NBA 2K15: MyPARK and PS4 Exclusives Detailed

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NBA 2K15: MyPARK and PS4 Exclusives Detailed

Hi guys. Today, we announced the return of The Park, now known as MyPARK.

In NBA 2K14, The Park was first unveiled. It was the first iteration of a revolutionary mode unseen in any sports game, bringing MyPLAYERs together to play casual games of street ball. This year, the world is getting bigger and the stakes higher. The Old Town Flyers, Sunset Beach Ballers, and Rivet City Rough Riders are recruiting true competitors to represent their community in NBA 2K15’s MyPARK mode.

Each affiliation has its own 8-court home park and unique flavor of basketball emphasized by slight boosts to various aspects of your game. Pledge your loyalty to one and start making a name for yourself.

For those of you that don’t feel like street ball is your thing, try out the Jordan Rec Center, which features four full-sized courts and five minute quarters of 5v5, NBA rules basketball. Each MyPARK affiliation has a Jordan Rec Center that allows for your MyPLAYER to take it to the arena. Games played here also count toward your MyPARK rep and the MyPARK championship (more on that in a minute).

Watch more here.

This is far from the only place you see the familiar park layout. The Park makes its return on the rooftop of a building located in the heart of the city in the form of The Stage. This is a neutral site where the love for your park is set aside for your love of VC. It’s time to put your VC where your mouth is. Step up to one of the courts and Ante-Up the amount of VC displayed. Win and you split the pot with your team. Lose and you’ll be walking off the court with lighter pockets. Squads are supported here as well. The Stage is available exclusively on PS4 for 30 days.

For those of you that enjoy high-stakes gaming, we have the High Rollers area, where your highest limits will forever live exclusively on PS4, with Ante amounts up to 45,000VC for a single game! Time to step up that game!

In all, the 3 choices for MyPARK & The Stage comprise 4 of the 5 Parks you may experience in NBA 2K15. The fifth goes to the Park affiliation that wins the MyPARK Championship. Beginning October 11th and lasting through the weekend preceding the NBA All-Star game, the MyPARK Championship will pit all three affiliations against one another in weekly rounds of competition. Earn points that count toward the MyPARK Championship, where the winning affiliation will receive a newly designed home park!

Along with getting the KD MVP Bonus Pack which includes 5000 VC, Two MyTEAM Packs, KD’s Leg Sleeve & KD’s Throwback MyTEAM card, on PS4 you’ll also get a 10,000 VC Bonus and an additional exclusive MyTEAM card pack as a PlayStation Plus Member.

We are less than 6 days from the launch of NBA 2K15 on PS4 and PS3 and I could not be more excited with all that we have to offer here at 2K. Lock it in and I’ll see you at The Stage.

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  • wow good stuff, can’t wait to platinum this game yo

  • This is right on the brink of being a pre-order. It should have been the larry Bird Rec Center and then I would have jumped in tho.

  • I’d buy a Vita port of the new NHL 2K game on mobile.

  • What’s up guys? So hyped!

  • So does that mean after 30 days we can no longer use the stage ?

  • Hey Ronnie quick question, can I use Kenneth Faried’s dreads for myplayer

  • More info about my player

    • Did you see Smoove’s videos and my Instagram posts? Lots of info there, what else would you like to know?

  • Is the PlayStation Exclusive content only for PS4 or is it for both PS3 and PS4?

  • When playing in the Jordan Rec center for the 5v5 do teammates get default jerseys or do we wear our street clothes?

  • Can we please get more my player info?

  • Hey Ronnie, were you able to patch in more better lookig hair for my player? Btw these game modes had me mind blowned cant wait for release date

  • Hey Ronnie, is it true that we can customize Home and Away game-day gears for our MyPlayer/MyCareer? Btw, thanks for listening to the community! Kudos to you guys!

  • Yo ronnie2k and the whole dev team than you you crazy bastards I love all this news

  • So if me and my friends are part of a different affiliation, can we still join their park?

  • about how many hairstyles are there for my player/ also will new ones be added?

  • Hey Ronnie, are we going to be able to have different camera angles in the park?

  • Yooo ronnie what up you can answer this to the community why you guys dont put the crew mode for new gen consoles? what was the reason? Anyways im looking forward for this game and the game mode my park look nice and have some nice concepts almost crew things hope i will be great and not laggy at all!

  • Does my park championship only for the parks, not for rec center?

  • You mentioned that it would be harder to see all 99 rated players in the park. Does that mean you can’t buy VC for your my player anymore?

  • Does your squad have to be in the same affiliate as you (Ballers)?

  • So hyped about the game, already pre-ordered it and i can’t wait to play it

  • Is there any type of championship in the rec center?

  • I pre-ordered last week, this is the longest 2 weeks ever lol can’t wait to get back into MyCareer and MyPark in NBA 2K15 ^^

  • Ronnie, is Ricky Ledo gonna be amazing this year? Also, can y’all do anything to hype this game more!?

  • So the stage is only available for 30 days? or is it that after the 30 days, its live on both PS4 and Xbox one?

  • what game mode do i play first :( there’s so many! i will never get tired of this

  • Ronnie if you preorder the game on the console, how will you receive your code ?

  • Love what you guys have done. ESPECIALLY trying to cut down the waiting times on the park, that was a major gripe for me in 2k14.

    I hope the 5v5 will truly see players in specialist roles instead of 99 overall lebron James -esque doing everything themselves.

    I was wondering though. The team mate rating that you get on the park, will it be based more on playing as a good team mate or will you get an A+ from ball hogging and scoring all the points?

    Also will it save/accumulate. So after like a dozen games you could have a grade average of like a B- or something?

  • Ronnie2k I have a good quesiton, Lets say I join the flyers and my friend joins the ballers will we be able to play with each other anytime? or do we all have to be in the same affiliation to play with each other?

  • How many courts are on TheStage and whats the limit of people?

  • Been a 2k fan since dreamcast I can’t wait to get the game I plan on Beatin Ronnie and ld2k by 30

  • How many game modes are in NBA 2K15?

  • When does the mynba2k15 app come out and what are the play styles this year for mycareer

  • Are we going to have uniforms for My Park Championships

  • Hey Ronnie why is all this exclusive stuff only on PS4 right away?? for a sports game i feel like thats not even right at all more free vc and extra packs and worse the stage is exclusive for 30 days to playstaion…i seriously hate it when companies do this so why charge xbox users the same price for the game when we cant even access all the things for 30 days? and dont get me wrong i own both ps4 and xbox but ive been playing 2k on xbox since 2k8 and thats where all my 2k buddies are still even if i were to buy it for ps i still think things like this is very unfair

  • wow wow wow yall guys at 2k really did awesome with nba 2k15… Can’t wait!!!!! Everything I been asking for has been added in this years nba 2k15… my favorite mode is mycareer mode.. loving the new additions to mycareer.. I just go into playing the park but now yall reveal mypark and the stage on nba 2k15.. DOPENESS Ronnie… HURRY UP OCT. 7TH

  • Still a little confused about Squads. I notice there’s only one side of the court with the squads circles…So if a game is just starting up on a court, only one squad can actually squad up for that game?

  • Hey Ronnie the playstation exclusive content can you get it by pre order at gamestop or only on the playstation store

  • October 7th cant come any slower smh

  • woooo i love the exclusiveness of the ps4.

  • Ronnie! I love the way how you and the 2k crew is making ways on improving the real problems from 2k14 to 2k15. I have a question i wanna ask. Will #MYPark be rank games? It will be great to keep the record like 2k14.

  • Can we customize squad logo’s and outfits?

  • Hey Ronnie, I’m wondering if we can use a mix of our squad and random Got Next players when doing the 5v5 and Park. Like in situations when you only have 2 people or so in your squad at a time available to play, can we get randoms on our team to fill the void? Thanks.

  • I see 2k has no intention to stop ruining gameplay with their intrusive emphasis on VC…

  • For wager matches at the stage do we each get 45k or split it 15k each?

  • @Ronnie2K, #YourTimeHasCome Hope you feel really proud of yourself on wanting to break the internet especially with The Stage PS4 exclusive. ;0) I certainly feel you did a “AAA” job this year. Keep up with what you’re doing brighter future ahead.

    I do have a question while you’re here, Will there still be a waiting time to play in any of these Online MyPark/The STAGE modes? If so for how long would you think it amounts to? Thanks for answering as usual, FL1GHTMARE

  • Hey ronnie,

    Are the players introductions just going to be in quick game or also in MYGM/association mode?

    Amazing job man. unreal!

  • How many Park animations were added this year (dances, dunks, crossovers) ?

  • @ronnie2k is the jordan rec 4 quarters or likeblactop?

  • Can we wear accessories like arm sleeves at the Park/Rec ?

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