Warframe: 14.5 Update Brings Mod Overhaul, Freeze Ray

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Warframe: 14.5 Update Brings Mod Overhaul, Freeze Ray

Greetings PS4 Tenno, and welcome to our 14.5 Update extravaganza! From new customization options for your Warframe and Kubrow to a chilling event mission for you to test out some new weaponry, Update 14.5 has plenty of content to keep you busy. Or — now that back to school season is upon us — keep you sane while you discover the joys of the Pythagorean Theorem. I swear it comes in handy one day.


Mod cards have received a much needed facelift, both in their visual description and through the menu’s overhaul. Players will now be able to scroll through a larger list of Mods in the Upgrade and Mod station that more clearly displays rarity and ranking. We’ve also included multiple configurations for each weapon and Warframe to allow players to compare builds directly against one another or have a build for every occasion!

Another tremendously useful part of our updated Mod system is the information under Capacity, which now responds to player changes in real-time while giving a more detailed breakdown of what changes are being made. The usual suspects like Critical Chance and Damage are all still there but elemental Mods will now display their polarities and effectiveness in a more concise manner.


Slap on your winter boots and get ready to dig for riches Tenno — Operation Cryotic Front is here and with it comes a brand new game mode. Excavation will eventually replace all terrestrial versions of the Survival mission type, finally answering the question of how you were able to run out of air on a planet. The answer is: you can’t.

Players will now gather power cores from specially marked enemies in order to fuel a Scanner. Once the Scanner has located an area to drop an Excavator it’s up to you and your fellow Tenno to reach the dig site, power the drill, and defend it while it searches for the rare resource, Cryotic. There are of course plenty of rewards to be earned along the way, and the Cryotic is an important ingredient for a weapon recently repurposed from the Corpus…


Want your enemies to shiver in fear at the sight of you? Enjoy chilling out with Infested during a mission? Love making ice-based puns? Well then the Glaxion is the weapon for you!

The Glaxion is Warframe’s first weapon to utilize Cryotic in its construction, able to freeze enemies into solid blocks of ice at a distance. Joining it is the community inspired Kronen, deadly Tenno Tonfas that come with their own unique Stance Mod. The Karyst Dagger and microwave pistol Nukor will also be available with Update 14.5, so be sure to visit the Marketplace and your Dojo ASAP to start construction on all these new weapons.


A new Prime Warframe means new Prime Access, and with that comes a whole new set of deals on Prime Accessories and Platinum. This time the lovely Nyx is getting a gold trimmed update, and if you’ve never had the chance to experience the mass hysteria she’s able to create on the battlefield, now may be a good time to check her out.

Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime, Scindo Prime, Targis Prime Armor, and the Vala Sugatra Prime are all available for purchase with some discounted platinum in our Prime Access. Or if you’re interested in assembling the Warframe and weapons using your skill with gun and blade you can look forward to getting these Prime parts and schematics from Tier 4 Void missions.


If you enjoy the Lotus’ unique fashion sense, then we’ve got some good news for you. Our Lotus and Eximus color pickers are both going to be available in the Market as of 14.5. This means you can finally get one step closer to being really, really purple. Or if you decide to go with the Eximus color picker you’ll probably just have a lot of colorful options at your fingertips. Maybe a stealthy yellow mixed with green to help you blend into your surroundings.

We also have some good news for anyone that’s wanted to customize their Kubrow but may be tired of stealing random puppies. The Basic, Savenga, and Telmatian Gene Masking Kit will also be available for purchase in the Market. All three packs represent a good collection of fur color and patterns, and we promise there are probably no adverse side effects to genetically altering your Kubrow for aesthetic purposes.

It’s all live today on PS4, so go forth and bring balance to the system, Tenno!

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  • This game just keeps getting better and better. Of all the PS4 games I have bought since launch, I have spent the most time with Warframe by far. I strongly encourage anyone who has a PS4 to give this game a try.

  • This game is a effing monster. Constant updates and great fun gameplay. Thank you devs for the constant support of this awesome F2P title. Can’t wait to see what else you can deliver.

  • Aw crap I didn’t know this was coming today. Gotta put Destiny grinding on hold for Warframe grinding. Grinding. Grinding.

  • To this day one of the best PS4 games available – and it’s FREE.

    Keep up the great work Digital Extremes.

  • You guys are doing a great job with all these cool updates but the only thing missing is color packs that you don’t need platinum for. On a side note I love my huge blue Kubrow which I had to name Crotch Snackula, you guys should add more pets for sure.

  • This game is going to seriously convince me to buy a PS4 BEFORE the UNCHARTED 4 BUNDLE or MY BIRTHDAY 10/19..TOO MUCH PRESURE .. BRAIN FUSTRATION OVERLOAD..MUST GET PS4 ..MUST GET PS4 ..TO PLAY THIS ASAP! lol

  • Definitely one of PS4’s best games, and it keeps getting better. I still can’t believe how much time I’ve put into it. Thanks once again for all of the continued support.

    Also is there any chance that we could get more of those color packs that don’t require platinum to buy (like the PS4 color pack)?

  • Wish the pricing was easier to figure out. I want Hydroid, but am too lazy to grind for it. But I’m too lazy to do the math too. It seems like it’d be a ripoff to just buy a character. I don’t mind supporting devs, but still want the money spent to feel like it’s getting some value.

  • The game that keeps on giving – thanks guys! :D Can we expect some special alerts this weekend?

  • @9 you be buying when you buy hydroid, a frame that is double layered RNG, meaning having to farm the coordinates from the grineer, then farm the boss Vay Hek. You also get a free warframe slot 12 Plat and Orokin Reactor 20 Plat. So there is 32 Plat saved,depending on how much you value your time the remaining plat will be x amount of plat. I don’t know if PS4 gets plat discounts like PC does 20%,50%, and 75% however I know PS4 receives extra free plat to start and also can get Plat from the Daily Award. So let those be considered as well. Hydroid is a fun frame and I love using him when I want to be a Pirate Space Ninja.

  • @Elvick_
    trace_hatake’s right, just by buying hydroid you are saving 32 platinum. Also have you taken advantage of the free PS Plus warframe starter pack? It gives you 100 free platinum and 50,000 credits.

    @trace_hatake Yes, there have been a couple of times where platinum went on sale on the PS4 store. However, I wasn’t aware PS4 users could get platinum from the daily reward. In all my time playing I haven’t got any yet (or even remember seeing it among the different choices).

  • That’s because you can’t get it from the daily reward.

  • i managed to get every war frame except loki and nix prime and mirage, i love this game, awesome gameplay constant updates and a lot of good players, add me on psn everybody Lans1_phi

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