Peggle 2 Hits PS4 on October 14th, Livestream Tomorrow

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Peggle 2 Hits PS4 on October 14th, Livestream Tomorrow

Peggle 2

Hi there, PlayStation.Blog readers! In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to play Peggle 2 on your PS4. The comments and feedback we’ve received since our announcement at PAX have been so supportive and fantastic.

When we launch on PlayStation Store on October 14th, we’ve got all kinds of great stuff waiting for our fans. Peggle 2 on PS4 displays in native 1080p at 60 frames per second. There are five different Peggle Masters to play through, Trials to test your skill, as well as Peg Party and Duels for multiplayer fun.

We’ve even got a Platinum Trophy waiting for the elite Peggle players!

All this writing doesn’t do the game justice, though. How can you explain the magic of a head-banging unicorn in mere text?

Peggle 2Peggle 2

We’re going to give you a chance to see the PS4 version of Peggle 2 in action! The official Twitch channel for PopCap will be hosting a live feed from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific tomorrow, and you’ll get to see Peggle 2 running on PS4 in all its magical glory.

During the stream, you’ll have a chance to talk with me and Guy Whitmore, the Senior Audio Director for Peggle 2. He can tell you how we find the right sounds for Peggle, and what it takes to create an intense experience that makes you hold your breath as that final ball inches closer and closer to the last orange peg on the board.

Hope to see you then!

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  • Peggle 2 is really fun! Love all the Peggles.

  • Any chance we could see a version of Peggle or Plants Vs Zombies 2 on the Vita? Please?

  • Amazing. I was going to buy it on PS4 or PC, whichever came first. I think I’ll enjoy the console version more, anyway.

    A Vita version would really make this the best version of the game. I’m sure the EA overlords would see fit to charge everyone full-price for it in an expanding cross-buy market, but for something like this it’s arguably worth that.

    Any chance of getting PvZ2 on the Vita, as well?

    • I don’t have any news on Plants vs. Zombies 2 for the Vita, but I’m happy to tell the PvZ team there’s interest in a Vita version! :)

  • Thank you for not bringing it to Vita, otherwise I’d never put the game down!

    (Don’t own a PS4, so Remote Play means nothing to me)

  • Remote play… What a joke
    Thank you for ignoring vita only owners!! >:C

  • Cool, never played a Peggle game. Looking forward to trying it out. I just looked it up on Youtube and it looks like it has really fun game play. I can see my son and I have a blast with this. I will also enjoy this with Vita Remote Play as well. Thanks!

  • “We’re working on Remote Play for the Vita, so you can play Peggle 2 when you’re on the go! :)”

    Oh no, you didn’t just say that. Somebody. Anybody. TELL ME he didn’t just say that. Hold me back! HOLD ME BACK!

    But seriously, that’s the LAST thing Vita owners want to hear. Remote Play isn’t playing the game on Vita. It’s not an excuse to cop out of developing for the platform.

  • Is all the DLC going to be available day 1 also?

    • We’re still working on the Jimmy Lightning & Windy the Fairy content packs.. we’ll have more info on them soon! Our goal is to have them available Day 1. :)

  • Day 1 buy for me, love the peggle games.

  • I’ve been holding out for the PC version because I feel mouse control is essential for playing Peggle, but now I’m curious if the PS4 version utilizes the DS4’s touchpad, and if that might be an acceptable substitute. Will there be a demo?

  • I have a PS4 but can’t bring remote play during my commute to work. Remote play works great at home, but not outside of it. Please, please bring Peggle 2 and Plants vs Zombies 2 to the Vita. These games seem like they would be at home on the Vita.

  • Any plans for a Vita version, or will we have to keep playing the PSP download?

    Will the PS4 version had 24-bit losslessly-compressed audio assets? Any use of DualShock 4-specific features?

    Here’s another vote for a a PS3/4/Vita version of PvZ2 — without all of the gambling mechanics. Loved PvZ, bought it on 4 different platforms, and even liked PvZ 2 when it initially launched. Now PvZ2 is a giant mess of gambling mechanics, ridiculous amounts of ads, etc. Most of the parents I know have removed PvZ2 from their kids’ devices because of the gambling mechanics being used. There’s a great opportunity for Sony to fund/publish a PS4/Vita version of PvZ2 without all that stuff for an actual kid-friendly version.

  • Would have bought day 1 if it came out on the vita…..will wait for a price drop.

  • I know it’s popular, but I just don’t get the allure of this game and I’ve tried playing peggle on multiple platforms. Of course, overall I spend less time on casual/puzzle/whatever-category-peggle-falls-into than other genre’s.

  • Peggle is coming?! And it has a platinum?! I’m so in. Played TONS of the first game. It’s a really nice game to play when you don’t have too much time on your hands and it’s really addicting too. Kind of hard to put it down before work or before needing to do something, haha. I’ll be sure to nab that platinum. Thanks for bringing Peggle 2 to the PS4!

  • Didn’t know 1080p and 60fps was so important for a game probably less fun than Bubble Bobble.
    Have to +1 at the idea of a PVZ 2 for Vita.

    You guys should not even be bringing games like this without CrossBuy.

    LoL @7, cracks me up when non Vita owners propose flailing alternatives, to a system taking this long to peak, when they had everything needed to have a HUGE entrance.

  • Probably working on the next handheld instead of optmizing this one.

    Sorry Sony ,but your on a roll this week.

    And the price of Frozen Synapse at 283mb, kind of set it off.
    Though Invizimals was a nice touch. (See, love / hate),

  • Vita please

  • “We’re working on Remote Play for the Vita, so you can play Peggle 2 when you’re on the go! :)”


    There’s something here that hint at this person not really understanding what “on the go” means… How can I remote play a game to my Vita while I’m on the go? Are you going to set me up a fast Wi-Fi connection just for me for when I’m on the bus? In the subway? At the park? You know… when I’m “ON THE GO”, which pretty much means “without wi-fi access for my Vita”…

    Oh, and 1080p, 60fps for a game like this? Wow. Welcome to 2007 people….

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE peggle. Bought it for my 360 back then, on my tablet, have it on my multiple PCs too…. But come on. Don’t post stuff like this (the 1080p bit and the vita remote play for when you’re “on the go”) if you actually want to be taken seriously…

  • Sweet! Looking forward to this one when I get a PS4. I am hoping like many others that PvZ2 will make its way to Vita. PvZ Garden Warfare on the go would be great too!

  • Hello guys!! I’m from Brazil and I would like to know if the Playstation TV will be launched in Brazil, my country.

  • I trust that this will be a dramatically reduced price. I don’t have any interest in paying full price for a 10 month old port.

  • Sorry, Peggle 2’s great and all but remote play on Vita is not technically “on the go.” It only works when both areas on the PS4 and you are have wi-fi. Not every place has wi-fi and you’re making it sound like it accessible on the whole planet.

    Whenever I get a PS4, I won’t be buying this and that’s the truth.

  • I’m looking forward to playing it, but a Vita version would be better. Remote Play is not a good option. My Peggle-addicted buddy would probably buy a Vita just to have a portable version; he cleared all the orignal’s challenges on the DS multiple times.

  • I won’t be buying it for my PS4, but I would buy it for my Vita.

    Remote Play is not a solution.

  • Hey Popcap, give us a new Bookworm Adventures game for consoles!!

  • Please bring it to PS Vita, I’ll buy it day 1!

    Remote Play is not an option for me =/

  • Is a price too much to ask for?

  • I own all Sony consoles plus a Vita and a PSP. I do not own a PS4. Please have the 2 additional packs ready on the 14th, or as soon as possible!! I will honestly go out and purchase a PS 4. I’ve seen Peggle 2 and it’s amazing!!

  • Please bring Plants vs. Zombies 2 to Vita! Also Peggle 2, but I will be taking advantage of remote play (it’s not the same thing though, so don’t think it is.) Thanks for having a platinum.

  • Make all the games for Vita!!!, We may not be many (9 million vita owners in fact) but when there is a game for Vita all of us buy them. Give Vita a chance!

  • I’m sorry but This is Peggle 3. Peggle Nights is Peggle 2.


  • This game should be on the Vita!!

  • I wouldn’t spend more than about eight bucks on a game that scored in the 70’s on Metacritic, especially a digital title.

  • Is there any chance of bringing back the original Peggle for PS3? It disappeared from PSN a long time ago.

  • A hardcore player like me doesn’t spend much typically on Free to Play games. It ruins the challenge and reward feeling and makes games trivial. I only buy plants when they are on sale for $1 or $2 dollars and I notice the sale. So far you guys have gotten $1 or $2 dollars from me on Plants Versus Zombies 2 and you’ve gotten a PC copy $10, my wife bought the physical for her dad and her, $20, the PS3 version $7, and the PS Vita version $15. I also grabbed it for free on Amazon, and may or may not have bought it on the Play Store. My wife and her dad are waiting and hoping for a PC version

    PVZ = $52 dollars
    PvZ2= $1-2 dollars

    I have a friend on the Vita who only killed 42 zombies. So he’s rank 150k. So we know that there’s at least 150k people who bought PvZ on Vita. What does it take to justify the second one?

  • I loved Peggle, but I don’t think I could justify buying this for any more than $1.00, so I’ll wait for a Flash Sale to get it in a year or two.

  • I love my Vita, but I feel like sometimes I wish I hadn’t bought one. Sony and some of the rabid fans try to make us feel guilty all of the time for wanting certain games for it.

    That and the memory card prices.

    I feel like we Vita owners are seen by Sony as pests. Our posts never get answered or blown off, and every time there’s a cool new game and we ask about it, it’s like: Here come the pain in the butt Vita owners asking something ridiculous like Peggle 2 on the Vita. We convinced you to get a Vita, now lay off.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes! I tried the first one having no idea what it was because I heard the game was good. I ended up playing all night long because of how addicting it was. I cannot wait for this!

  • Is it coming for PS3?

  • Isn’t this a phone/facebook game? No thanks…

  • BJORN ima cumin SONY FOR THE WIN !!!!!!!

  • PvZ is best on Vit and sold well, so why can’t we get other popcap games? I got the platinum before they made the match 3 lucky spin take any ol three matches instead of diamonds.

    Come on. Remote Play is great, but not a replacement for native handheld versions… Of games that would be better portable…

  • You guys have made my day. I am writing this with a huge smile on my face. I still peg party daily on my ps3 and routinely check your website for peggle 2 info. I even considered buying an xbone just to play peggle 2 when I found it was the only way to play back in December. Needless to say it’s a day 1 minute 1 purchase for me. Thanks for bringing peggle 2 to the ps4.

  • Thank you PopCap for bringing Peggle 2 to PS4. Day 1! Trophy list looks awesome. Any word on EU price? 11,99€?

  • no Peggle 2 here regretfully :(! Anyone else found it already?

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