The Walking Dead S2 Hits PS4 10/21, Vita 11/4

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The Walking Dead S2 Hits PS4 10/21, Vita 11/4

The Walking Dead

Great news for The Walking Dead fans who’ve been looking forward to playing the Telltale Games series on PlayStation 4… you’ll be able to do just that later this month! We’re thrilled to say that all 5 episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two will be available on retail discs in North America for PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 3 starting October 21st. For those who prefer their walkers in a portable format, the season will also be available at retail for PlayStation Vita starting November 4th.

So if you’ve been holding out for all the episodes in Season Two to be released before diving in, or even if you’re just ready to play through the story again, this month will be the perfect time to get started!

The Walking Dead S2 Hits PS4 10/21, Vita 11/4

Speaking of retail releases, we haven’t forgotten Lee’s legacy either. The Walking Dead: Season One, where Lee and Clementine’s journey began, will be available on disc and for download on PlayStation 4 starting October 14th – the very first time the season has been available on this platform. The package will include all 5 episodes in the main story, plus the special sixth episode ‘400 Days’, which tells the story of the first 400 days of the apocalypse from the perspective of several different survivors. Without spoiling anything: if you haven’t played ‘400 Days’ yet, it might just change the way you think about some of the events in Season Two…

It’s shaping up to be an exciting month ahead! As ever, thanks for reading, and thank you for playing. This season of The Walking Dead has been an amazing ride for us, and our favorite part of our development cycle is always getting to see how YOU react to each episode. We can’t wait to share our next projects with you! And in case you missed the news at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, The Walking Dead WILL be returning for a third season… but which characters exactly will be returning? We’ll just have to wait to find out…

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  • Hey Laura, will this game gonna be in PSN Store as digital for ps4 version ? i didn’t finish all episodes but i finished episode 1 so i decided to wait and play this on ps4 version

  • Will this be cross buy if we’ve already purchased TWD: S1 or S2 on PS3?

  • Cross-buy on any of them?? Did you guys take advantage of the dualshock 4 like the speakers or light bar?? Does the game still run like crap on ps4???

  • Why wasn’t there a platinum trophy this time??

  • Hey guys. Exciting stuff! Can’t wait to play it on the Vita. Will there be a Platinum trophy in the retail release of the games?

  • This one will have Platinum Trophy right?

  • Hey Laura, will season one be available for digital download as well?
    I’ve been waiting for a PS4 re-release of this ever since I played it on my PS3.
    Only 2 weeks now !

  • If you buy the PS4 version of Season 2, will there be any way to import the decisions you made in Season 1 on PS3?

  • Cross-buy, or a discount for those who have purchased both seasons on Vita?

  • You didn’t provide information on if decisions will transfer between seasons on Season One and Two on PS4. As a owner of Season One on both PS3 and Vita, I would have liked some perk when it came to the PS4 copy such as save imports or crossbuy purchase. Just not looking forward to yet another play through of Season One as I’ll be moving on to PS4.

  • Will it be possible to import my season 1 PS3 save?

  • Yes I played and LOVED all the walking dead games. So much I pre-ordered the season 2 when it was announced.

    ..No Plat season 2, feel cheated. Got plat last season…. If it is in the retail…. sheesh.. not fair. Will make sure I wait next time if you don’t include it digital.

    Will the retail have a plat?

  • Thanks for the retail on Vita.

  • What about the price?

  • I’ve had the vita version preordered for awhile now

  • Cross Buy/Discounts aren’t really that big of a deal to me personally, but I really hope that last gen saves can be carried forward.

    I’d probably re-buy both Walking Dead Season 2, and Wolf Among Us on current gen, if I could import my save, since I never finished all of the episodes of either.

    But if I have to start from scratch, I’ll just go back to the old console, and finish them there.

  • ………God help us

  • Good to know. Never played season 2, so I’ll be sure to pick it up on the PS4.

  • Good news! I was waiting for the physical release to buy my Vita copy. What about The Wolf Among Us for Vita? Any news about it’s release date?

  • Any plans for Europe getting retail Telltale?

  • Yey!!!!! The Wolf Among Us next please :)

  • Is there anyway to import the save data from ps3 to ps4?

  • II really want to buy season 2 but not if I lose all my season 1 progress. Are you guys any closer to figuring out save transfers?

  • I don’t care for Cross Buy, but Cross Save is a *must* for a game like this. Will we be able to import saves from S1 on PS3 to S2 on PS4? PS+ Cloud save support? Anything?

  • We are still waiting if these retail versions will have a plat or not

  • A way to transfer my save from my PS3 to my PS4 for season 3 would be awesome.

  • God i knew this was coming out this month but I simply can’t afford TWD Season 1 and 2 this month. Have to get them with Wolf Among Us and DA Inquisition in November. I mean I own them on PS3 but I want them on my PS4 as well.

  • Awesome!! I can finally play the whole season . I´ll be picking up the PS Vita version

  • As games, these are not that good. The source material is the only thing they have going for them.

    And how mony times do you plan on releasing the same games? Sheesh.

  • I have and enjoyed the retail copy of Season 1 on Vita and very excited for the retail release of Season 2 for the Vita. Thanks for showing love for the Vita and in retail form… can’t wait until November 4th to see what happens to Clementine! :)

  • Been waiting for the Vita retail release of this. Buying it day 1.

  • No Walking Dead 1 for the PS4?

  • I can’t wait for this…definitely a day one buy.

  • With this series I go PS3 physicopies as well as Vita digicopies, so it’s time to pick up my Season 2 physicopy.

  • The PS3 physicopy better not be more than $20 .. probably $30, which would be bs.

  • You guys let me down with no Platinum on the PSN version. For me this was a deal breaker, please let us know if this version has a Platinum and don’t screw the season 3 with the same mistake

  • Pt? PlayStation TV is out!

  • Is there a way to transfer the save files from PS3 to PS4? Played Season 1 and 400 days on PS3, would love to continue on PS4 now, but dont want to lose the choices I made

  • platinum trophy?

  • Couple questions-

    Will the retail releases (my concern is the PS3 version) contain a Platinum trophy?

    How much will the PS3-retail copy be?

  • IT WILL BE NICE !! if SOMEONE ANSWER a QUESTION in this blog .. and for those who own a digital copy a ready we should get a discount !!..

  • yeah, that’ll happen ..

  • Finally Vita!!!

  • Will my saves from Season 1 on PS3 transfer over or do i have to play Season 1 again on my PS4?

  • I already bought the season pass for Walking Dead season 2 on my PS3. Will I be able to download the full season on my PS4 without having to pay for it again?

  • Does anyone know if the Vita version of season 2 will get a retail release in Europe. Season 1 didn’t get a retail release over here so maybe this one won’t either. I’d like to know because I prefer to buy retail copies but if it’s not going to be released in the EU I will go ahead and buy the digital version which is already available.


  • + Great game and story. Had a blast playing it!

    – Can’t import PS3 save to PS4 to continue where you left off
    – Not Cross-Buy (really should be)
    – Glitches? TellTale still can’t code very well, but they CAN tell a story.

    Such a shame this company always feels as if they need to half a$$ things.

  • I bought S1 Retail on PS4 finished it and bought S2 retail, now the games says it cant find the S1 save game, really annoying stuff anyone know what I can do?

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