Fluster Cluck Coming to PS4 on October 21st

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Fluster Cluck Coming to PS4 on October 21st

Fluster Cluck

Made ya look.

Remember when we were kids, and multiplayer gaming meant physically going to your friend’s house and kicking butt while mom made nachos? Yeah. That’s Fluster Cluck. It cuts through the blahblah and gets straight to the nachos.

Fluster Cluck is a cartoony, pick-up-and-play twin-stick shooter with resource gathering elements. It has no blood, no gore, no grizzled mercenaries, no princesses who need to be saved, no softcore anime cutscenes, no dialogue trees, and no moral dilemmas. It just has chikkin. Lots and lots of chikkin.

At LOOT, we’re bringing you a PS4 game that gets back to basics:

  • Grab some friends
  • Turn on the PS4
  • Start the FLUSTER CLUCK
  • Pwnage

Fluster CluckFluster Cluck

Fluster Cluck’s premise is very straightforward: the universe is driven by applied chikkin technologies, pioneered by the Chikkin Koop corporation. And, predictably, the galaxy’s appetite for chikkin product creates ever greater strain on chikkin resources. To avert wars, resource protests, rolling brownouts, melting glaciers and bad reruns on TV, Chikkin Koop has deployed the ultimate resource collector: the Chikkinizer.

Everything dropped into the Chikkinizer — cows, camels, zombies, treasure chests, coworkers — is instantly transformed into chikkin. And as you start the game as a lowly Chikkin Koop employee, desperately trying to climb the corporate ladder, it is your job to go get those chikkins.

Fluster Cluck takes advantage of the PS4’s unique features. When you’re down on points, and your best friend sitting next to you on the sofa is gloating about certain victory, there’s nothing quite so enjoyable as hearing the whoosh from your controller’s speaker as you launch a missile, followed by a BOOM from your friend’s speaker. And then you chikkinize the broken and smoldering UFO — complete with some more clucking awesome sound effects — and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat at the buzzer.

Fluster Cluck

Granted, your friend will then punch you in the face. Sorry about that.

If you’ve been looking for a couch multiplayer party game (which has a single-player & co-op campaign, yeah, but we don’t want to give out any spoilers) that anyone can play, and you don’t mind a game that has UFOs, cows, camels, zombies, treasure chests, missiles, turrets, afterburners, shields, megafields, decoys that go boom — and lots of poultry — then Fluster Cluck is for you. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their chikkin!

On the other hand, if you’re not looking for a cartoony couch multiplayer party indie game, then Fluster Cluck cannot really help you with that. Cluck.

Got questions? Ask us below and we here at LOOT promise a Chikkin Koop representative will respond to you promptly. At Chikkin Koop, our doors are always open sometimes.

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