Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

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Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

The streets of Chicago haven’t been the same since Aiden Pearce left the Blume-corporation reeling, unable to recover from his private cyber-war waged across the city. In today’s Watch_Dogs DLC Bad Blood, players will take control of another hacker fighting to escape Chicago amidst the chaos, T-Bone.

Formerly known as Raymond Kenney, the infamous hacker and designer of the ctOS system, players will guide T-Bone through an all new story campaign. The Bad Blood story picks up directly after the end of Watch_Dogs, as T-Bone attempts to tie up loose ends in the city of Chicago, to prevent his past from following him out of the city.

Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC Out Today

In this new adventure players will dominate the city by utilizing new weapons and perks, including the use of T-Bone’s latest creation, Eugene, a drone-car capable of wreaking havoc on the city of Chicago.

In addition to new gadgets, perks, costumes and story missions, the Bad Blood DLC introduces new “Street Sweep” side-contracts. With the exit of Aiden Pearce from Chicago, various gangs have begun to reclaim territory and it’s up to T-Bone to make things right. These new side-missions will offer an almost unlimited amount of content for players to approach in single player and co-op.

You can purchase the new Bad Blood DLC today.

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