordering

  • Como tico que soy y amante de los videojuegos, los felicito. Sigan así y claro que apoyaremos el talento tico comprando este grandioso juego.

  • Yes, I will buy this!!!!

  • Hope to see some gameplay soon. This really reminds me of an old SEGA Genesis styled game from the concept art I see. :)

  • I will check this out soon platforms are always fun to play.

  • I had to log in to say how cool that beanie is!

    With regard to the game, I look forward to checking it for an afternoon sometime if it ever becomes free on PlayStation Plus!

  • @6 CraddaPosta
    Are you blind to see Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation, DriveCLUB, and plethora of November release like Assasin Creed Unity, Call of Duty AW, and so on released this year? They are AAA games you sought, and I don’t believe you BUY them all anyway.

    On the topic, this will be good but I’ll be sure to see some gameplay videp

  • Awesome looking forward to this .

    Nick’s beard has many tendrils

  • Just finished watching Gamespot footage Fennix Rage Rage Quit.

    Got to say, another Indie game my Vita will love.
    Just hope the price is reasonable, and would love a PS Plus discount, and Day 1 for me.

    Great Job.

  • @6
    You know what makes no sense?

    Complaining about a console’s lack of games to someone being the console a game.

    Complain to Sony if you don’t like it, but don’t complain to someone supporting the system.

  • I’ve been looking for this since the first video, thanks a lot man, DAY1 for me!
    Playing on PS4 and Vita!

  • Mae que buen toque que saquen este juego en vita, ahora si me voy de jupa apenas salga. Mucha suerte con este proyecto, son un orgullo para Tiquicia!!

  • @CraddaPoosta There are 10 million PS4s or so out there. Some of the Triple AAA games take 3-50 million dollars to make depending on the studio.

    An indie game can be made by groups of 1-20 people versus teams of 100s. What you are asking for is NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE!

    There will not be any game that will reach 100% adoption. Learn how much it costs to release physical games, learn how much you lose from physical theft, production, shipping, etc…

    Most of the PS4 indies are great. You call them shovelware beacuse you don’t understand games. Some people buy a bunch of AAA titles and then they get hooked on the games like Rogue Legacy, and Spelunky for weeks.

  • Never heard of this game, the scenery reminds me of Metroid and the enemies remind me of Mega Man. Hope it’s good.

  • Never heard of this game, the scenery reminds me of Metroid and the enemies remind me of Mega Man. Hope it’s good.

  • Fantastic news! This makes me very, very happy, thank you!

  • looks great, but plz have a difficulty for casual gamers

  • Me gustaria ver una edicion especial que traiga un paquete de galletas XD

    El juego se ve brutal, y lo comprare tan pronto pueda, despues de que salga (no puedo garantizar que sera en ‘Day 1’). Usualmente no tengo el tiempo para jugar juegos bien dificiles, pero lo encontrare con este juego.

  • Ha nice art…this game looks cool….looking forward to see some gameplay,but 2D action-platformer is my thing so its practically confirmed that I’ll be getting this game for Vita.But damn you put cookies on your Vita…thats silly.

    PS:Awesome picture of spidey in the wall,ha really nice.

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