Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

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Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

The streets of Chicago haven’t been the same since Aiden Pearce left the Blume-corporation reeling, unable to recover from his private cyber-war waged across the city. In today’s Watch_Dogs DLC Bad Blood, players will take control of another hacker fighting to escape Chicago amidst the chaos, T-Bone.

Formerly known as Raymond Kenney, the infamous hacker and designer of the ctOS system, players will guide T-Bone through an all new story campaign. The Bad Blood story picks up directly after the end of Watch_Dogs, as T-Bone attempts to tie up loose ends in the city of Chicago, to prevent his past from following him out of the city.

Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

In this new adventure players will dominate the city by utilizing new weapons and perks, including the use of T-Bone’s latest creation, Eugene, a drone-car capable of wreaking havoc on the city of Chicago.

In addition to new gadgets, perks, costumes and story missions, the Bad Blood DLC introduces new “Street Sweep” side-contracts. With the exit of Aiden Pearce from Chicago, various gangs have begun to reclaim territory and it’s up to T-Bone to make things right. These new side-missions will offer an almost unlimited amount of content for players to approach in single player and co-op.

You can purchase the new Bad Blood DLC today.

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  • Really love you Ubisoft, even though you have great games, that seem to have bugs that are never fixed.

    Not really into DLC usually, and when seen encourage me to wait for the “Ultimate” version.
    That is, if I am still playing games by then.

    How about a Vita PS2 port instead?

  • Awesome, might have to take time away from Shadow of Mordor for this DLC.

  • Also, more sales on your past outdated titles please.
    Still interested in a few, if the price is right.

    Atlus keeps doing theirs, and still find myself pleasantly surprised with most of them.

    After seeing some of the new additions, I have found myself buying some I didn’t plan to at first.

  • Hey Nik –

    WD2 has to be in the works, and I hope you guys consider moving it to Moscow. I think it would be interesting if Blume pitched CTOS to the US govt, they refuse due to public surveillance outcry – then it is bought by the highest bidder. Russia.
    Main character is black-ops CIA (Aiden blackmailed into service?), sent to sabotage or recover the software, hunted by intel agencies, fixers, spies.
    Endgame CIA turns on him him, but he copies the software/destroys it/sells it/gives it to T-Bone (alt endings), setting up WD3.
    Multiplayer factions – different abilities, variations of software.

    Could be fun!

  • (further)

    Why would Russia buy CTOS?
    Intelligence gathering. They would couch it (if by false pretense) under reigning in dissidents, but then after a regime change they start using it to find an hunt foreign intelligence assets, gather intel on foreign countries and so forth. Cold War 2?
    Once a spy is captured and/or executed, that’s when the CIA steps in, realizes Aiden’s history with CTOS and ropes him (or whomever else – Matthew Fox from Lost looks/sounds like Aiden’s character, and I still think Jeremy Renner could do it) in.
    He could have a MI6 ally, or a complete outsider (from another group or country).

  • Price please? Cant find it anywhere

  • Love me some more Watch Dogs. Started playing this a week ago, only beat a few missions, but am really enjoying it so far. Great DLC with tons of new content. My only complaint is that T-Bone’s skill tree is identical to Aiden’s (with one addition), and I have to unlock almost all of them all over again.

  • I’ve played the first act of Bad Blood and some of the side missions, and it is definitely awesome. I just wish you didn’t have to unlock everything again, especially the music and vehicles.

  • At first I was thinking “Wait what? You get Eugene from Infamous Second Son?”

    Then I remember that it was infamous hacker not Infamous hacker.

    I’m waiting for the GOTY version of this game. I’m lacking for funds.

  • This was better than the main game imo. Plus Eugene was awesome during the mansion scene. I had fun with that one.

  • @10 Yeah, at the start it’s kinda flaky, but the last two acts are awesome. Eugene, though, is EXTREMELY OP, I think the AI is busted, cause enemies barely react to it and you just drop them in a pile one after the other.

    Besides, it’s just ridiculous how better a character T-Bone is, Aiden is probably the most boring protagonist I can think off. I’ve driven cars in Need for Speed that had more personality.

  • Hi there guys can you help me where i can find the bad blood on watch dogs, It’s October 1st now here in Philippines :D I bought the Season Pass but none of bad blood dlc appears :(

  • Platform (PS3)

  • Side-story DLCs are the real deal….I mean the only ones really worth the money.And this one looks good….anyway how about a monster patch to fix that amount of crap and bugs on Watch Dogs?

  • If you read the WD Dark Clouds in that story, there will be WD2 hints (spoiler alert)

  • I’ve been enjoying this DLC all week. They addressed the biggest downside of original watch dogs with ensuring all the bonus missions are replay-able. They basically always respawn. No need to reset through UI or any gimmicky things. There is always something on your map to do.

    My only issue is a few bugs that need fixing.

    1. The privacy invasion stuff from original game can accidentally be accessed here but not completed, leaving a perm eye icon on map if you unlocked a ctos privacy invasion box but found you couldn’t actually access the box.
    2. The weapon sheathing animation for Eugenes model is worse than aidens. Aiden it looked like he was putting weapon under his long coat. Eugene it looks like he’s shoving it into thin air.
    3. After completing a street sweep mission, or any mission, sometimes the npcs in that area respawn instantly making it pretty awkward for immersion. Like “wtf did all these people just come from? wasn’t this the ctos base I just escorted frewer through? now it’s FILLED with regular working joes that have nothing to do with blume, and I haven’t even left the area yet after completing this mission”. Probably should put a timer on there before respawning npcs.

  • Street Sweep Notes, not bugs but worth mentioning.

    1. Online street sweep rankings are mistuned, in regard that time > killing > bonus. It’s almost NEVER right to do the bonus objective. I have found you get the highest score 9 times out of 10 charging in guns blazing and killing everything in sight as fast as possible. the “no killing” or “remain undetected” bonuses just award too little making it easy to drop 20k points to gain 50k+. In fact. I have a screen shot where bonus objective was no killing (worth 20k points) while I earned 50k killing everything in sight under bonus kills. So yeah, I think they need to address scoring.
    2. Coop online street sweep is permitted for challenges, which means it’s always superior than solo. They should split the brackets of coop vs single player so this isn’t unfair. I basically found I queue up online coop, then do the three challenges that way, and land number 1 miles ahead of everyone else who did it solo, I don’t actually want to lock coop out of doing them, but they should have their own bracket and not interfere with players doing them solo from ever getting a good score.

  • Lastly, ctOS Mobile Challenge

    1. Eugene recharges battery so fast you basically have infinite hacking during a ctOS mobile challenge. When I do a ctOS mobile challenge with Eugene, it’s nigh impossible to lose. You can repeatedly hack the chopper and everything else in sight against police units. They should probably disable the battery recharge perk during mobile challenge.

    Sorry for comment spam but I wanted to do a full overview of caveats with DLC. Not a negative review by any means. DLC breaths some major life into things and is very enjoyable to me. However, I do hope ubisoft reads these comments and addresses these minor issues.

  • Great job MysticalOS :D

  • Still Waiting for Bad Blood DLC :(

  • The only bug I’d complain about from the main game is the one preventing me from playing the CTRL ALT DELETE PlayStation exclusive missions. I’d hate to have to make a new file just to play those.

  • Also, besides Bad Blood, I’m very happy with all my season pass content, especially the conspiracy digital trip. I love all the digital trips; I do hope we get at least one more in the future.

  • Oh, and one last thing. Get used to the same dialog over and over again with the respawning street sweep missions. I really hope they can add an internal quest flag for each dialog so after you’ve had it once, it won’t repeatedly do it all the time. Otherwise it’s really immersive breaking too. Makes you go “didn’t I give you my name 5 times already? you need it again? really?”


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