Join Extra Life, Support Children’s Hospitals

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Join Extra Life, Support Children’s Hospitals

As card-carrying gamers we spend an impressive amount of time impersonating champions within the games that we play. So today, the team at Extra Life is inviting you to actually be a champion for sick and injured local kids.

Since 2008, Extra Lifers have raised more than $8 million dollars for 169 local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by simply binging on their favorite activity. In 2013 alone we partnered with the mighty PlayStation community to raise more than $4 million dollars.

Runners run. Bikers bike. We game.

Extra Life works a lot like traditional run, walk, or bike ride fundraisers. You sign up, choose a hospital to support, and gather donations from your network of friends and family.

It’s at this point that the Extra Life experience begins to veer off the rails from those traditional fundraising events.

Instead of showing up at a starting line, putting on a paper number, and avoiding getting trampled, Extra Lifers wake up on game day, mosey into their living rooms, and play games.

Extra Life is so easy, it may be the only fundraiser you can complete in your underwear, at least legally.

You’re the boss.

If you’re going to lend your voice, your credibility and your time to a cause, you should always know where the money goes. With Extra Life, you know exactly where it goes, because you are the decider. There are over 170 CMN Hospitals in North America and Canada, and whether you pick the one nearest you, or a hospital that has special meaning to you that’s clear on the other side of the continent, everything you raise goes to that hospital to support them in their fight to save their pint-sized patients.

We’re super flexible.

Not available for a game marathon on October 25th? No worries! Do your thing on a different date that works for you. Can’t do 24 hours? Cool. Do 12. Do 2. Do what you can. It’s going to raise funds and awareness for a children’s hospital, and help save kids’ lives.

Extra Life

Be the champion.

You’ve played a champion on your console. You’ve conquered lands, wielded magical items, saved a prince or princess. Today I’m asking you to be an even more important champion, IRL.

Follow this link to register for Extra Life 2014.

Thank you to all of you in the PlayStation community for all you’ve done to support us in the past, and to all of you that answer the call this year. You are truly the definition of Greatness.

In loving memory of Victoria Enmon.

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  • Sony you are best tell you.

  • Is there an official Playstation team we can join?

  • Cool.

    Side note when using the web store for Vita games, the PSP compatible games always list as well. There is no way to just search for only Vita games. Selecting game type “Vita games” under the Vita selection shows both PSP/Vita games It would be nice to have a “Vita Only Games” search. Just a suggestion.

  • Cool, I will donate

  • This is a great cause! So great, that after several years of watching and donating, I’m participating myself! Please consider sponsoring me as I take the dive into the gaming marathon.

    I’ll be streaming via my PS4 and my Destiny Clan, DoD Grimoire will be running the Vault of Glass raid. Check us out!

  • Nice. I plan on donating again this year.

    I re-registered earlier this year, but Playstation didn’t have an official team up yet so I chose a different one. In the event that they do create one, is it possible for me to change to their team?

  • I signed up.

  • It would be my honor to support Extra Life Jeromy Adams.

  • Hey BlueBl1zzard, you can change your team if/when they create one by logging into your Extra Life profile. On the blue tool bar there’s an option to change your team. Good luck with your marathon!

  • @JaXboxChick Ah, ok thanks.

  • Anyone know is Sony will have an incentive to donate again this year?

    Last year the gave away codes for LittleBigPlanet Vita, a PS3 extra life theme, Vikings Attack, and others

  • This is kinda cool. Too bad my local hospital that supports this is in an incredibly racist neighborhood. The hospital is quite cool, the people in the area.. Are not.

  • I hope you Homelings amidst the PS.Blog crowd dedicate some time to the final hurrahs of a platform ahead of its time (and the PS3’s load-time technologies). If we could but grant PlayStation Home and extra life, but alas… For many, it was discardable, but for the fervent, it’s indispensable.

  • (Actually, will the Extra Life head accessory be available for this last Home-capable event? It’s a rather cool way to up-&-front the cause.)

  • Is it compatible for Ps3 this year? If it is leave a comment

  • I Would Love to help out =)

  • Great to see it on the PSBlog. We’ll be there Doc, this will just keep getting bigger

  • Looks like I have plans for the 25th this month.

  • “Extra Life is so easy, it may be the only fundraiser you can complete in your underwear, at least legally.”

    Haha, there are actually a few underwear runs that go on in my city to raise money for testicular cancer etc.

    This seems like a solid cause, and I can’t really say no to an excuse to game all day. :D

  • + BlueBl1zzard How exactly does this work because I was gonna play solo, but post the October event on Facebook for my friends and cousins? How do I get donations when I’m playing the marathon? Do I need to pay for anything to register as a first-timer?

  • Already joined with my friends at Its going to be great!

  • i have a question im new to this and i want to donate but don’t have a credit card to use for donations can you use a psn card to donate?

  • This is a good donate. Good for the people who donate

  • Hey guys, I’m doing the whole 24hours of solid gaming to help raise awareness for Extra Life but I’ve also got a profile were you can go and donate towards a children’s hospital, I’m trying to raise $150 so if you could please visit my profile on the Extra Life website and click on the ‘search for a player’ option and type in Ed Pauley, click on my profile and go down to the ‘Donate Now!’ option, even if you just donate a little bit, you will be helping to save a child’s life, also I will be live streaming the full 24 hours on Twitch, I will give more info on that soon. (:

  • I will be participating this year and if anyone is looking for a place to donate to this amazing cause here is my personal fundraising page:

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