Moon Hunters Coming to PS4, PS Vita in 2015

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Moon Hunters Coming to PS4, PS Vita in 2015

Moon Hunters

Hi PlayStation.Blog! I’m Tanya, the lead designer of Moon Hunters. Moon Hunters is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in late 2015, all thanks to our amazing community supporting on Kickstarter. The campaign has been going even better than we hoped, and if you’re one of our backers, I really hope I can find you and give you a backer hug as soon as possible.

If you haven’t heard of Moon Hunters, it’s a 1-to-4-player, mythology-building action RPG. Set in a fantastical ancient Mesopotamia, you play as one of the heroes trying to figure out what’s happened to the all-powerful Moon, which has gone missing.

Along the way, you journey through a world that’s different every time, and make decisions that show your personality. Your personality traits determine your reputation, but also how you’re remembered in legend after you’re gone. If you’re truly memorable, you might even become a symbol of heroism as a constellation in the night sky, visible in all future playthroughs.

It’s a relatively short game for just one play-through, just one to three hours, but the world is randomly generated and you’ll need to try it a few times in a few different ways to unlock all of the character classes, tribes, and biomes.

If you play alone, you’ll be just one hero, out on your own in a dangerous world. But you can bring up to three friends to adventure together, fighting monsters and figuring out what’s going on with the cult of the evil Sun. We only have a little bit of time left, but I’m personally hoping we reach the $170k stretch goal, which will allow us to turn one of my favorite character designs (a Sun Cultist) into a playable character. He’ll be a bit of a bad-guy anti-hero kind of protagonist, which is always fun. If we don’t reach it, he’ll probably still be an interesting enemy to fight…

Kitfox Games is a little indie team of four here in Montreal, Canada, and we originally came up with Moon Hunters as the pitch of our dream game to the Square Enix Collective, almost a year ago now. We’re really glad the internet seems to be as excited about it as we are, so we feel safe pouring our heart and soul into it for next year!

We have a few limited-edition backer rewards available only through Kickstarter, so please do chip in if the game interests you, and/or join our newsletter. I promise we’ll put your funds and enthusiasm to excellent use as we develop the game! Thanks for reading!

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