Sherlock Holmes Launch Trailer Shows Detective’s Famous Skills

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Sherlock Holmes Launch Trailer Shows Detective’s Famous Skills

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers, Olga here from Frogwares! As we are nearing launch, we would like to introduce our launch trailer for Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments coming to PS4 and PS3 on September 30th. Get ready to be taken on a journey through Holmes’ famous skills!

It’s now your turn to truly become Sherlock Holmes and lead your own investigation — actually, your investigations (Plural!) — as 6 captivating cases await you! Murders, disappearances, spectacular thefts, and other investigations will bring you to the cutting edge of the detective genre and these cases will be the bread and butter of this game, written in the pure tradition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels.

Sherlock Holmes Launch Trailer Shows Detective’s Famous Skills

Each case offers real freedom to players, who will have to make important moral choices instead of simply enforcing justice by the book. All decisions have an influence in the game and affect your character’s reputation in addition to having realistic, sometimes unexpected, consequences. You will have to bear the weight of your choices, as Crimes and Punishments offers an exciting system of actions/consequences that forces players to think before acting by giving true depth to every decision they make.

In Crimes and Punishments, players will embody Sherlock Holmes with a brand new look. Developers at Frogwares have abandoned the classic Sherlock Holmes inspired by the 60’s Sherlock movies, replacing him with a more modern character perfectly matching the new artistic ambitions of the title.

I hope you enjoyed the trailer, and hope you enjoy the game!

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  • hi Olga, are you sure positive about this game gonna be good ? is it worth buying ? i watched some trailers of this game.. it look seem good to me.

    • I’d say Crimes & Punishments is our biggest game so far. Game that we personally like very much. So yes – give it a try.

  • Shadow of Mordor

    Crimes and Punishments

    Shadow of Mordor

    Crimes and Punishments…


  • Hi! Any indication of how long the game is?

  • When could I pre-order and pre-load this game on PS4 before release date? I want to play it asap on console. My network is not good so it will make 2-3 days to download. Hope it will make me busy almost 1-2 weeks.

    How long this game do you guest? If I solve a case with one ending, will I able to play from “making decision” time to choose another ending? Or will I have to play from the beginning (of that case)?

    I love new gameplay and Detective’s skill, although I have not been impressed by the graphic on PS4 trailer. Hope it will be good in the final edition. However, what I care most about gameplay and experience which this game offer, so as long as the graphic just nice as the trailer, it’s alright.

  • So I just bought testament of sherlock Holmes and when I don’t find all the clues in a scene the game won’t let me proceed. Will this game be the same or will it let me make mistakes?

    That might be my only problem with getting this new. Can’t stand getting stuck in games for hours on end, and might have to wait till a guide is published online to be able to pick this up.

    • Crimes & Punishments is different.
      You can even solve the case in let’s say 40 minutes, find the culprit, accuse or condemn him and jump to another case.
      OR you can explore the game in more depth and spend 3-4 hours on every investigation.

  • If I see excellent reviews, I’ll be sure to pick this up. I just need to see more impressions of the game, really. I also love investigation types of games, where you get to go hands on with a murder or find out how something happened, so of course, this game is something that piques my interest. Really hoping this instalment in the Sherlock Holmes series is smashing!

  • Looks like a fun game! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • @2 I couldn’t decide between Shadow of Mordor and this game either so instead of pulling out (any more of) my hair, I wound up pre ordering both lol

  • As a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I’m looking forward to giving this a try.

  • Oh gosh. I had no idea about this game and I love everything Sherlock Holmes.
    I think I will have to avoid the decisions and get both Mordor and Holmes too.
    Elementary my dears lol

  • Oow that does sound better. Ok that might change things. I’ll check out pre ordering it then.

    Oh and mordor reviews just got published. Look really good if you like the ac or batman games.

  • I can’t find the game, Olga. Please help!

  • This game definitely flew under my radar, I had no idea it was coming out. I don’t even see it listed as “Coming Soon”. It certainly has my interest. I’m anxious to find out what others impressions are of this game. I’m also curious as to what the retail price will be. It sounds pretty cool so far!

  • I’m downloading this today!

  • I’m a Sherlock fan but…any word on a demo?…thats what seal(or not) the deal for me.

  • I picked this up last week and played all weekend. I’ve never played any of your Sherlock games before and was completely engrossed in the game. I’m about 4 and a half mysteries in and the game is really immersive. Sure the animations are a bit stiff, the VO is so-so and the loading is longer than I like but that’s all forgivable due to the excellent puzzle solving, writing and atmosphere. Sherlock’s home looks fantastic. My only wish is that there was more fog and rain (it is England after all) and that the game had a more memorable soundtrack. You guys should also look into getting the Face tech from LA Noire as well.

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