Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Out Today on PS3

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Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Out Today on PS3

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star launches today on PS3, and some of you may be asking: “what exactly is a ‘7 dimensional’ RPG?” While we believe that you can only truly understand Ar nosurge by embarking on the journey yourself, as the director of the game I hope to be able to provide some insight into the unique world and emotions that you will experience.

Ar nosurge is categorized as an RPG, but that’s not entirely true. Ar nosurge goes beyond the 7 dimensions of space and time, and connects to a world that exists in the far reaches — Ar nosurge is a network operating system existing in a parallel universe.

You might be thinking: “Sure, that’s just the setting of the game.” But in fact, people who understand Ar nosurge on that basis alone will be in for quite a surprise halfway through the storyline. Up until that point the story carefully and accurately depicts “a world that exists beyond the 7 dimensions.” While you the player exist in this world, I believe you’ll also feel that you are essential in controlling the fate of the other world.

Of course, it’s no different than any other RPG that you as the player affect the outcome of the game world. However, in Ar nosurge you will encounter an entirely different sensation — in fact, a completely new sensation. The reason is that this piece of software, the “Ar nosurge OS”, is an OS capable of “two-way communication” between you and the inhabitants of the world beyond the 7 dimensions.

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn StarAr nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star

I’ll refrain from going into to all of the intricacies in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, as the main wish I have for you is feeling connected with another world in a way that you have never experienced before. As you continue to delve deeper into the story, I feel you will have an emotional connection to the world, in a way that is more intense and distinctly different than in other RPGs.

After the release in Japan, many “lost souls” emerged upon completion of the game who did not want to sever their connection from the world beyond the 7 dimensions.

Emotions such as this were proclaimed by many: “When the game ended, I felt such a strong feeling of emptiness, and it’s the first time I’ve experienced it to such a degree after finishing a game,” but these statements were made with happiness, not with sadness.

Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star

Aren’t you curious to find out what this happy “sense of emptiness” is?

Find out for yourself, and other uncover many other mysteries in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star beginning today on PS3. Please open your mind to a different reality and discover a new world where music and song can create magic — and so much more!

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2 Author Replies

  • Give me now!!!!!!

  • Definately looks interesting, I like these types of games in the past.
    Thought it has been a nice touch, when positioning and attack formations, specials can be used strategically.

    Is this version dubbed?

    And, would prefer it on my Vita. Looks like a good fit.

  • I’ve been waiting for more since the end of A.T.3

  • @2

    There’s a Vita version in the works called Ar nosurge Plus

  • Completely understand the “emptiness” though after a few rare books / games / friends.
    That all comes from a world in our dreams, and alot to live up to.

    Will keep my fingers crossed for Vita :)

  • #4 djsaiyan.
    Nice to hear, thanks.

  • Looking forward to playing it [whenever my LE arrives]!

  • well,i hope i will be able to play this soon since i was a fan of the ar tonelico series which this game is a “spiritual” successor! :)

  • I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was announce. I’m happy its finally available outside of Japan. I’m looking forward to my LE to come in a couple of days to see the next installment of the Ar series.

  • Is the Vita version going to be the same game essentially? I have far more time to play a game like this on a handheld.

  • Famitsu ratings were pretty mediocre for this. I’m tired of all these shovelware RPGs on Vita and PS3. They all look terrible.

  • @11

    Famitsu scored it 32/40.

    That’s 80%.

    On a 10 point rating scale that’s 8/10.

    Hardly mediocre. That’s firmly in good-great territory.

  • @10

    Vita version is the same except for additional characters, new story events, extra dungeons, etc. Think of it like the Atelier Vita ports, its the same developer.


    Famitsu score was good for a JRPG though. Only 1 point behind Persona 4.

  • It certainly is a blessing for a Director of a niche JRPG make a release date blog post here. The description of the game is very eloquently written and I can see there is a lot of love and effort put into the Surge Concerto.
    I’m so excited to play this game after having played and becoming a massive fan of the Ar Tonelico series. Also after reading summaries of Ciel nosurge and its amazing story, I NEED to see the plot of the Surge Concerto to the end for myself.

    Good wishes to Mr. Akira Tsuchiya. I will certainly enjoy this game to the fullest.

  • Excellent news.

  • Folks picking his up, please make sure to read a summary on Ciel nosurge!

    It’s absolutely necessary to know at least what happened in Ciel to understand Ar. Enjoy!

  • Nice! I’ve had the game on pre-order a while now, really looking forward to playing it tonight!!

    Thank you, Mr. Tsuchiya!!

  • Glad games like this make some NA and EU fans happy. Personally, I find JRPGs to be a bore nowadays.

  • Well thanks for bringing it over and dubbing it. Im just waiting for my LE to arrive.

  • I’ll wait for a price drop because these budget jrpgs have been really hit or miss lately.

  • So this is a quirky RPG basically I haven’t really played any game like this but seems fun though.

  • @16
    Im not reading that. If the game fails at explaining itself well then thats the games fault and I will judge it for that.

  • Hoping the Vita version comes across!

  • @22

    Agreed! People shouldn’t have to read a book before watching a movie, and we shouldn’t have to read a summary before playing a game. This game should be able to stand on its own and if it doesn’t, it fails.

  • @22 @24

    This game is actually a sequel to a mobile phone game Ciel nosurge. Read that summary if you plan to play this. You might say that they should have brought over the Ciel but let’s get real. That would have been a money sink and by not being profitable we would have never gotten Ar nosurge. I’ll take what we can get as a niche RPG fan.

  • PS: Doh. Ciel is for Vita. It’s a “Life Simulator”. Still too risky to bring over.

  • @25
    I know but the game should still have a way to introduce new player. Skits or even journel entries. Not everyone is going to be able to get their hands on that game or maybe they dont like that type of game and like jrpgs.

  • Been waiting for this game! Hope we get some avatars or themes!

  • Wow!!! didn’t realize it was a ar tonelico series “spiritual” successor! Makes a lot of sense, when i watched some of the gameplay videos on youtube i kept thinking of ar tonelico 3. Sweet i might have to get this.

    And a 32/40 from them is really good for this type otaku JRPG date sim.

  • @ wheremyconary: It’s not actually a spiritual successor.

    It’s a prequel.

  • Also i’m not sure why some of you guys are putting so much stock into Famitsu’s scores. They’ve given the FF13 series incredibly high scores and we know how bad that series has turned out.

  • @24,27

    Blame Tecmo for not bringing over the first game then, not Ar No Surge. The first game was a life simulator that people would never buy over here, so I’m glad they are even giving its sequel a chance.

  • @32

    Again you can easily fit some more info through skits or journel entries or something els. The writer and game designers should keep stuff like this in mind. What if everyone cant get acess to that game or what if they hate that type of gameplay. Video games dont have to worry about being on a fixed time as much as movies and tv shows have to so they can fill you in more if need be.

  • This will be my first time playing a game in this series and I’m looking forward to getting my LE version in the mail. Game looks promising.

  • I’m really hoping to see this on PSN soon!
    I’d of ordered the limited edition from the NISA store, but they use USPS, which can take a good 2-3 weeks to get to the door in Canada.

    I’m pretty hyped!

  • Yay! A new GUST game! Awesome!

  • i just looked at more gameplay and noticed this game had random encounters. I can’t believe jrpgs in 2014 are still insisting on using such an archaic mechanic. That pretty much sealed the deal that this game is a rental or severe price drop purchase. :/

  • I’m seeing a trailer with a light pretty artwork, some nonsense about the world of the game that is best explored in the game, and nothing that says too me what I can expect from game play or story.

    This is not being pitched to me very well for me to throw my money at it. I love JRPGs and I’ll typically come like the rabid JRPG fan that I am to see what is being sold, but I’m not even sure what I’m looking at outside of some noise about an OS, pretty Anime inspired artwork, and no details on how the battle system works.

    Please try again with a new post.

  • I want to thank you guys for letting NIS America do a limited edition. It’s awesome that we got the option.

    Ciel Nosurge offline please, or let NISA bring it? We need it for story. :(

  • Ciel at retail to be specific

  • Happily bought day one as a series fan since its inception! Love this series. I feel it is under-rated and under-appreciated but stands on its own a a great concept and RPG series!

    I would really love you guys to release Ciel Nosurge offline for us Vita owners. Even if it’s digital only!

  • Will the Vita version come over to the west as well? :D

  • :sad:
    Still not available in Indonesia :'(

  • Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, especially since it is a new and different kind of game. Please let me know your experience with the game!

  • I’m in Phase 3 and I’m enjoying the game but it still makes me sad when someone new pops up and all the characters immediately know who they are because of their interactions in Ciel nosurge. It’s already obvious that Ciel has no chance to ever come out over here due how shallow and narrow the western landscape for games is but it’s nice to dream. I will say that Ar nosurge has me wanting to go buy and re-play Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 as I have fond memories of those two games.

    Although, American branch of KT should probably hire people who actually care about proofing their translations. Numerous name differences (even in back to back lines) and typos here and there.

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