Pix the Cat Launches for PS4, PS Vita on October 7th

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Pix the Cat Launches for PS4, PS Vita on October 7th

Howdy! After the reveal at Gamescom and the ARENA mode presentation, I’m back with a new Pix the Cat game mode for PS4 and PS Vita, coming October 7th!

Got some retro?

Everything in the Nostalgia mode — gameplay, art, music, etc. — is inspired by something from the past that we love. The gameplay gives nods to snake, the art draws on early animated cartoons, and the music sports the jangling melodies of ragtime!

We took these references, shook them up in a vintage cocktail shaker, and poured out a cloudy mixture, something we think looks like us. The result is a game that feels familiar but is always ready to surprise you!

This mode plays like Snake but with a few twists. Collect the target number of ducklings to win. Succeed before the Goat chomps the Flower to get the “bonus.” Don’t run into a wall, get stuck inside your tail, or collide with a baddie, or it’s game over.

The many levels offer a variety of thrills and pleasures that blend into a kind of adventure. Some levels last a couple of seconds and only require a few moves. Some are about being consistent in collecting a tonne of ducklings in your tail without crashing. Others are tiny ant-farms in which you need to collect only a few eggs but getting there is the tough part! And of course there are many more which I’ll leave for you to unravel…

Pix the Cat -- Nostalgia ModePix the Cat -- Nostalgia Mode

I’ll let Hervé Barbaresi, Lead Artist @pastagames, tell you a little more about the nostalgia theme:

“Pix the Cat’s Nostalgia Mode gave me the opportunity to have fun adapting the charming old-fashioned touches from the classic black and white cartoons of the 1920s.

“The challenge with this skin was to make you forget that you are controlling a video game character on a tiled grid. We have worked and re-worked the image filters (grain, B&W pulse, glitches, dirt and scratches…) to create a look which really evokes the simple yet sophisticated feel of those old cartoons.

“It was a real treat designing the various gameplay elements throughout the levels in this mode! I went with simple, expressive shapes, then made them look as plump as possible. Keep that in mind when you meet Mr. Owl for the first time!

Pix the Cat -- Nostalgia Mode

“I think you’ve caught a glimpse of how fond I am of Nostalgia… I really hope that the way the game plays, my personal contribution as well as the delightful tunes of @XavierThiry will transport you to the worlds of old!”

We can’t wait for you to enjoy this mode and other secrets you can unlock on October 7th in Pix the Cat for PS4 and PS Vita, when our game joins the PlayStation Plus lineup.

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12 Author Replies

  • Game looks fun! Love the art direction. Looking forward to playing it via PS+.

    • Thanks a million Roaming Ruy!

      What you see in the Nostalgia Mode is only a part of the game and smaller even part of the Art.
      There is a lot more to see in Pix the Cat \o/

  • When I saw this game in the PS+ lineup I was confused. Watching a few videos and now reading this and I’m a happy Vita owner.

  • Being that this is a cross-buy game. Is it going to be available for free for PS4 as well?

  • Oh, this mode is AMAZING (no pun intended… (but it was a happy accident)! I’ve been wanting this game, now i NEED it. Really great.

  • this is the only game on the igc that may interest me. i look forward to looking into this more.

  • definitely looking forward to this one

  • This game looks amazing! I can’t believe it’s going to be free on PS+. I hope this is a successful venture for Pastagames and they decide to bring the Arkedo series to Vita also.

  • indie game but I’m really excited to get this with PS+ and it’s cross “buy”!

  • Game looks great! Maybe I can trick my fiance into trying it. (shes picky)

  • It’s another perfect title to play with my gf =D Thanks a lot for the info Nadim!

  • The art style looks fantastic!

  • What in da hell?

  • Sorry to be pedantic but you are using words wrong.

    It can’t be nostalgia for most gamers because….

    a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.
    from Greek nostos ‘return home’ + algos ‘pain.’

    Kinda hard to have happy personal associations with the 1920s without being about 100 years old.

    imitative of a style, fashion, or design from the recent past.

    This is more of a nod to 1920s, or a tribute. Or just simply stated AWESOMENESS!

  • That cat is adorable ^0^
    Can’t wait to play this on my PSVita!!!

  • Will there be a avatar of the cat to buy?

  • looks great! any chance we’ll get a PSVita/4 native version of Pix’n Love Rush?

  • Way looking forward to getting my hands on this! Was going to pick it up anyway, but it’s nice to hear the Cat is one of the PS+ games for Oct. Bonus!

  • The skin looks cute but i have no interest in this game at all. Frankly, im disappointed it is a free plus game. Since i wouldnt buy it anyway, im not getting any value.

  • My initial reaction to October Plus games, what is Pix the Cat? Now that I have seen the videos, I can’t wait to play it.

  • You guys are totally AWESOME i promised to buy this day 1 but wow guess its early Xmas for me PS+ free game for October Yipeeee!!!! Amazing amazing game can’t wait to play it on mah Vita and show it off with my friends when they visit via PS4 ^_^

    • Many thanks mate! You’ll see the Vita version is amazingly crisp and the controls are a blast…

      Hope you’ll also get to play the PS4 ARENA mode against your friends for a good couch-game party!

  • Awesome. :3

  • Instant purchase.

  • @MakaiOokami
    If you are going to quote wikipedia, you better learn to read more than the opening paragraph.

    “In common, less clinical usage nostalgia can refer to a general interest in the past, their personalities and events, especially the “good old days” from one’s earlier life.”

  • Being a classic cartoon fan I’ve got to ask,was Felix the cat an insperation for this? Anyway this looks cool I will definitely try it out.

  • i had already the honor to play Pix and it is amazing, so much cool music, fun and small little details to discover.
    i can’t wait to do it again … and again.

    • Many Thanks Jennie-Jane,
      I don’t know at what stage you got your hands on Pix the Cat, but there are a lot of new surprises to unravel since :)
      We have used every possible second of development to pack the game with content \o/

  • Hi, I am so glad you’ve bought this game to Vita also.
    looks really fun, the graphics and art style are so consistant! Congrats to your dev team!
    Now for the question I need answered.
    Will the Vita version have same features as the PS4, like multiplayer (ad-hoc) or Online? Any kind of multiplayer feature?
    I’v seen PS4 videos and the couch play looks real fun and it would be awessome to have this feature on Vita…

    Thanks for bringing us this game! =)
    Congrats again and I wm waiting for your reply!

    Roberto Luiz Lima

  • So I admit I have never heard of this and even when I heard it was a PS+ title, I had zero interest in even downloading it. But once seeing your trailer for it, I believe I am rethinking my stance. It looks fun. Thanks, guys.

  • Hi Roberto and thanks for your encouragement!

    The Vita has everything except the ARENA mode. It’s really a couch-game mode you play in front of a wide screen and best played with 4 players. It could have been possible to make an ad-hoc Vita version but it would have been far from the cool experience we reached on the PS4. We didn’t want to shoe-horn it into the Vita’s screen.
    Since the game is cross-buy or cross-free with PS+ :) you can still play the ARENA if you have a PS4 or if you get one someday!

    ps: the Vita has one thing more than the PS4 version: the analog stick is simply perfect to ride the Grid of infinity, it’s my favourite way to play the Arcade to this day :)


  • Nostalgia mode is the only way I want to play. Looks awesome.

    • Thanks rainwater.
      Just to clarify, the Nostalgia mode is not a skin for the game, it’s a full game mode with a specific gameplay, interactors, and its whole lot of levels.
      Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the game too :)

  • Please make a online feature. so it dosent have to be local play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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