Invizimals: The Alliance, The Lost Kingdom Launch Next Week

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Invizimals: The Alliance, The Lost Kingdom Launch Next Week

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom

Hello again, PlayStation nation! It’s my pleasure to bring you an update about the Invizimals franchise, and my, what an update it is!

Across the next two weeks we’ll be launching five separate Invizimals titles digitally across the PS3 and PS Vita, and I’m here to tell you exactly what’s on the way.

Today we’ll see the digital release of 3 titles — Invizimals, Invizimals: Shadow Zone, and for the first time ever in North America, Invizimals: The Lost Tribes. These first three PSP titles introduced the world to the wonderful cast of Invizimals — and now you’ll be able to enjoy them digitally wherever and whenever you like.

All three digital PSP releases have been modified in order to take advantage of the AR Play cards included with every Vita system. As long as you have one AR Play card with you, you’ll be ready for whatever Invizimal happens to be hiding nearby.

Invizimals: The Lost KingdomInvizimals: The Lost Kingdom

As if that wasn’t enough, next Tuesday, September 30th, will see the launch of both Invizimals: The Alliance for PS Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for PS3. Both games tell the story of the battle against the evil Xtractor robots, but are told from two completely different perspectives.

You’re the star in Invizimals: The Alliance. As the successor to the PSP entries, you’ll use nearly every Vita hardware feature to capture a whole host of new creatures and help the Alliance investigate the Invizimal disturbance in our world. There’s even a 4-player adhoc and online battle mode — perfect for testing the skills of the Invizimals you encounter in the single-player story.

Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom is a 3rd-person, action-adventure that follows the story of Hiro — a star member of The Alliance who gets sent into the Invizimal world to fend off an enemy threat. You’ll be able to transform into 16 distinct Invizimals, each with its own abilities and attack styles, as well as challenge your friends with the same multiplayer mode found in The Alliance.

Invizimals: The Alliance

In fact, both The Alliance and The Lost Kingdom support cross play — both locally and online — for the 4-player multiplayer mode! Not only can you battle your friends’ Invizimals across titles, but you can also transfer creatures and items back and forth as well — feel free to keep your favorite Invizimals and items on the platform of your choice.

We’ll have more on Invizimals in the future, but in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled, get up off that couch, and go have fun hunting!

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  • Interesting way to revive the franchise. I will definitely try a few of them out.

  • I really wish Sony advertised things better. This is a franchise that always had so much potential. If the game was marketed well and often, I’m sure this could have been a system seller for kids (concerning the Vita version).

    Since that’s not going to happen, I digress. I just hope more people actually know the games are coming out and they support the titles as much as possible. I will.

  • Haven’t had the pleasure to look these over.

    But I heard Vita, so going to go look at a few gameplay vids right now.

  • No PS4?????

  • Looks cute, but hope the digital price is on par.
    I will be holding out untill it is.

  • Is Invizimals: The Alliance going to have a retail copy? While most dedicated gamers might be aware of the digital game, casual gamers and parents of kids might not be. I do believe that a brick and mortar store presence of a game like this is important to advertise a game like this to the parents/casual gamers.

  • I had this game on psp, When i was in middle school this was all we played

  • where are my ar cards for my vita? i haven’t had any real use for them in years….

  • Finally! Pricing details, and are you going to do a bundle containing the PSP trilogy?

  • Funny, Invizimals, Invizimals: Shadow Zone and Invizimals: The Lost Tribes are available in the Brazilian PS Store since March 25…
    Each title is available for R$30,99 (~US$12,91 today).

  • Very cool. Never played this series, but it would be awesome if I could use this to scratch my pokemon itch on the vita!

  • @2 I agree. Especially after seeing the trailers for the newest ones. I wonder if they’re still going to do that cartoon series or not. I’, on the fence, but I’d be willing to give the vita one a shot, especially given the ways it uses some of the system features.
    @10 We could only hope they’d be priced that low, given how long its been since their original release.

    In regards to another ignored franchise, I really wish SCEA would care more about Toro as well. Especially the Friend Network game. Japan has had all sorts of updates to theirs (Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Hatsune Miku, etc.), and we’re still stuck with basically the vanilla version.

  • Vita really needs a memory card price drop, can’t buy all these digital games if I have no space for them.

  • @13 No you just need to get the 64GB Mem Card and PS Plus. XD

    Seriously PS Plus will get you so many free games, it entirely justifies the price of the memory cards. The reason why the memory cards are so expensive has to do with…

    1. The security because the PSP was devastated by pirates. The sales charts during a God of War release they were selling more PSPs than they were the God of War games but the pirated versions had millions of downloads.

    2. Sony allows companies to sell digital games at a 10% discount compared to physical. Wal-Mart, Target, as well as stores all around the world, aren’t going to take up space to sell your hardware and software if you undercut them digitally, so they have to have the cards expensive so that the retailers can get enough to justify risking people buying all digital games. Otherwise those companies wouldn’t sell it in stores, and the PS Vita wouldn’t have any games because it would be dead.

    When you’re getting 2-4 games you can play on your Vita a month, for 12 months, and each one is about $10-20 dollars typically you’re talking about only a few months to justify the extra spending on the big cards.

  • Now as far as Invisimals go, is there going to be any cross game support?

    Do characters from 1 game, transfer to another? Do I get bonuses from 1 save file to another? Is there cross buy with the 2 games coming out on the 30th?

  • Awesome, can’t wait!

  • Some Vita love! I have been waiting for this game. Now I have to buy 3 copies for all 3 Vita players in my house! I can’t wait to SEE the Invizimals!

  • Just to clarify: The 3 PSP games play as just PSP game apps on the PSVita and not as a Vita game remake release with trophies, correct?

    I’ve been waiting a long time for the new Invizimals games to reach America, and hopefully that doesn’t happen again with future releases. (would love to see The Resistance come here as well!)

    I mean, come on: Americans are gonna get Lost Tribes nearly 3 years after the rest of the world got it on PSP, along with the year-late PS3/PSVita games.
    Though, something like Move Fitness randomly released digitally in the US over a year after Europe got it, and it came at a nice budget price of $9.99. If something similar happens with these Invizimal release, that would be a plus.

    Still: I share sentiments with others in the comments on how poorly SCEA seem to be handling Invizimal in the US. I could see the franchise have some potential here in the states, but little fanfare, long delayed releases and no physical copies won’t help.

    I do thank you guys for finally bringing the games over here for us fans, but I just wish the fanbase could be bigger with more exposure…

  • Hmm… physical?

    Invizimals back in the PSP had retail copies, wondering if this one will have, too.

  • Retail release please!

  • So digital only then? Guess SCEE gets my import money then.

    Stop treating SCEE content like the red haired step child SCEA. Sick of this crap.

  • I didn’t know that this was a franchise, honestly. It looks like it could be interesting though, with a proper marketing push this could’ve been a bigger thing for the younger ages. That said, I don’t have a Vita and my PS3 is currently out of reach, so I’m afraid that I’ll have to pass. It’s a shame, because I would’ve been interested in something that used the PS Camera besides the Playroom.

  • Awesome! I always wanted to try out the franchise!

  • A couple of questions:
    1. has the game been patched to fix some of the issues consistently reported in reviews of the European version? (poor minigame instructions, unresponsive touch controls, etc)

    2. echoing other people’s questions: are the original PSP games being played through PSP emulation, or are they Vita native? it sounds like the game was modified to use the VIta AR cards, so a recompile should be Vita-native… right?

    3. if the classic games are now Vita native (yay!), did they get rendering updates to be Vita-native resolution or updated textures/shaders/lighting? does it operate @ 60fps?

    4. is there a demo?

    @18, I agree but it’s a more general problem of SCEA marketing *anything* focused on younger players. The fact they bungled the Harry Potter/Wonderbook with mismanagement of retail pipelines and other kerfuffles is just bizarre. I hope Wonderbook gets a second chance on PS4/Morpheus — Book of Potions and Diggs Nightcrawler were simply fantastic!

    PS: I’d love to see more AR games — seems like there is a great opportunity for an Echochrome, Lemmings, or PAIN game on Vita that uses AR cards.

  • @14 While I agree that custom storage was probably key to slowing piracy, “good” consumers being punished by the high price is fairly ridiculous. To add insult to injury, the transfer rates off o the Vita storage media is really, really, really slow. Ask any developer and they will tell you that one of the major bottlenecks in the Vita is I/O throughput. (This is why any kind of meaningful texture or audio streaming is largely absent from Vita games.) Yes, I paid for a 64GB card that I imported from Japan. Yes, the 64GB card has a *slightly* better transfer rate than the other cards. It’s still three times as slow as any comparably-priced flash-based media from ~5 years ago.

    I sincerely hope the 1GB of internal storage in the “new” Vita and the PSTV is reasonably faster. That would at least allow developers to have a fast “cache” layer available and deliver better load time and open world experiences to gamers.

  • I never got a chance to play the PSP games. I am so glad I get another chance with these being modified to be playable on Vita. Surprising nice work there.

  • Now see, THIS kind of retroactive support and modern interconnectivity is how you do it! Tell me you’ll have fully remappable controls, and you’ll be a gem in usability.

  • Why is it all the sudden that first party games in the US are only being released in digital form? Where is our choice? You guys did the same exact thing with the Ratchet & Clank Collection. What gives? This isn’t fair

  • Invizimals: Mists of Pandaria Edition.

  • i thought is already out but its not in PSN :(

  • Please give us the retail release in north america! They’ve had it for about a year now in Europe and Australia!

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