Super Exploding Zoo: How to Weaponize a Llama

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Super Exploding Zoo: How to Weaponize a Llama

Super Exploding Zoo

Eh up y’all! Pat from Honeyslug, the dream team behind Frobisher Says and Hohokum, here to chat about the best game about exploding animals you’ll play all decade: Super Exploding Zoo, our new game coming to PS4 and PS Vita!

That old family favorite, the Super Exploding Zoo, is under attack from evil aliens who’ve come to devour all the lovely, tasty animal eggs! Only the rampaging herd of explosive animals can save the zoo in this arcade-y tower defence-y explode-em-up.

Gather up herds of exploding animals and blast your way through 80 destructible levels as you defend your precious eggs against those greedy alien marauders by slamming into and blowing them up.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the game, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see where the fledgling game began. It all began with this humble prototype first knocked up back in the mists of time:

Super Exploding Zoo

As you can see the art style has totally changed since way back then, those rubbish rabbits got bumped out in favor of the far superior penguins. Menacing, cold hearted robots were replaced by nasty greasy aliens (Why would a robot want to eat eggs anyway, no one knows?). We’ve been pushing to fit as much lovely art into the game as we can with 30+ animals to unlock in 9 different skill classes so you’ll never be short of tactical ways to solve these levels.

Those different animal classes can help defeat aliens with the terrifying roar of the Lion and the disgusting gooey spit missiles from the Llama, or open up new areas with the bridging ability of the Crocodile or the digging ability of the Meerkat.

It’s not just more gormless animals we’ve added since the prototype — now there’s levels lovingly hand-crafted by steely unfeeling algorithms in our fabulous random mode where you can test the might of your herd against an unending stream of new levels. How many levels can you beat before you are overwhelmed by those nasty aliens?! Upload your score and impress your Nan with how high you got on the super important leaderboards!

Super Exploding Zoo

Once you’ve beasted round puzzle mode and found your way through the endless labyrinth of random mode, you can show off your animal herding skills to your friends in the thrilling multiplayer mode. Race against your friends on PS4 or PS Vita via cross play to gather up the biggest herds you can before slamming into each other and watching the carnage unfold!

You’ll be able to blast your way around the zoo and save the eggs from those slimy alien scumbags at the Eurogamer Expo in London next week!

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