Be a Pro Player in NBA 2K15 on PS4

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Be a Pro Player in NBA 2K15 on PS4

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 hits PS4 and PS3 tomorrow, showcasing 2K’s groundbreaking passion for the sport. And although you can take your favorite teams to the court or face off against competition from around the world online, you can also bring yourself into the game. Don’t have time to be a pro player in the NBA? No worries, 2K has you covered.

In NBA 2K15, you can create MyPLAYER to represent you in your rise from an undrafted rookie to an NBA Hall of Famer. By using PlayStation Camera with PS4, you can scan in thousands of data points from your face, and NBA 2K15 will build your MyPLAYER with incredible results. And all you have to do? Sit there and turn your head!

We wanted to try out this new feature for ourselves. As you can see from the images below, we had a blast building some pro players in our own (nerdy) image. If you want to put yourself on the court, here are a few tips when getting PlayStation Camera set up.

1.) Sit in a well-lit area, natural lighting preferred.
2.) Remove any eyeware and keep your face in the middle of the green square.
3.) Rotate your head slowly, about 30 degrees from one side to the other.
4.) Keep your face relaxed and eyes level with the camera.
5.) Use the player creator to sculpt and finetune the result.

ClementsNBA 2K15
JustinNBA 2K15

That’s it! Amazingly, it took us less than a minute to scan our faces in — and it’s taking hundreds of pictures in the process. Since PlayStation Camera is small and light, it was easy to hold for the whole scan, and its focal length is optimized for up-close, high-quality photos. Bonus: if you decide to grow a beard or shave your head during your career, you can always re-scan your face but keep your MyCAREER progress.

NBA 2K15 hits PS4 and PS3 tomorrow. Get your head in the game (literally)!

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