Velocity 2X and the Element of Surprise (Spoilers Ahead!)

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Velocity 2X and the Element of Surprise (Spoilers Ahead!)
Velocity 2X

Hi folks, James from FuturLab back again one last time to share our secret to creating a great sequel!

Before I get to that, I need to stress that this post contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Velocity 2X. So please look away until you’ve finished it!

We knew that the original Velocity was going to delight and surprise people because we’d added something new, interesting and exciting to the shoot ‘em-up genre. This is really important for achieving critical word-of-mouth and great review scores, and as a small studio of just three people at the time, innovation and surprise was our ticket to earning support from PlayStation.


When it came to designing the sequel, we knew we couldn’t rest on our laurels, and had to keep the surprises coming. The first idea for the sequel was to include platforming, as that would provide stable ground to expand upon the cool new features introduced by the first game, and it would drive interest for the game once announced. We also knew that being able to fly inside a boss to destroy it from within would be enough to grab people’s attention at release.

Velocity 2X

Allowing the player to get in and out of their ship was always going to be fun!

Velocity 2X

Letting the player fly inside a boss was our hook to capture people’s imagination at release

However, we also knew it might not be enough to put gigantic smiles on our fans’ faces, and coax those nice big 9s and 10s from reviewers. We needed something special; a whole new surprise that would at once delight, excite and simply MELT a player’s brain.

Velocity 2X

Those who have already finished Velocity 2X will know exactly what I’m talking about. For those that haven’t finished the game yet, this is your last warning to look away now!


The final three levels of Velocity 2X are the cherries on the cake that bring new meaning to the game’s title, and provide a final flourish of gameplay fun as a reward for persevering through the campaign.

It’s also the idea that we believed would give reviewers that final reason to push their review scores up to a 9 or a 10.

When we saw these tweets from Sony after delivering an early build, we were pretty confident it was going to do the trick:

We’ll never know whether it actually worked, but from the messages we’ve received from players, it certainly had the impact we desired =)


Those that have finished the game have written to us in various forms to ask for more of these levels as DLC, so today I’m here to reveal that’s exactly what the next DLC pack contains!

The Dual Core DLC will be available this afternoon for just $2.99 and is cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita.


Don’t forget that the Critical Urgency DLC is available now too for just $2.99 and is also cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita.


Velocity 2X is available now for $19.99 utilising cross-save and cross-buy for PS4 and PS Vita! Or, y’know, it’s free on PlayStation Plus

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  • Hey folks!

    Hope you enjoy the post! As usual, any questions fire them over :)


  • I hate to sound like a Negative Nancy,
    but I would have rather bought this game on sale through Plus, and received the DLC free.

    A superb arcade type, I will agree.
    Personally I would rather have had multiplayer than dual ship / analogs.

    You need to find out if Sony can do something about IGC games being able to be purchases once downloaded as a free game.

    I would buy.

    • That is a very good idea, Nancy :)

      However, there are always economic reasons for everything that happens on PlayStation Store. Most of the time, the reason something costs the way it does, is because that’s the only way it could happen. Certainly in our case.

  • Velocity 3X? :-)

  • Dual Core DLC looks awesome. That section of the game was so challenging, but really rewarding. The only problem I had was that there were too few levels like that in the game. Can’t wait to play some more!

  • Ohhh, those final levels…. i’ve been wishing for more of these. Thank you!!!

    You could think of a season pass if you have more DLC planned to come though…

  • For whoever is on the thubsticks, they are definately #thumbkindofhero.

  • I would agree on economic.
    But as a buyer, I will play this free, and then discard.

    Instead of payjng something for it.

    Just a thought.

  • Awesome I like this game

  • Amazing game on PS Vita. GAME OF THE YEAR candidate for sure! Just got a perfect medal on level 30 (ABT – Always Be Teledashing)… 20 more to go before getting and mastering the DLC too. Keep it up guys. My wallet is waiting for more :-)

  • My poor brain. I finally recovered after getting the Platinum and all the DLC trophies. Once more into the breach, I guess. Thanks for the continued support, FuturLab! Telepod heavy search and rescue next time? I like those levels.

  • Platinum here, the game is so awesome, i need more.

  • Great job FuturLab, I had a blast with the game. I bought the Critical Urgency DLC for two reasons, one to support you guys since I got it free through PS Plus, and two, because it’s so much fun I wanted more. I’ll be picking this one up as well for sure. Maybe an epic boss pack next? Keep up the great work!

  • I’ve been pretty busy this weeks, that’s why I only got to around level 16 (getting perfect in everyone of course n_n) but you have my money for sure hahah I just want to finish the game ASAP and buy and finish those 2 DLC’s :) you’re doing a really amazing job with this game guy… I’m your fan without a doubt :)
    I have an idea, I don’t know if it’s possible but here it is hehe: I’d LOVE to have a dlc with only on-foot missions and with no shooting… Yeah, just platforming. I love so much the ultra fast speed while teledashing on foot and jumping around. I’d love to have an entire dlc pack with only that, avoiding obstacles and stuff on foot at ultra fast speed and nothinh else >:D
    Another idea would be putting on those levels something like the purple-green speed burst arrows you have in the ship level but while running on foot… OMG that would be sick hahaha
    And that’s it… I don’t know how plausible would be but thanks just for reading it :)
    And Thank you for putting so much efforts in making one of the best vita games ever :)
    Sorry for my English :p and cya! =D

  • I meant speed boost not burst sorry xDDDD

  • I went ahead and spoiled myself, since I’m only on level 7 or 8 and wanted to see what I have to look forward to. (I love the game, I’ve just been too busy to give it my proper attention!) I honestly was expecting some half-baked story twist or a weird skin for a level or something.

    After watching, all I can say is… where’s my Vita? Time to start playing again every spare minute I’ve got! And that DLC looks like an insta-buy now.

    I haven’t been this excited about returning to a game since I first saw Pac-Man CE DX in action. James FuturLab… you guys know how to deliver!

  • I really like this game. I’m not a fan of the platforming elements that much but it was still good. Though, I can’t help but wonder why this wasn’t included in the game from the beginning. I understand if a company develops and adds DLC to a full game sometime after release, but you guys had to have been developing this at the same time as the game. So other than just making more money, why wasn’t this DLC apart of the core game?

  • Great game. Glad I got it for free. Show it off to friends, and get them to buy the first game, so that they can gear up for the second game when they get their Vitas and PS4s and then we’ll probably all buy the DLC at some point… So…

  • I disagree with the final three levels being awesome. Velocity 2x was a blast until the twin ship game mechanics introduced in the final three levels. It feels very different than the core game and the controls felt awkward to me. It sucked out the excitement out of the game, we couldn’t control the heroine on those levels and final level was very anti-climatic. I was expecting a big scale boss fight like the previous ones. It should have been an ability introduced around level 30 to be used for 3-4 levels.
    My rating was 8/10 until that point in the game and it dropped to 7 after that. And there are many people who agree with me. Still Velocity 2x was a fun activity that kept me occupied n the first weeks of September. I’m not going for platinum btw. :)

  • I LOVE this game, and loved the Critical Urgency DLC pack. This had been my most highly anticipated game all year, and it absolutely lived up to it. Game of the year for me. And I will most definitely be picking up this new DLC tonight! I’d likely have bought every bit of DLC for this anyway, but giving us the game free on PS+ guaranteed I’ll always buy.

    If I had to vote for what we might see in future DLC, I too would love to see a pack that’s entirely platforming levels, as someone above mentioned. I also wouldn’t mind a pack that’s all longform levels with lots of backtracking, like levels 42 or 47 in the main game. I know those are likely a ton of work to design, but they were some of the most rewarding for me as well, lots of varied challenges.

    James–couldn’t help but recognize your name, as after completing the game I immediately went to iTunes and bought the soundtrack. Noticed that you wrote or co-wrote most of the songs in the game. Just wanted to let you know how much I especially love the soundtrack for V2X – great work!

  • Gonna grab this DLC the minute it goes live, as I really enjoyed playing this game. So glad I got it for free via Plus!

  • Loved the first and definitely love the second one. I’ll be sure to snatch the DLC up in a week or two. Hope to see more of the Velocity series in the future. Kudos to the team.

  • Loving the game :-D It’s putting up a good fight for my free time thanks to PS Vita I’ve been able to juggle it and keep my head in the game and continue on my PS4. Thank you for supporting Cross-Buy and Cross Save.

    The platforming elements are just awesome. Good call on adding these. Even found myself wanting a separate experience or DLC just on platforming alone. Guess we’ll have to see where LT. Kai Tana’s adventures take her.

  • Should have my platinum on it in the following week. Quite enjoyed the experience as I did Velocity Ultra before it.

    If there’s one thing that’s annoyed me about the experience, it’s that there’s four individual prompts nagging you about wi-fi related business on startup if you keep the wi-fi off for battery life reasons, which is most of the time in my case. Any chance this may get adjusted in a future update?

  • Would love a physical copy of this game. Futurelab! Make it happen! :D but really, amazing game. Thank you so much.



  • loved me much this game, happy and fun to me when I found 2 glish, when I can buy the dlc

  • Supported you all since I got the game free from PLUS and the DLC aint that expensive.

    hopefully we will get to see a DLC with all boss fight next?

    2 things which i think we are missing in the main game are boss fights during human and dual plane sections. Maybe this are planned to be in sequel maybe called Velocity 3rd Strike. lol…

    Also, it will be great if you guys are able to liaise with Sony to have a non cross buy version of the DLC for 2/3 of the price cos I really dont wanna play this on my Vita since I wont be able to record down the perfect moments of this game.

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