Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Out Today on PS4, PS3

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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Out Today on PS4, PS3

Get ready to assemble! The next chapter of Disney Infinity begins today with the release of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition). The game is available starting today for PS4 and PS3.

You might remember, Executive Producer John Vignocchi announced the Collector’s Edition earlier this summer. The Collector’s Edition includes the Starter Pack, all of the launch Avengers character figures, and – the main event! – an exclusive light-up Frost Beast display. And keep in mind the Collector’s Edition is the only way to get your hands on Hulk at launch!

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Collector's Edition


In addition to the Avengers Play Set that comes inside of the Starter Pack, you can also pick up Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man Play Sets along with additional character figures from those worlds separately. All three Play Sets take you on new super-powered story-driven adventures in the Marvel universe. Additionally, they feature new character and combat systems and larger worlds than the first installment of Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

The new Toy Box 2.0 mode has a ton of new features and items to explore. We’re all really excited to see what you guys create. The new tools really make it easier for players of any age to pick up the controls and create one-of-a-kind levels. The Toy Box Game Discs are something new too – these come with the Starter Pack and provide several hours of repeatable, structured Toy Box gameplay complete with cut scenes. With the 40 Marvel Power Discs available now, you can access everything from the Winter Soldier Team-Up to Spider-Man’s Symbiote Costume and Star-Lord’s Knowhere Sky.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Team up with the Winter Soldier and catch your enemies in the crossfire.

Community is incredibly important to us, and the new Toy Box 2.0 mode opens up many more options for downloading and sharing Toy Boxes. Not only can you share your own custom 2.0 Toy Box levels, we’ve hired a whole team devoted to bringing you free 2.0 Toy Boxes to play every week. We hired five team members directly from the community to create top-notch Toy Boxes, because really who else knows the Toy Box better? If their launch Toy Boxes — which include a Gravity Falls-themed 2D fighting game and a race to eat as many pastries as you can as quickly as possible (?!) — are any indication, these guys are going to be creating amazing content.

Thanks for reading, everybody! There’s even more 2.0 Edition to come: the Disney Toy Box Starter Pack and 2.0 Disney characters will be released on November 4th. On behalf of the whole team, we hope you have a blast playing the game!

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  • I still wish you’d drop the restriction of only certain characters in certain playsets, but 2.0 looks like a good improvment from the original. Are all the original playsets playable in 2.0 with upgraded graphics? Are all 1.0 characters improved with powers and skill trees?

  • Its my personal belief that a kid can not have to man superheroes.
    That is of course unless they are marketed at “legendary” prices.

    You make good games from what I have just seen with Cars 2 and Split Second on the past racing sale.

    Will be keeping an eye on this one.

    We here at this home love Disney, and normally support you, when we can afford it.

  • @ Skywarrd,

    As far as I know, the playsets from 1.0 cannot work with 2.0. But characters from 1.0 can be used with 2.0 (with additionnal level-up mechanism and skill sets).

    So if you want to go play in 1.0 playsets, best to keep your copy of 1.0.

  • PS4 CE and all extra figures/toy sets just got delivered!!! Can’t wait until the Disney “Originals” come out though. I prefer Infinity be more about Originals and actual Play Sets for them as opposed to Marvel, but I understand the popularity of Marvel and how it lead way to the skill trees etc making sense and improvements all around.

  • and yes, 1.0 characters are upgraded with skill trees for 2.0

  • When will Disney acknowledge that they’re also making this game for the Vita/PlayStation TV? The Disney Infinity website mentions nothing about these platforms.

    But the game looks great. Super excited for it.

  • Would love to know about a possible Black Friday deal on this one ;)
    to be ready for Christmas.

  • Vita, really ?

    So sad at this age, to be this excited over kids stuff.

  • Hey superheros!!! in a video game, that a new idea!

    Pixar infinity to Marvel infinity….No doubt Star Wars infinity…with the upcoming movie and Disney licence.

    I really like the classic Disney-ness of the franchise. at least make that the “4.0”

    I just want The Little Mermaid to beat up Hawkeye…..is that too much to ask?

  • So what about the Vita version? What’s going on with that? I bet it’s going to be a horrible downgrade. As ever, Vita is just an afterthought. You may as well have not done it if you were going to release it much later when all interest has died down. =/

    I’m fed up of this trend with developers that don’t care on Vita.

  • I thought that this was also coming to Vita. This post does not even mention it. Is it coming? If so, when? You guys have to hype up the Vita more. It is an awesome system.

  • Looks like a lot fun. The focal point is the art style for sure, wow! This game really went under my radar and now I feel the need to buy it, haha.

  • i like the concept of these types of games but they are way too overpriced for my taste.

  • How long until we get to hear more about the Vita version? I’m a little surprised that it didn’t even get so much as a passing reference in the article…

  • Where’s the promised Vita version?

  • I wish we could get a free digital copy of Infinity 1.0 like the Wii U did.

  • Still waiting on UPS for the PS4 Collector’s Edition. The only thing I can’t figure out is who’s gonna play it more. My nephew or me

  • VITA???
    I see many people had asked this.. so I’m gonna join because I AM SO FED UP WITH DEVELOPERS NOT CARING FOR VITA

  • Vita’s dead. It’s so dead they even rebranded the Vita TV to Playstation TV to distance themselves as far away as possible from it. It’s just something you guys are going to have to accept. I have 2 vitas each with 64 gig memory cards that I had to import becuase of the complete lack of support from Sony so I understand where you guys are coming from, but the reality is that you guys are getting yourself worked up over a corpse

  • I don’t see how you can rationally believe the vita is dead. there are upwards 900+ games on vita with new games coming out every single week yet its dead? No. what the truth is, is that you believe the games out do not exist and only see the games you want to play. I own a vita and have new games at least once a month so your logic is flawed heavily.

  • I don’t count games that I can play on my phone or games that I can get for a dollar or two on Steam yet they cost 15-20 bucks on Vita. They’re ports nothing more. A game system doesn’t thrive or even survive off of ports. When was the last time Vita was even advertised in the US? 2012? You don’t call that dead? I’ve accepted the fact that there won’t be any support from the larger developers. I’m not the one crying on here about #novitanobuy every day like some of these people are.

  • And it causes save game corruption which wipes out all progress made…

  • @RE4LNOiZE_42

    You can place all playset pieces on the pad in 2.0 and get all of the toys for the toybox from it. The 2.0 set also knows whatever leveling progress made with individual characters when loaded from 1.0, which indicates that the characters are actually unique and tagged that with some sort of unique code.

  • why i can’t Buy this game i live in Israel

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