Spelunky Coming to PS4 Tuesday

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Spelunky Coming to PS4 Tuesday

Thanks to the hard work of BlitWorks and Sony, Spelunky is coming to PS4 on October 7th! I’ve updated most of the textures so that the game looks nice and crisp in 1080p, and you can now upload replays of your high scores to the leaderboards.

Spelunky on PSN

Also, there’s a new feature for the Daily Challenge: friend ghosts! Wanna know how your friends perished in the Daily? Their ghosts will appear where they died, offering some creepy clues about what dangers are lurking about. Hopefully this will be a fun way to increase the cooperative/competitive nature of the Daily Challenge. Blit also added a number of smaller features that take advantage of the PS4’s unique controller, like making the light bar color represent your player, and allowing players to use the touch pad to flip pages in the journal.

Finally, Spelunky composer Eirik Suhrke is also working on a free EP of remixed music from Spelunky that will include new songs from Eirik as well as distinguished friends like Manami Matsumae (of Mega Man/Capcom fame!). This EP will be released on Eirik’s Bandcamp alongside the debut of the game on PS4, and is, in his words, “a celebration and commemoration of Spelunky and its fans”.

Spelunky on PS3 and PS Vita

I never thought my “little” game would come this far. It’s been a real privilege to share the experience with all the amazing people that have made it possible. A reminder that if you buy the game on PS4, you’ll also get it on PS3 and PS Vita through Cross-Buy, and if you already own the game on PS3 and PS Vita, then you already own it on PS4! And PS+ users will have an opportunity to get the game for free soon after the release (on October 7th!). Go Spelunky! Go Spelunky fans! We hope you have fun playing and streaming on PS4!

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  • So excited; Spelunky is always in our game rotation whenever friends visit.

    Will the trophy list be shared with the PS3/Vita version or will it be separate?

  • Can’t wait. Thanks Derek.
    Will any of these changes make their way to the PC version?

  • Amazing game, already own it so the free PS Plus will have no effect on me, but now I have to twist my friend’s arm to get him to sub to PS Plus so he knows how awesome this game is. This game already was free once before wasn’t it?

  • Best PvP ever, 99 bombs, 99 lifes.

  • Will the PS4 version have a platinum trophy?

  • Will the friend ghost feature be included in other versions through an update?

  • This is one of my favourites! I got it a few months ago and LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

    If there was ever a physical copy I’d be putting it on my shelf of “Favourite Games”, right next to Ocarina of Time, The Last of Us and PixelJunk Monsters!

    Thank you Derek!

  • @5 I doubt it. The game will probably keep the one shared trophy list.

    It’s too bad that this is a plus game since I already have it. Everyone should give it a chance though. It is HIGHLY addictive.

  • Hooray!!! Finally I can stream Spelunky, and the ghosts and other tweaks sound great! Will the Ghosts come to Vita/PS3 as well, or are the PS4 exclusive?

  • So excited for this!

    One teeeny gripe: I would love to hear the original Spelunky music in the HD version, if only as an easter egg.

  • Nice! Had a lot of fun playing the game for a little bit on my PS3/Vita but never dug deep into it. I’ll def be downloading this on my PS4!! Thank you!!

  • Spelunky is an amazing game. I don’t even remember how many hours I lost to it. The pain when I die when I’ve got so far, but that rewarding feeling when you get even further. Then… That feeling when you die again. The ride is hard, but so enjoyable and fun. Thanks for bringing this onto the PS4, I really appreciate it.

  • great lineup except the old-get school beat-em-up and batman. dont get me wrong i love me some batman but there are two better batman games.. i fell like this was put on here cause of arkham knight (was supposed to be) coming out in october

  • With all of these INCREDIBLE Plus selections this Tuesday all I can say is…


  • Spelunky is one of the most satisfying gameplay experiences you can possibly get, especially for players like myself who grew up and adore the sheer difficulty of games in the 8-bit era. Finding every little thing, beating hell, finishing the game in under 8 minutes…man, they all felt SO rewarding. haha Even though I’ve long since 100%’d the game, the daily challenge really adds a ton of replay value. I’ve managed to come in first place one time so far, usually manage to be in the top 10 but I’ve been slacking lately. :P

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Derek Yu I love you and hope to be like you when I’m older. I look up to you as a video game developing god and role model. Thank you so much for gifting us spelunky ps4!

  • Any chance the wifi/ad-hoc co-op bug is going to get fixed???

  • Thanks for the post! One question: did you manage to get the online multiplayer in the game?

  • Do we finally get the sloth damsel?

  • One of the best games ever made.

  • OK so its finally on the store.. I bought it for PS3/Vita a while back but was not showing in my download history. So when I try to download on PS4 it’s making me “purchase” it as a PS+ title.. fair enough.

    the store description says Network Players 2-4 but in game I only see option for LAN or solo play, how do I enable online play?
    Also is cross-save enabled? I don’t see my items/progress carried over from PS3/Vita.


  • All time great game, absolutely love it. Kept it on my vita till I finally cracked speedlunky. Any one else getting problems with jump hight on ps 4 version, can’t seem to jump higher than the spelunkers head?

  • I’m not having any trouble with jump height, but the triangle button (rope) is not working on my PS4 version. I have gotten confirmation from one other person. Shame, because it seems like a fun game!

  • On the PlayStation store it wont show up. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • The only problem I have is the game won’t save. I’ve reached tunnel man several times but the moment I die It starts completely over. What a waste.

  • anyone no how to work the co-op? im in the lan game but its just sayin waiting for friends and there no option to invite any friends..? we also both have ps plus for the online…

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