SingStar Debuts on PS4 October 28th

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SingStar Debuts on PS4 October 28th

Hi everyone! As you may remember, this year we announced that we were bringing a revamped digital version of SingStar to PS4 Well, I’m very excited to share with you that the new addition to the SingStar franchise will be coming out on October 28th. The wait is over!

Singstar on PS4

This new, updated version of SingStar will be available in North America (as well as Canada, Brazil and Mexico!) as a free digital download, exclusively on PlayStation Network for both PS4 and PS3. With this download you will get the game client with direct access to the SingStore so you can easily browse through and purchase songs to build your library. If you are new to SingStar you can check out the available free demo songs and see what all the fun is about.

As we promised, the price for songs and song packs will remain the same as they did in previous versions of the game. You can purchase songs from the in-game SingStore or directly from PSN — individual songs are $1.49 and song packs containing five songs are $6.99, thus giving you the ability to customize and build your library however you wish!

The best news is if you have already purchased songs from the SingStore or PSN for SingStar on PS3, then if the song is available on PS4 you will be able to download it to your PS4 at no extra charge as long as you are logged in to the same SEN account.

Singstar on PS4

No mic? No problem! We will also be releasing a SingStar companion app, SingStar Mic on the same day and will be available for free for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The SingStar app will allow you to use your smart device as a microphone and is compatible with both the PS4 and PS3 versions of SingStar. You can also use the app to create playlists from your SingStar library to play in game.

We will have more details to share as we get closer to the release date, but in the meantime start warming up your vocal chords and get ready for SingStar on October 28th.

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  • I’ve been waiting for this!!!!! Perfect holiday gift to myself.

  • Awesome! I’m looking forward to downloading this! I hope that most of the songs I’ve purchased are carried over!

  • Make it so that I can use the old game discs from PS2/PS3 and this won’t be a gigantic cash grab. Otherwise, don’t expect my household to ever buy another SingStar product!

  • Make this cross platform and make it so that the new game will import all previous purchases. From everything I’ve been reading so far, Sony has no intention to make old DLC or old discs work with this version. Please Sony, be reasonable.

    • PS4 is not able to read PS2 and PS3 discs, so we won’t be able to support disk swap with the PS4. The new PS3 version will still support disk swap. As far as the existing DLC, we are working with our Music Licensing partners to make as much content from the SingStore available on PS4 as possible. If you have bought a song on PS3 and it is available on PS4 then it will be free to download.

  • the only bad thing it’s that I will loose the songs I have on Disc

  • Nice can we still import from ps3 and ps2 discs or no?

  • ^ You can’t import songs from a PS3/PS2 disc, already saw this answered on their Twitter feed. PS4 can’t read those discs.

    Will definitely be grabbing this!

  • While I understand the charges per song, I would have liked to see a subscription service a bit like PlayStation Now. Like, if you pay 5$ you have the entire library for a night, or if you pay 60$ you have the entire library for a year. Still, not everyone has the leeway for this kinda of move, so I understand… Just give us new songs, please!

  • Nice to see this as a free update for the PS3 as well – looking forward to using phones and wireless mics. The wired mics available in North America just feels like a big production to pull out and set up.

    Currently the PS3 version lets us swap disks while playing, which is cumbersome but acceptable, given that you can get songs cheaper on disk if there’s a set you like. And once you start the game, you can even swap in PS2 SingStar disks. Will that still be available on the PS3 with the update, and will it be possible on the PS4 as well?

    • The PS3 version will continue to support disk swap. But unfortunately it won’t be available on PS4 version as the PS4 can’t play PS2 and PS3 discs.

  • Will we still be able to use our mics, though? Singing into my phone just feels…wrong, somehow.
    Also, if we have disc-based Singstar games for PS3 (I have Queen and ABBA… don’t judge me!), will they be compatible with the new PS3 version, along with our digital purchases?

    • Yes you will still be able to use your mics with the new PS3 and PS4 version of SingStar. And yes the new PS3 version will still continue to support disk swap and be compatible with your existing SingStar library on PS3.

  • Nice! Singstar is a really great party game and I find it at its best when none of us know the lyrics to a song. It makes for some hilarious moments, that’s for sure. Pretty sceptical about the companion app though, since I don’t know if it’ll work better than the mic. I’ll buy the mic for sure, but I’ll see how well the app works upon release. Thanks for getting this on the PS4!

  • Can we please get Mp3 support on ps4 or at least a blutooth throw from phone option

  • For custom soundtracks on all games

  • As a Brit living in Los Angeles, one of the things I loved about this game is the large about of European songs on the US Singstore, that never made it big in America. Hopefully, at least some of those will carry over because it’s a lot of fun introducing my Colonial friends to the joys of Pulp’s Sorted for E’s & Whizz or My Lovely Horse from Father Ted. :)

  • I understand that the PS4 version can’t read the PS3 discs. But can the PS3 version use the PS3 Singstar discs?

  • Hey Jenny,

    Can you please give more info on using a wired or wireless microphone? I don’t own a smart phone and I want to use a microphone. Where can we buy wired and wireless microphones for the PS4 and PS3 (I prefer to use this on my PS4)? Will the PS4 be updated to recognize wired and wireless microphones? Is Sony coming out with a official microphone? Is a 3rd party developing a microphone for the PS4?

    Please provide me and other’s details on this info, not just vague info.

    Thank you,



    • As with the PS3 version, SingStar on PS4 will be compatible with both wired and wireless SingStar Microphones and other common USB microphones. You can also sing into the PS4 Camera for a single player experience or use it to get everyone at your party singing along. At this time there are no plans to create a new SingStar Microphone for the PS4.

  • @15: I can confirm the digital version of Singstar for PS3 does read the PS3 discs. I have SS v. 1 and v.2, and I can access all the songs on those discs whenever the respective disc is loaded within the Singstar Digital environment. I’ve also heard reports it reads PS2 discs as well, but I can’t confirm that personally.

    >”if the song is available on PS4 you will be able to download it to your PS4 at no extra charge”

    Good news and bad news, I guess. I understand it may take time to convert the vast Singstar library to PS4, but is that at least the goal? In other words, if a song I’ve purchased for PS3 is not available to download from the PS4 digital library on October 28, is there a good chance at some point it will be? Or are there some licensing/technological reasons that prevent certain songs from ever making the new-gen jump?

    • More news on this soon. We are working with our Music Licensing partners to make as much content from the SingStore available on PS4 as possible.

  • Good question, Graf. Now that you mention it, I’d like to hear whether my current wired mics for the PS3 will be compatible, as I don’t own a smartphone or fancy-schmancy tablet either.

  • I have the wireless PS3 SingStar microphones. hopefully this will still be supported on PS4.

  • i have the wired PS3 mic’s, will any of the accessories work with the PS4 version?

  • @15 & @17 – yes you can load PS2 discs into the PS3 version of the game. I have totally used them. However, you cannot load videos you have generated to the Singstar community. That functionality is reserved for PS3 versions only.

    @16 – not sure if they still have these in store, but they used to sell the Singstar microphone kits in most Gamestops. I bought mine there, but that was several years ago. Stop hoping for the wireless mics. They were released in Europe and the UK and never made it stateside due to low sales here. I have wanted them forever, but they are expensive to import and go for a sizeable sum on eBay.

  • @Satnamji: There is only one reason Sony would make the decisions they have made with this title, $$$$$…

    PS3 versions of singstar titles can play any PS3 or PS2 retail discs. You just eject the disc while the game is playing and replace it with the other disc and you have the tracks from that disc available to you in addition to whatever is on your HDD. While this new version that kills a great legacy of backwards compatibility.

  • Will there be twitch stream interaction? It would be nice to have a voting system complete with head to head competition or a sing-off mode, I’m really glad that we can import our previous songs!

  • Prepare for forced unremovable irritating Singstar icon in your PS3’s and PS4’s, because in Europe it was “so much popular” so i doubt they will resist to try it in North America as well. Then you will never get rid of it. They will ignore you again and again, no matter how many of petitions you’ll sign, no matter how many customers will send them their complaints. Fight against it as much as you can. Take it as a humble opinion from second class customer from Europe where this battle was losed.

  • Rental Fee??????

    Can I pay a small fee to have access to the entire library for the night? Or a few hours?

    That would be ideal as I don’t like some of the songs that my friends want to sing enough to buy them, and vice versa.

  • Another question. I know that Sony basically want to pretend that Vita never happened, but the ability to cue up songs via PSP while your friends are singing was really cool. Any chance of that feature coming to PSV?

  • Any chance we can find out if the PS4 camera will work like the PS3 camera did? I’m eager to make a drunken mess of myself in front of my non-local friends!

    • Using the PS4 Camera you will be able to post and share photos and video clips of your best (or drunken :-) ) singing moments!

  • Fantastic news! Thanks for letting us keep our digital collections… you don’t want to know how much I’ve invested in a large Singstar library.

  • it’s genius to do a companion app for phones…. but, I personally really prefer to use real microphones. Will my existing Rock Band 3 and Logitech Wireless microphones that I currently use on SingStar PS3 work with the PS4 version?

    when recording video on the PS4 camera, will it record a “stereo” version so people can watch it in 3D on a 3DTV?

    the explanation that “the PS4 cannot read PS3 discs” is 100% untrue — they share the same UDF driver source code and its the same BD-50 physical disc, for goodness’ sake.

    really excited to have my SingStore songs get an audio and video quality bump like Just Dance 2014 did.

  • PS: Speaking of Just Dance, I wish Sony would either work with Harmonix to bring Dance Central to PS4, or make another Everybody Dance that is PS4 native. Just Dance 2014 was a missed opportunity to leverage both the Move and the PS4 Camera *at the same time* to get reasonable full-body tracking. If Ubisoft isn’t going to leverage the new hardware decently, I hope Sony finds a partner — third-party or first-party — that will.

    PPS: There could even be a companion app for a new dance game that you start, then put the phone in your pocket as an assist on leg tracking!

  • Will a disc based version be released at a later date?

  • I Love myself some SingStar

  • @plaztiksyke, if there was going to be 3D support, it would have been mentioned. You don’t need to ask this every single time you comment. It’s not like devs are keeping that secret, then at the last minute “SURPRISE! IT’S 3D!”. And if you’re thinking that by asking they’ll say “Oh gee, we haven’t thought of that; Let’s start over and make it happen!”, you are sorely mistaken. 3D is not something that the general public cares about. If the majority of gamers had 3DTV’s and actually wanted to play games in 3D, then you can bet that we’d see it a lot more. We don’t see it because it isn’t as popular as you’d like it to be. And with VR coming to the PS4, you can be sure that devs are going to be putting more focus into that, rather than 3DTV support.

  • Will the PS3’s SingStar mics work with the PS4?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if someone actually read this and responded to all the requests for information?

    More disappointments…

  • I’ve read on the Eu blog and Twitter that the wired and wireless microphones will work the ps4 version

  • So all the songs that were on the PS3 Game Disc I will have to purchase again? So finally now i have the oppertunity to not play the PS3 disc on my PS4 and I get to buy the songs from the disc instead! Well played Sony!

  • I hope all the good stuff can make its way to PS4. Bought quite a bit of music would love to play on PS4. Shame we can’t do disc swap Though.

  • WTH!, We have to pay for it in Australia surprise, surprise, and why doesn’t it work on windows phones as usual, dont sony laptops run windows, this isnt about xbox vs playstation, you should be working with the consumer.

  • Is there a possibility of PSN recognising the PS3 and PS2 discs we already own and unlocking the songs on these discs to download for free onto PS4 singstar via PSN/Singstore

    As there are some of us who have all of the previous singstar games and at least this way the discs we already own will feel less redundant

  • Where is the game?
    I couldn`t find it on psn on my ps4.

  • Will new DLC be created for PS3 going forward or only for PS4?

  • And Brazil is still waiting for its store with brazilian songs since forever!!! Are there any news about it?!

    Making us buy all our disks songs again is sooooooo stupid and irritating, Sony should think in a way to download all the tracks of our old disk to the HD and than transfer it to the ps4, since disk swap won’t be an option!!

  • When will be the app available in ps4 to download songs?

  • Dear Jenny Barbour,
    Not sure if you’re still checking these comments but what’s the point of having a PS4 if it has less features than PS3 when it comes to SingStar?

    I’m talking about the whole disc swap thing. I would have never bought a PS4 and kept my PS3 for this reason. I have every single PS2 and PS3 disc release for SingStar and now they are useless, a total of 420 songs. Not happy about this and based on other comments I’m not the only one facing this problem.

    Although disc swap isn’t convenient it allowed me to enjoy my older songs. The only solution would be to allow the PS2 and PS3 disc content to be downloaded for those who own the physical discs. Any thoughts on this major problem?

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