PlayStation Blogcast 136: Lord of the Borderlands

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PlayStation Blogcast 136: Lord of the Borderlands

What a show! This week we enjoy an extended interview with the great (and hilarious) minds behind Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and I gush over the first few hours of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor on PS4. Plus, new releases and listener letters!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • Destiny’s Vault of Glass
  • Game music vs. your own music
  • Games that stand the test of time
  • Metal Gear Solid 3

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The Cast

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4 Author Replies

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Crack open your Surge.. enjoy the ride..

  • Downloading. Cant wait to hear this interview.

  • Why can’t you guys talk about Sony should make A Legend Of Dragoon 2?

  • Definitely tempted to get at least one of the Namco Museum games (although I would like all five, I have a convention next weekend, as well as some other stuff).

  • @4 I second that, great game would love a sequal and at 1080 and 60fps no less

  • Hello sony im kinda taking a shot in the dark and hoping someone will answer but i cant put funds on my psn account by vita or pc is there a big update coming or is there an error with the psn itself also ive reseted my vita and
    put my card info back in and and out of the vita and comp multiple times.
    did someone hack the psn itself again?
    if so i understand if theres security updates needed.
    if not WTH is going on then?
    please answer anyone with relible info im saving for freedom wars coming october 28 and i cant add funds to my wallet im kinda freaking out over here please help.

  • ps ive looked but i cant find any recent news about psn being down or anything like that

  • Big LotR fan.
    Not fanatical, but great series I read in the early 90’s, and was pretty amazed it was published in 1954.
    And not sure how long he spent on it, creating languages and what not.

    Makes me little miffed I didn’t grab War in the North last sale, not knowing my boys could co-op ( If I could get them off Minecraft ).

    Might have to listen to your choices on games standing the test of time.

    I’ll say Mario, Master Blaster, Castlevania, Ninja Gaden,Final Fantasy, and Pitfall. But jeesh, thats just a few on Nes and one Atari.

  • Sorry forgot Megaman :)

  • I find myself listening to this one more.
    Doesn’t quite remind me of college, but closer to church.

    But when there was a mention of Rubber Duckies inflating it reminded me of Tubing, Paperboy, Double Dragon, and Skate or Die.

    Sorry, last one.

  • That Borderlands interview was (in Sid’s voice) very very humorous. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    Although with the episode title being “Lord of the Borderlands” I kinda was expecting some Lords of the Fallen talk. I dunno, with all the Borderlands talk maybe you guys should have titled it “Borderlands. Need we Say Mor(dor)?”

  • Oh wow, it’s called what it is because of Lord of the Rings. I can’t believe I just realized that -_-

  • As a Linux user, I want to open by mentioning ‘iTunes’.

    Anyway, it looks like Nick needs longer than a one-week space in order to join podcasts, so I am going to try and fill the space. I am going to be Lightning, from Fantasy Final XIII, and these fine gentlementals, they are my brethren. I like how Nick is especially X’d out, that is strangely suggestive. Not that he needs to be done with, but that his beard needs to begin taking an X-type shape.

    Okay, looks like the podcast has downloaded. Alright. Thank you for listening doods, I am so glad.

  • BLOGCAST! lol, I have a feeling this is gonna be a very, verrrry good episode ;D

  • please someone respond if theres somthing wrong with the psn network

  • ive tried my vita my comp and my parents comp i cant add funding to my account
    is anyone else having these issues?

  • Hello Ryan can you help me. I bought Ridge Racer Vita and I’m loving it. The problem is I cant find my favorite racing game control settings. I want upshift on the L bottom. Accelerate on the R bottom. Steering on the D pad. Brake on square bottom. nitrous 2 on triangle. nitrous 1 on circle. downshift on X. I will buy its Add-on if they update the game with this new control settings. Many thanks if you can help me tell them.

  • DFA1979!!!!!!

  • Was listening to the blogcast while polishing off a couple strike missions this morning.

    You guys know the feeling when the one thing you need is let’s just say: gauntlets?

    So you’re playing the totally lame Sepiks Prime mission for the Queen, which is totally laughable, but then right at the end a LEGENDARY DROPS.

    You eagerly await the counter’s completion, wait for the tower to load, sprint over to Rahool like a Titan possessed…

    (maybe it’s Exotic! Maybe it will finally get me over the hump to 25!)



    (for a Warlock) Sigh. Sob. This is why people just farm instead. :(

  • PlayStation 4 500Gb $359.99 eBay

    Hurry up it almost gone.

  • hey ryan !! hey ryan!! BEYOND!!

  • My Destiny pro tip… is GET BORDERLANDS!

    Longer story, more hilarious, Maybe one day PS4 will get a super HD bundle. Would absolutely have to schedule a week off for that kind of release!

  • @ aensm1

    In case you are still waiting for someone to confirm. I just added money to my account (credit card), and there is no problem.

  • I really liked this blogcast at first. I’ve listened to it since many episodes ago. The beginning of the episodes over the past few months have been so chaotic. It is very hard to understand what is being said. The hosts constantly talk over each other. I try to listen but can only make it about 2 minutes in before I get tired of trying to filter out all the noise. I’m not going to bother listening to this for several months. I may try again in the spring of next year. Perhaps something will change by that time. Thanks for the episodes I was able to listen to. Goodbye for now PlayStation Blogcast.

  • When will we able to use our purchased avatars on the ps4 instead of the default ones?

  • are we gonna get any of the other dlc’s for borderlands 2 vita im still waiten

  • still no minute markers for the topics, eh?

  • Borderlands The Pre-Sequel sounds quite fun. It’s a shame it’s not coming to PS4. As far as the conversation about listening to music while playing games, I sometimes will do that in games that have objectives that don’t require my full attention. For example, just listened to some music and podcasts while doing some of the bounties in Destiny and I’ve done it in the past getting the collectibles in Assassin’s Creed 4. One funny ECKASCLUSIVE (Sid voice) story I have from when I was a kid was listening to 50 Cent’s first album while playing GTA with my best friend at the time. We thought we were so gangsta. Oh how stupid we both were :)

  • Damn you guys didn’t talk about Driveclub this week? Better be this week. Enough abou Destiny. No one cares about Destiny anymore.

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