PlayStation Blogcast 135: The Life Exotic

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PlayStation Blogcast 135: The Life Exotic

Oh no! Sid and Nick are gone, but fear not — Justin and I soldier on with some Destiny tips and tricks. Are you fighting your way towards exotic gear? Trying your hand at the Crucible? Listen in for all this and more, along with listener letters and new releases for September 23rd. Enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Destiny tips ‘n tricks
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Orphan Black

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The Cast

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  • Thanks to Cory Schmitz for our beautiful logo and Dormilón for our rad theme song and show music.
  • …also, thanks to the Destiny Trophy which inspired the title of this week’s episode!

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  • Hi! Please enjoy the show. ^_^

  • Wow, no Sid? That’s gonna be weird, he’s like the host n whatnot. lol.

    Him and Nick have been here since the show started.

    Either way, excited to listen! I been checking Libsyn all day.

    Tom & the Powerhouse, let’s see what you got.

  • A Blogcast ‘Fireside chats’ cool. Downloading now.

  • Blogcast!

  • Ok, looking back on it, “Tom & The Powerhouse” totally sounds like a Morning Radio Talk Show.

    “Good morning everyone! You’re waking up with Tom & The Powerhouse on WQJL, the Hit Mix Station, bringing you all the hits all the time!”

  • Wait, a Blogcast talking about Mindy Kaling and Orphan Black, and Destiny? Epic.

  • “on today’s show we talk about the drought in California, Morgan Freeman comes by to talk about penguins and we’l be giving away a special gift card to one lucky caller, find out where after the break. Now it’s Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf on WQJL, The Hits!”

  • Ok, I should probably listen to your show now, instead of creating my own… eventhoughmineisbetter. Oooooooooooooh, snap! No I didn’t! Oh yes I did! burrrrrrn, holy grail! Look out Kevin Hart, eat your Kevin… HART out. Nyuck nyuck.

    Ok, I’m done now I swear. I’m jk, I love you guys and you wacky off-topic show. I have have no sleep and a lot of caffeine today so I’m totally in another world. Forgive me antics. Going to listen now. Seriously. :p

  • You guys need to get off the Destiny train, it’s basically a watered-down version of Borderlands 2. There’s very little variety in armor and weapon types/mods. The RPG elements and skill trees are extremely limited and linear. The Ghost is basically Claptrap after a lobotomy, a monotone voice with no personality. Even the abilities are lame; Nova Bomb is basically just a big grenade, it’s got nothing on Maya’s Phaselock. There’s so much emphasis on the social aspects yet all you do together is dance and revive, even the vehicles are only 1-seaters while Borderlands has 4-seater vehicles for your whole crew!
    Handsome Jack taunted and provoked me the entire game unlike “The Darkness” which is completely void of personality and serves as nothing but a faceless enemy for the sake of being an enemy. I almost wish it were the band The Darkness instead.

    Let’s face it, Destiny is sterile and docile compared to Borderlands 2. Bungie has literally no imagination compared to Gearbox.

  • Lastly, the only thing Destiny’s got going for it is the MMO side yet there’s almost no actual co-op or social features – you play together but you don’t actually DO anything together. The entire game is just shooting and lobbing grenades for 20 hours and nothing else. If Borderlands incorporated MMO aspects it would absolutely be the end of Destiny.

  • @supvic I disagree with you that Destiny is sterile and docile. Our opinions are our own, and having owned both borderlands 2 and destiny, I say that both games have their ups and downs. However, every negative comment i see about destiny makes this phrase come to mind, “But I really enjoy playing destiny.” That’s what i believe, “Do you have fun?” If you have fun playing a game, that’s all that matters to me. I really enjoyed playing Borderlands 1 and 2, and i still go back and play them from time to time. The same with destiny, i have not had a bad time with the game and really look forward to the changes and content updates released by Bungie. I really hope that others feel the same way about Destiny, and hopefully a borderlands 3 in the future.

  • Vita needs more games in the vein of God of War, GTA, Jak, Ratchet. Also needs a standalone (not remote play) NBA 2K15. Maybe more HD games. Get more kid friendly games. Minecraft and Disney Infinity are a start but need many more games with known brand names like Spongebob, Sonic, TMNT, Adventure Time, etc. Would it be cool to have the original Fallout in HD. I love the Vita, it is my favorite but it does need to have a certain crowd of gamers addressed (one that is not JRPG).

  • why isnt vita getting Square enix love Sony!? I really want to play bravely default and bravely second and FF EXPLORERS!
    WHAT IS ADAM BOILES DOING!? GET TO WORK ON THAT SONY! third party support for good games is lacking badly! not counting what happened with FF type 0…. sigh….

    Anyways apart of that rant that i hope u guys take seriously…

    My vita is having trouble connecting to the browser and to youtube! pls HELP!

  • C’mon people, the cast of the Podcast are never gonna say nothing against Destiny, Destiny is the major release for PS4 now, it hype sells PS4’s and they work for Playstation, the maximum you’re gonna get is they not saying it’s a masterpiece but say it’s bad never and I’m ok with that because I know this a PS Podcast and you should know too.

  • Ryan Clements with the cool av.

  • Huh, has Sid ever missed a show before? But anywho, with just Ryan and Tom Gilmore this week I’m interested to see how this episode turns out.

  • So this just happened:

    I am playing the last mission.
    I beat the last boss.
    During the countdown for the mission timer:




  • I dont think Destiny is a bad game as such, I just went in too hyped expecting an epic campaign with mission variety with deep RPG elements and huge rich exploration, but it turned out to be alot more different. I’m glad that some people enjoy it, but I didnt enjoy it very much and decided to trade it in. Anyone here felt the marketing and coverage of the game fooled them into thinking they were expecting something truly amazing and different.

  • @supvic Agree with your comment completely and i actually do play the game everyday (and enjoy game somewhat). Really hope this game gets some great updates in the coming months turn around a rather lackluster experience so far. The game has the potential to be great but a series of bad decisions seem to bring it down repeatedly.

  • @17: Play the last mission again or you will miss the final cutscene and a nice gun! Same thing happened to me and I missed those until I replayed that level!!!

    Also, fighting my way towards exotic gear? HA! Try Legendary.

    Why is Bungie so stingy with their Legendarys when Diablo hands them out like CANDY? Same publisher too.

  • @Toshi, I finished the game and even played a lot of Crucible but no I did not enjoy it as much as I thought. It is good, not great and FAR from Borderlands 2, in fact I just went back to that game straight after and I’m amazed at how much more polished it is in every way possible, in fact I’m seeing even more things Destiny stole from this.

    I’m so glad I didn’t buy this digitally otherwise I’d be regretting it. I’ve already sold my copy. I’ll take this as a lesson to be extremely cautious of marketing hype because I would have been burned if I bought this digitally.

  • @ 21 I disagree completely that borderlands 2 is better because borderlands 2 just offers so little after you beat it. Not saying borderlands 2 is bad it just offers very little variety outside playing the same story over and over… Where destiny only starts to open up after the story finishes and the support will be constant where as borderlands dlc took forever… Destiny is very similar to borderlands when you compare the two RPG shooters in terms of game play, but that’s bc they are both RPG shooters! It’s like saying Call of Duty isn’t like battlefield or vice versa. Destiny just manages better mechanics, amazing visuals (not cell renders that take forever to load), competitive multi-player, and a more supported franchise (bc they’ve heavily invested in it $$$). Me and my buddies spent a lot of time with borderlands two but lost interest before all of the dlc and patches were released. Hopefully they will make a real follow up to the game that can be worthy of the series and not a large dlc pack aka prequel only for last gen.

  • yea true but the graphics make my eyes tweek out . lol

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