Viking Squad Lands on PS4 in 2015

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Viking Squad Lands on PS4 in 2015

Hi, readers of PlayStation.Blog! We are Slick Entertainment, a small development company from Vancouver BC, Canada. Slick Entertainment is comprised of three friends: Jesse Turner (Artist), Nick Waanders (Programmer), and Caley Charchuk (Designer). We’ve been working on a new title since the start of the year which we are proud to introduce to you today!

So without further ado, we’re happy to introduce our new game Viking Squad! A co-op, beat ’em up coming to PS4 in 2015.

Have you ever wanted to terrorize your cute, cuddly neighbors and take all their heirlooms in the process? In Viking Squad, players lead a viking raid party who are sent on an eternal quest to bring back treasure for their greedy Jarl. Along the way many enemies are fought, items found, and players discover there is something unnatural about the Jarl and his hold on your village.

Gameplay in Viking Squad is similar to your average beat ’em up, but also differs in a few ways. Players can choose from four vikings, each with their own special weapon and move set. Characters can level up and equip different gear, improving their effectiveness in combat and how long they can last on a voyage.

We also place a higher importance on player skill and precision instead of random dice rolls. Players are snapped to lanes to reduce confusion on whether your attack will connect with an enemy or not. Critical hits are not randomly rolled, players need to be well timed in order to land a critical hit, holding their heavy attacks until just the right window to deal the greatest damage!

Every playthrough takes players on a voyage across the sea to raid neighboring enemies. After exhausting supplies your party returns with what you were able to take away, you then re-equip and do it again. Hopefully getting further than you did before! Each voyage has access to different locations and items based on your team’s performance — it’s a rogue-lite in that sense.

Viking SquadViking Squad

We here at Slick grew up playing brawlers together and are really excited to have you try our take on the genre! Development is going full steam ahead, with the help of the audio warlocks at Power Up Audio we are currently in production aiming for a 2015 release.

Viking Squad will be available for PS4 in 2015. Stay tuned for more news in the coming months!

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  • Game looks awesome, but i just don’t know why this is not coming to vita… I mean it’s perfect for it!

  • Killer art style!

  • No Vita, No Buy.

    #1 , the same reason why games like Castle Crashers, and Scott Pilgrim haven’t been.

    Less decent titles, means more of a demand.

    And makes sure they sell titles you would not normally buy, when there are better games for less.

  • Wow, this looks great! Awesome art direction! You obviously have some very talented artists working on this. This looks like Castle Crashers with more realistic graphics. My son and I will eat this up in COOP. Another PS4 game! Wow, Sony is just KILLING IT! Also will enjoy this with Vita Remote Play as well. Well done!

    • Thank you! One goal was to meet and pass the father-son play-test. The artist is a huge fan of saturday morning cartoons so it would definitely be a great one to sit down to in front of the tv with the kids.

  • Looks good will give this game a try but this would have been better if it was on the Vita With two jobs i barely have time to play on the PS4 but i am using the vita more than ever. Please release a VITA Version!!!

  • If it’s anything like Castle Crashers, as those screen suggest, count me in!

  • Looks like an excellent game. I love Castle Crashers, as does my wife, so this will be great for us to play together.

  • This games look amazing, count me in.. I love these old school side scrollers and with local and online co op…
    And I know I’m not the only one that seen those PokèBalls on the side of the boat

  • Looks great. Please consider a PS Vita version.

  • Well I’ll be damned! As a huuuuge fan of Castle Crashers, I must say your art direction and design reminds me so much of Behemoth Games golden child.

    Without a doubt I will be buying this whenever it launches next year.

  • At first, I thought the game’s full name was Viking Squad Lands… there’s no need for that capital L in the title. Anyway, looks like a fun game.

  • This is going to be a day one purchase, but I do have one question. Will there be online co-op?

  • Come to VITA please… PLEASE!

  • whole squad on that real ish

  • This looks awesome. Should be fun to sit down and play with my friends. Sign me up!

  • Game looks terrific. As others have mentioned reminds me a lot of castle crashers which is a great thing! One request I might add that CC had was an option to turn off the blood and gore. Would make playing with my little guys a bit better. Thanks a keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! Yeah we’re constantly keeping this in mind, we want the combat to look exciting without taking the gore too far. This type of option will be something to look in to.

  • 2015 is so far away…

    Looking forward to this game the second I laid eyes on it!


    Nuff Said.

  • @ Rez

    Make your own game like this and bring it to Vita, then.

    Nobody owes you anything.

    Nuff said.

  • Looks awesome!
    Gameplay reminds me of Golden Axe, a big favorite of mine from way back. :D

  • Looks great, will definately be checking this out. Any news on being able to use play share? Would love to check this out with my buddy and he normally wont buy games like this and maybe that will help change his mind.

  • Thats fine, go ahead and block me again.
    For speaking truthfully and not violating any rule on a website hardly anyone reads anyway.

    It was all relevant, and I didn’t fight.

    What rule was broken?

  • Unlike your fanboy Cognito up there making it personal, and without anything relevant.

  • Looks very promising and the artwork is great! From what I’ve seen of it so far I say good job! 2015 can’t come soon enough!

  • I’ll be getting this. I love supporting indie devs, and more when they show us such good content.

    Sorry for being so repetitive, but I’m with the “we want this on Vita” row. My gf and I both play on Vita, and we’re hungry for co-ops to play together!

    Anyways, day one for me, keep up the good work!

  • Looks like a dollar mobile title.

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