Pinball Meets RPG in Rollers of the Realm

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Pinball Meets RPG in Rollers of the Realm

Okay, so maybe you’ve heard of Rollers of the Realm, the Pinball RPG from ATLUS and Phantom Compass; and maybe you even know that it’s going to be cross buy for PS4 and PS Vita for just $9.99. But what I’m sure you’re still unclear on is “how the heck will this game work?” Well, fortunately for you, we put together this handy little guide for the good folks at PlayStation.Blog.

First, the basics: Rollers of the Realm blends the physics-based gameplay of pinball with all your favorite RPG mechanics. And we’re not joking, you have a whole party of characters that have unique abilities (in the form of pinballs, naturally).

For example, your Rogue — who can steal gold from villagers or deal backstab damage on foes — is the lightest pinball in your arsenal and can be used to squeeze through tight spaces to unlock hidden areas. She also can summon her canine companion, that acts as a multiball to really clear out enemies quickly.

In contrast, there is the larger, heavier, drunken Knight who is less… accurate, but can smash through boxes or other barriers to allow access to new areas on the board. Oh, and his massive size makes it easy for him to bowl over foes, and since he’s a knight, his special ability protects the gutter areas, preventing any pinball from falling.

Rollers of the RealmRollers of the Realm

As you gain new party members in your travels, you’ll find yourself switching between them on the fly to overcome a variety of obstacles. Whether they be carefully constructed blockades, mazes requiring deft agility, or waves of foes blocking your way, picking the right pinball will be crucial to your success. Especially the healer, who can both revive fallen pinballs and repair damage to your flippers.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper RPG without treasure chests! Each level in the Realm has a chest and a corresponding key, but acquiring their goods will test your mental acuity and mastery of physics. While it may present a challenge to unlock, each chest squirrels away some amount of gold, or even character upgrades, for those skilled enough!

The Realm opens up on PS4 and PS Vita in November, 2014!

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  • I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Just… a bit… longer. Really looking forward to it!

    • Not too much longer now! Oh, and man…it presents a good challenge too. I have embarrassed myself more than once trying to demo it for people.

  • Pretty cool!!!


  • really awessome!


    I hadn’t heard of this until now. Definitely a day one buy. This looks like pure fun!

  • I will be buying this on my VITA!

  • Frankly, it looks a little cheesy – but has a decent “shot” at being cheesy in a fun way.

  • This looks incredible! One of those games that I didn’t know I needed until right now.

    Kind of reminds me of Puzzle Quest which I just loved.

  • Looks lovely, I hope its not as hard as any of the goals in regular pinball tables.

  • Keep on bringing the Vita support Atlus, you guys rock! P4G still one of the best on the system, would be awesome if those Ultimax rumours came true. ;p

    My eyes are firmly fixed on P4D, hope to see more hype for that game soon! =D

  • @9 — I agree. I hope there’s a good checkpoint system that allows you to continue your quest over multiple playthroughs/restarts. I hate how on the Zen Pinball tables, a good run through the main table missions can be ruined by one bad ball, forcing you to restart at the beginning.

    And like others mentioned, I really appreciate developers and Sony making many games available on both PS4 and Vita, since I have yet to get a PS4.

  • Looks like loads of fun. The only thing that bothers me is the voice acting though.

  • Felt like an Austin Powers photoshoot watching that video, then seeing it’s still a month and a half away. “Yes, yes, yes… NO! NO! NO!”

  • Srsly though. Day 1. I love pinball and just a couple nights ago I was thinking it’d be nice to sometimes have some more to play for than just a high score. Something a little less rogue-like. :P

  • any info on price?

  • @15 – Check second line of article!

  • Yay! I’m glad we’ve got a release date! I’ve been looking forward to playing Rollers of the Realm!

  • @15 “…nd maybe you even know that it’s going to be cross buy for PS4 and PS Vita for just $9.99. ” – Ring a bell and this looks fun for a $10 game, I’m in

  • OMG, this game looks fantastic! I’ll definitely be rocking it on my Vita.
    Any idea how long the campaign is? And are their multiple endings (like good, bad, best, etc)? Or will a single playthrough allow us to see everything?

  • uf 9,99$ nice price !!!!!

  • Looks like a lot of fun and having it on Vita is awesome! Day 1 for me!

  • Looks interesting, but I’m a little skeptical. I’ve played quite a few pinball games over the years and so far only a few of them have got it right. Games such as Zen Pinball 2, The Pinball Arcade, and Pro Pinball.

    One of the biggest flaws I see in most of these pinball games is the lack of basic fundamentals. This prevents me from performing useful ball control techniques. For example, the flippers have elastics on them for a reason. You can use them to your advantage by preforming a technique called the bounce pass (or dead flipper pass). Just let the ball bounce off the flipper instead of flipping. It’ll usually bounce right off the flipper and onto the opposite one for an easy cradle (capture). Unfortunately, most pinball games don’t apply this basic fundamental and I end up with a dead stop after the ball hits flipper and it just rolls straight down the middle.

  • @Shogun00 even if the game isn’t the best pinball game, it’ll probably just be worth the buy for being a unique game, of the likes I haven’t seen since a pinball adventure game I used to play on the NES.

    Pinball Quest.

    They are fun and have charm in their own ways. So even if it’s lacking in a way a normal pinball game would, I think that it’s ok, due to the uniqueness.

  • I guess I’m going to have to save my $15 I will get back for spending $100 dollars on the PSN, for November then. XD

    This game looks like a good free game to get.

  • I swear this game was announced like, 5 years ago for PS3, and I was really excited. Is this real, now? Is it really happening? *psyched*

  • Also @shogun00 #22, I laugh in the face of your pinballing experience. How could your recount of great pinball games *not* include the amazing Devil’s Crush and Alien Crush?

  • I’m not much into role-playing games, but I do like pinball a lot, so I’m interested in this game. Much like Frebarkis said in comment #8 above, it reminds me of Puzzle Quest, which successfully blended a puzzle and RPG together. I hope that this game can capture the same magic with its combination of pinball and RPG elements.

  • This is like my 2 favourite things in 1, And from non other then Atlus! The company that made my Sega Saturn worth owning, talking about you Soul Hackers

  • Hmm never heard of this. Look neat. But wait I don’t own a vita or ps4 yet. DOH!

  • Actually got to play this in the beginning of the year and IT IS FANTASTIC.

    CANNOT wait!

  • OMG! This looks amazing. Reminds me of one of my childhood favorite’s “Pinball Quest”. I used to play that on the NES with my Dad, Uncle and Brother! Day one for me!

  • I didn’t get it, then I watched the video and NOW I WANT TO GET IT! Great way to re-think old school pinball.

  • Now here’s something I can sink my teeth into. I love me some pinball.

  • So this is a rpg pinball game seems interesting might have to check this.

  • This seems really cool. I love RPGs, puzzle games and the occasional pinball game as well. Why not combine all three? Cool idea. I’ll be picking this one up on PS4.

  • I love pinball, I own every table on Zen Pinball and pinball arcade. This looks awesome.

  • My wife loves RPGs and pinball, so I’ll definitely pick this up. Then when she kicks me off the PS4 to play it, I’ll give her my Vita to play that instead!

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