PS Vita Themes Tomorrow with System Software Update 3.30

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PS Vita Themes Tomorrow with System Software Update 3.30

PS Vita Themes

Hi everyone! Last month, we announced that Themes are coming to PS Vita and PS4. If you’re a PS Vita owner, the wait is almost over! Later tonight, PS Vita system software update v3.30 will be available to download, enabling you to personalize your PS Vita’s Start and Home screens, system application icons, and the system’s background music.

PS Vita ThemesPS Vita Themes

Starting tomorrow, non-game Themes including Crystal, Four Seasons, and Stitching will be available to purchase and download from PlayStation Store on PS Vita. Themes from fan-favorite PlayStation Vita games, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, and Freedom Wars are all coming soon. You’ll be able to manage downloaded themes through the PS Vita system’s Settings app. Check out these bad boys in action:

PS Vita ThemesPS Vita Themes

Update v3.30 also allows you to see Trophy rarity when viewing Trophies on your PS Vita so you can know just how kickbutt your gaming skillz are!

If you’re a fan of setting up events with your friends via the Calendar app on PS Vita, you can now send event files from your Calendar to your friends using Messages or Email so they can easily add them to their own Calendar. This update will also allow you to add players not in your Friends list to your events.

PS Vita ThemesPS Vita Themes

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What Themes do you want to see make their way to PS Vita? I know I have a wish list!

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  • PS4 2.0?

  • Thanks for this. It’s nice. I’d really rather see a Vita UI overhaul though. As the Vita becomes much more of a companion to the PS4, it would be nice if their UI’s would start to merge or at least if the Vita became more like the PS4. The Vita UI still works, it’s just that it seems like it’s from a bygone era and while it’s all glossy and jiggly, the flat UI of the PS4 really looks modern. Just my opinion.

  • Too bad we cant change those hideous circle icons. Let me do squares!~

  • How about a Gravity Rush theme? Also, how about a sequel? Please??

  • Love to see a cool Gravity Rush theme, it’s definitely one of my favourite Vita exclusives!

  • *Shudders*

    Vita’s overall UI design is inconsistent and a skeuomorphic mess (random metal things on top of a post-it note floating in mid air being each game’s LiveArea for example), but I didn’t think the UI designers at PlayStation would take it *this* far.

  • Would it be possible to create custom themes? :)

    • If you are interested in customizing, you can change the background of your homescreen with pictures or screenshots you’ve taken.

      You can set it to your favorite pics by selecting the background button (lower right corner of screen) when you are in edit mode. I’ve seen some really cool and unique setups using that function!

  • It’s amazing to see how the Vita is evolving
    It will be great to customize it in this way too
    Thanks a lot for updating us Sharon!

  • Oh snap! Shiny…

  • So, can these themes be custom created by users like the PS3 or are we stuck with paid pre-made themes from PSN?

  • Dear Sharon:

    Would you dare to tell us if Japanese Vita TV’s will be able to login with a north american PSN account?

    I really don’t want to regret my purchase, :c

    Also, any chances of getting custom themes? I doubt Pentavision would make a Theme of DJMAX Technika Tune


  • I agree with @Skywarrd Should have ditched the lame smarties design for more of a modern look.

    We can change the terrible home screen music now so thats a plus at least.

  • Please add Twitch and Ustream apps on vita, PS3 and PS4 plz :)

  • sweet nice update now i cant wait for the ps4 2.0 update

  • Looks really nice, thanks.

    I was hoping for a total UI overhaul since these bubbles are very outdated.

  • Doesnt this also add the Live from PlayStation App for Vita?

  • Oops, I forgot to ask: any word on themes from third party publishers?

  • Good.
    Now update that PS4 UI.

  • Thank you Sony, now where is my matching PS4 Theme update?

  • Great news–looks like a useful update! Sure wish the PS4 UI would get the same kind of attention, it’s more cluttered than an episode of Hoarders.

  • Will this fix the PS Store on Vita?
    It’s hideous…

  • This is a great firmware however id love to be able to play ps2 classics on the vita. Theres money to be had for doing so for sure.

  • sweet can’t wait to download

  • It’s sad that Sony is headlining this with a two year-old game like Uncharted.. It just shows how poorly they’ve supported Vita. This year’s TGS was depressing. There were only phone ports announced for it while Sony tried to shovel the platform into its grave despite it currently outselling both PS4 and PS3 over there. Couldn’t even be bothered to get Vita a port of Persona 5, Final Fantasy Type-0 or a notable Dragon Quest game. We also pretty much got confirmation that the new Gravity Rush is PS4-exclusive.

    It’s a good thing Sony won’t release another handheld because after Vita I don’t know why anyone would care.

  • I agree with everyone saying the Vita UI needs an overhaul. The jiggly bubbles were outdated when it launched. I’d love to see the Vita UI match the PS4 UI.

  • I want FF & Neptunia themes.

  • >Neptunia themes

    i second this

  • Cool. I’d like to see themes for Gravity Rush, Danganonpa and Soul Sacrifice Delta among others.

  • I actually like the bubbles and u can organize them u know. It’s funny how so many ppl r followers and just parrot what the previous person said “the bubbles r outdated”. Unless ur 1 of the few who imported a 64gb card from japan i don’t see y the bubs would be a problem? Most ppl have 8gb cards i use 16gb cards and never have a bubble problem. Stop crying.

  • Hey Yo! Can we get some Halloween themes? All in all thank you for this Sony. Now I just have to find an oled vita.

  • I would pay good money for a Gravity Rush theme.

  • Now how about letting us completely disable the automatic screen dimming? I tried the Crackle app a while ago and with the screen suddenly darkening every minute, it was totally annoying.

  • I’ve been wanting a neat theme for my Vita, like a tales of theme. :)

  • I’d like to see themes from the following games:
    –Hyperdimension Neptunia (or at least one of my waifu/lovely lady Noire/Black Heart)
    –Tales (Xillia, Vesperia, Zesteria, Hearts R, etc.)
    –Persona 3/4/5
    –Any other anime themes

  • My only request towards Vita UI would be regarding the compression of wallpapers when using them. They will get artifacted to hell and back and it’s a shame because the screen is so goddamn pretty.

  • A Neptunia theme would be nice. XD

  • Oh, what I mean was changing the color of the text, icons and stuff.

  • Will we be able to make our own custom Icons? I’m a Graphic Designer and would love to make a few for fun.

  • Will the all themes be free or will there be premium themes as well as free ones, if there is a cost how much will they be

  • Capcom should release a Monster Hunter theme so I can say MH is running natively on my Vita.

    2K should put out a Bioshock one. Get Square to put out a Type-0 HD theme too.

  • Would there be any way to create our own themes, and not just with a wallpaper change, but also change up the system icons and add our own custom background music?

  • awwww no theme for the best game on the vita? SOUL SACRIFICE DELTA!!!!

  • While I completely understand the need to acquire a profit on selling these themes, are there or will there be any free themes in the future? Why not have at least 1 or 2 free themes either pre-installed on the Vita or available Day 1?

  • Thanks for the update but what about the Live From Playstation App that was mentioned? I know most people just want to here more about the PS4 long overdue,pending, on vacation, and needs to hurry up update.

  • If you’re a fan of setting up events with your friends via the Calendar app on PS Vita????
    Does hat even exists????

  • @24 gerneric123 – The reason y they lead with the Uncharted theme is because golden abyss is by far the best selling Vita game ever @ approx 1.5m copies & Uncharted is Sony’s flagship franchise. When Sony launches it’s next handheld i’ll be 1st in line considering the psp was amazing & even though it undersold the Vita is Amazing. Why would Sony ever make another handheld? Do u have any idea how well the psp sold? By your logic nintendo won’t ever release another console bc the wii u undersold. Vita is awesome.

  • You aren’t going to support it later so why not let us make our own instead of you guys wasting your time to make few bucks… and also since we aren’t worthy of getting any first party games after this year

  • Wow, a little of love for the Vita. Hopefully Sony will reconsider and release at least 2-4 AAA Vita games per year, it feels awful that such a powerful handheld and the 1st console I’ve ever preordered (I’ve been a gamer since 1989) is getting so little support.

  • Freaking great news, but what about ps4 2.0 update. I am excited for share play or whatever it’s called.

  • Seconding Soul Sacrifice Delta…where at

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