OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Coming to PS4, Vita in 2015

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OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Coming to PS4, Vita in 2015

So, its finally here — the moment that we can announce that since February this year, the skate crew here at Roll7 have been working night and day on what we think is the most epic skate game ever! OlliOll2: Welcome to Olliwood will hit PS4 and PS Vita in 2015!

A sequel, you say? Why, OlliOlli has only just come out! Well, actually we finished on the core of OlliOlli in late September 2013 — which seems like a LONG time ago now… We were exhausted and somewhat broken — but we had learned a whole load about both OlliOlli AND PlayStation development as a whole.

At the end of the project, John (our creative Director) excitedly sat us down with a vision for a sequel, something that had been lighting up in his brain ever since we locked features for the original. The main thrust of his plan was that we needed to expand meaningfully on our (since much praised) combo system, create a far more powerful level editor (to allow for more bodacious level design) and to unify the whole experience in a themed OlliOlli universe.

We pitched the idea to PlayStation in London, who, on blind faith in the original (it hadn’t come out yet!) jumped at the chance to bring the game to PSN. OlliOlli was then a monster indie hit for us on PS Vita and now on PS4 and PS3, and as we watched the reviews and playthroughs come in — we relished in building our new OlliOlli engine and coming up with Olliwood.

Our iconic skater is going all green-screen and will be getting radical at Olliwood Studios, plucking him from the street and dropping him squarely in the middle of the Silver Screen’s most radical cinematic locations. Most of the Roll7 team are children of the 80’s, so we’re digging into our movie memory to create the most badass stages for players to grind through (excuse the pun).

So whats new for players? Gameplay will be massively enhanced with the addition of Ramps, Jumps, and Epic Hills allowing for monster air and split-level routes. The combo system is set to be EVEN deeper, through the joy of Manuals, Reverts, Revert Manuals, and Grind Switching.

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood

Our crew at Roll7 HQ in New Cross are even updating the hallowed “Tricktionary” with new specials including 540 Shuvits, Anti-Casper Flips, and Darkslides to name but a few.

To accommodate the sheer volume of action, the skater and his pixelated world are being given a stunning new art makeover, with clean lines, gorgeous new backgrounds, and uber detailed trick animations (More than 9,000 EXTRA frames of hand drawn goodness!)

On top of all of this — we are super hyped to announce a whole new mode; Combo Rush. This is a split-screen Local Multiplayer (up to 4 players) that pits players in a race to ramp up big scores on a spot in a set time limit.

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood

The team is deep in the juju at the moment making the magic happen and fighting each other with bare knuckles over every tiny detail (as we did last year) in order to bring precision goodness to all the PlayStation peeps out there!

Watch this space for development announcements from the team over the coming months.

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  • I’m really excited to see what kind of stuff you guys can come up with for the sequel, but it’d be nice if you fixed the PS4 version before going to work on a new one. After how long it took the Vita version to get patched, it’ll probably never get fixed.

  • Missed the last sale on this one, already having so many of emerging games like it.
    Or already paying too much for the ones I bought them to see them go free. Where they should have been.

    I try to support developers where possible, but don’t take it so personally when someone says “not today”.

    Either way, g.j. bringing affordable games to a handheld that was being extorted with PS2 knock offs and people were even fortuante for those..

  • Of course Nancy says people with Vitas would rather see Skate, SSX, or Tony Hawk.

  • Wha wha whaaat? I definitely didn’t see this coming! But after enjoying the first one as much as I did, I can’t say no to this one. Looking forward to it, and I hope everything goes well for you guys!

  • Woah. Now that was a surprise. Played the first game, loved it, now I can’t wait for the second one!

  • @Rezolution77 Not gonna lie, a Skate game for vita would be pretty sweet…

  • Vita for life :)

  • This is amazing! I can’t wait! – Will this come out before or after Not A Hero?

  • This is awesome! Definitely looking forward to this!

    Only local multiplayer though??? That’s a shame! It would be awesome if you guys could put in an online multiplayer mode. You could set it up like so: have a lobby of 8 players. The players pair off and compete on the same small section of a map (or randomly generated area). After the first four 1v1 matches, the losers pair off and the winners pair off and battle in 1v1 matches again. Then, finally, the losers and winners of each bracket pair off for a final 1v1 match. This would be a cool way to have mini skate competitions and it would keep the people at the bottom of the pack interested because they wouldn’t ever be sitting out a round.

  • Sick. I’m still hoping for online HORSE and create-a-skater. The logo looks well designed too.

  • In the next update will you fix error codes like CE-34878 for example?

  • This news brought I smile to my face. I never thought I would be so into these indie games.Add me if want your score crushed.

  • The world needs more OlliOlli! By the way, the subtitle on this one — c’est magnifique!

  • Yes! Love Olli Olli.

  • Can’t wait to repeatedly fall on my behind again!

  • I’m definitely looking forward to “grind switching.” It seemed kind of weird that I had to Ollie again to switch grinds. I’m hoping that manuals means you can keep a combo going indefinitely. That would be great!

  • more female skater options in this one, please!

  • Olli Olli!

  • Glad I held out on getting the first game lol. Now I can just go straight to the sequel.

  • I’m also REALLY happy to see 4 player split screen make a return. Haven’t seen a game that I was interested in do that since Blur. Reminds me of my old Pro Skater days. I still have the HD remake on my PS3 lol

  • Praying for stability. At this point, it’s apparent you were focused on cross-platform ports and work on the sequel and not only on getting the original Vita game patched (as you had insinuated), but whatever. As long as this one doesn’t crash all the time, I’ll give it a shot. Don’t release another unstable product, guys. If it doesn’t work, delay the launch until it does. I’ll attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt here and count it as a lesson learned.

    And BTW I’d LOVE to see a VIta version or even port of the Skate series, y’all.

  • Thanks Roll7. I got the first one on day one and didn’t regret a single moment, also I didnt have much problem with the game crashing except for a few instances. This one looks promising and will for sure be a day 1 buy for me again.

  • I’m also a little skeptical about buying the sequel. I feel like a game crashing bug is something that should be addressed for all your customers if you want them to keep being your games. OlliOlli on my vita crashes somewhat frequently for me still even after downloading the patch a while back. I like the gameplay so maybe this time I’ll just wait a few months till I know it doesn’t have any game breaking bugs. Good luck Roll7

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