Be a Pro Player in NBA 2K15 on PS4

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Be a Pro Player in NBA 2K15 on PS4

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 hits PS4 and PS3 tomorrow, showcasing 2K’s groundbreaking passion for the sport. And although you can take your favorite teams to the court or face off against competition from around the world online, you can also bring yourself into the game. Don’t have time to be a pro player in the NBA? No worries, 2K has you covered.

In NBA 2K15, you can create MyPLAYER to represent you in your rise from an undrafted rookie to an NBA Hall of Famer. By using PlayStation Camera with PS4, you can scan in thousands of data points from your face, and NBA 2K15 will build your MyPLAYER with incredible results. And all you have to do? Sit there and turn your head!

We wanted to try out this new feature for ourselves. As you can see from the images below, we had a blast building some pro players in our own (nerdy) image. If you want to put yourself on the court, here are a few tips when getting PlayStation Camera set up.

1.) Sit in a well-lit area, natural lighting preferred.
2.) Remove any eyeware and keep your face in the middle of the green square.
3.) Rotate your head slowly, about 30 degrees from one side to the other.
4.) Keep your face relaxed and eyes level with the camera.
5.) Use the player creator to sculpt and finetune the result.

ClementsNBA 2K15
JustinNBA 2K15

That’s it! Amazingly, it took us less than a minute to scan our faces in — and it’s taking hundreds of pictures in the process. Since PlayStation Camera is small and light, it was easy to hold for the whole scan, and its focal length is optimized for up-close, high-quality photos. Bonus: if you decide to grow a beard or shave your head during your career, you can always re-scan your face but keep your MyCAREER progress.

NBA 2K15 hits PS4 and PS3 tomorrow. Get your head in the game (literally)!

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2 Author Replies

  • This is neat, you guys should get Sid to do this too, I’d be “very veeeeeery” interested to see how that one turns out, haha

  • hey Ryan Clement, do you know what time does review embargo of NBA 2k15 lift ? tonight at midnight or tomorrow morning ?

  • nice! I would love to see this in every game

  • Wish they would standardize this technology to make it work with all games, even shooters, etc. any game with player customization. Like how EA is trying to do with its sports games via GameFace technology. Most gamers wanna feel it is them
    Within the game and be fully immersed.

  • @4 the face scan should be done by the PS4 OS when we add a profile (optional, of course) and then be available to any game that wants to use it… you heard it Sony, make it happen!

  • Nice One Kinda Love it XD.

  • A feature I hope more game developers adopt! I always want to represent myself in video games!

  • I take it that you must have the PS4 camera for this feature? You can’t just simply import a picture or use a third party USB camera per chance?

  • How about if u don’t have a camera on ps4 can u make your guy still.

  • Can we be free agents this year or is that a 2K16 feature?

  • Are you saying Ryan Clements I can put my self in the game and pull up from 30 like KD? If that’s the way it is. I’ll be buying two games tomorrow this and DRIVECLUB.

  • Man I wish they made NBA 2K for Vita, would be amazing to play NBA on the go.

  • they should do this with gta 5

  • Wish it was much simplier. Hard to stay completly still. Rather it take pictures of different angles n scan it that way. My dud look out of place no mateer how many times I try

  • I don’t have full access to the new 2k15 and was charged again prior to my September 29th for the predownload deal

  • i also have that same problem..they said they are working on the issue

  • I just can play the first match :/

  • When am I going to receive my pre order codes?

  • I’ve had no luck with the face scan. I tried 5 times last night with all my lights on and scans weren’t even close. Multiple times it gave me 2 noses or 2 pairs of lips, other times it would put hash tags on my face for some unknown reason. It’s upsetting because I bought a PS camera yesterday just for this.

  • This face scan is some fancy stuff lol…when I saw the trailer I couldn’t believe it.Although I like Basket…I’m ain’t one to waste money on sport games but damn I want to buy 2K15 just for this feature…seeing yourself there on your favorite team…ha thats priceless…what a good job 2K team did this time around.

    PS:I wonder how it will work out if a woman try the face scan….ha a woman in a male body…

    @ 19 Skyyplum – Damn dawg thats sad indeed.Wish you luck and hope you can get the scan to work.

  • So u guys are really gonna ignore the fact that the server is messed up

  • I’m guessing free agency is not for PS3 because it didn’t allow me. And now I have Sp points because of the server…?

  • Thought I’d say that even though I was having trouble at night doing a scan, I had much better luck during the day. I let a lot of sun light come in and I got a great scan of over 6100 points and it was pretty spot on. The only thing wrong was a red spot it put on my lower left cheek so I just gave myself a beard but I like it.

  • I can see whoever is paying the tech team at 2k is not that bright..the whole 2k team should be fired.

  • So are you going to give us a answer about the NBA2K15 problem? you should refund our money

  • Can u please fix the bug in tha scan ur face feature. Please

  • Does anyone know why my camera would work for my ps4 but when I open 2K it wont let me choose to scan my face? I went to the playroom, did all the stuff with that. When I opened 2K it scanned my face but it wont let me choose to scan my face when making a player.

  • I have absolutely no clue how you guys got that good of scans. How many times did it take you to get them? How long did you struggle to get the green box perfectly positioned. How long did it take while the camera was scanning your face? lastly how many times did the camera lose your face while it was scanning?

    This does not take minutes it takes hours. I was able to get 1 scan and it had to lips on it and some dark spots on my nose. Why didnt they just do what EA Sports did with their player faces, it maybe wasn’t perfect but I could have played 20 games in my season in the time is has taken me to get one awful scan of my face.

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