Thomas Was Alone Coming Soon to PS4

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Thomas Was Alone Coming Soon to PS4

Thomas Was Alone

Here at Curve we’ve had the pleasure of bringing a variety of games to PlayStation in the last two years, made by a great mix of different indie developers. Thomas Was Alone was the very first of those games, and its ubiquitous creator Mike Bithell was the first indie developer who we got in touch with. A lifelong PlayStation fan, Mike was genuinely excited by the idea of having the game appear on PS3 and PS Vita, and we had a great time creating that version.

With that in mind, we’re now happy to announce that we’re bringing Thomas Was Alone to PS4, and it will be available to everyone as a cross buy title. That means if you picked up Thomas on PS3 or PS Vita at any point last year, you’ll be able to grab the game completely free on PS4.

Thomas Was AloneThomas Was Alone

If you missed Thomas Was Alone the first time around, the PS4 version will give you a chance to play one of the most popular independent games ever made. A game about rectangles and friendship, Thomas Was Alone’s graphics may be minimalist, but its gameplay is engaging, and the story it tells is quite unlike anything else in gaming. It also has the added bonus of being narrated from start to finish by the BAFTA-winning comedian, Danny Wallace.

It’s great to be able to offer the game to a whole new generation of PlayStation fans who may not have had the chance to pick up Thomas on console before, and we’re also happy to be able to give people who have supported the game in the past a shiny new copy for their collections.

Thomas will be arriving on PS4 later this year.

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  • Cross-buy is awesome, and so was this game! Thanks Curve!

  • Already own it on PS3/PS Vita. So…free PS4 game. YAY!!!

  • Woot woot! one of the most charming platformers I’ve played in a long time!

  • thanks! it’s pretty nice to have cross-buy but Thomas Was Alone is staying on my Vita, it fits perfectly, I never use it on my PS3 and I don’t see that changing for my PS4.

  • I purchased this game last year(not from PS Plus)..great title!

  • Hey Rob,

    A big thank you to You, Curve Studios, and Mike for bringing this wonderful game to PS4. I own it on PS3 and Vita (thank you PS Plus) and I look forward to it on my PS4. Can you guys tell us what improvements you’ll be making for the PS4 edition.

    Anyways thanks again! Curve Studios Rocks!!!



    P.S. Please bring Stealth 2 over next year!!!

  • Ehh, a game about shapes? I might get it. Though I have been hearing good reviews and comments about this game so I will try it out.

  • Thank you so much! Purchased it for my Vita and can’t tell you how much I loved playing it. Will definitely play again on PS4.

    (p.s. Ditto on what @GrafUlrich88 said: Please, please bring Stealth 2 to Playstation next year. LOVED the first one and the DLC.)

    Thanks again! –xari.

  • I adored TWA, this may be a good excuse to play it again.

    I’ll echo the requests for Stealth Inc 2 on PlayStation consoles, I adored the original on the Vita, I really want to be able to play the second.

  • Thomas Was Alone is an incredibly charming game. There’s really no other word that describes it better.
    I loved playing through it on my Vita and will probably play through it again (or let me wife take a leap into video games with Thomas) on PS4 when it comes out.

    For those of you who’ve played the game, I also highly recommend playing through the game a second time while listening to the commentary by Mike. It’s really insightful and entertaining.

    I can’t wait to play more of Mike’s creations and, hopefully, they also have some commentary along with them.

    Thank you so much Mike and the team at Curve Studios!

  • cross buy!!

  • Will the trophy list be separate or share the PS3/Vita one?

  • Please give it a new trophy list. Would love to complete it again on the PS4.

  • Loved this game on Vita! I will happily play it again on PS4 especially if it has a separate trophy list from the other version.

  • I am extremely happy that I picked it up last time that it was a buck on PSN a few months back! This is making it easier on me to play games on my new PS4 that I plan to buy next Thursday. Thank you! The game rocks!

  • Great game, try it people! “Charming”, haha, it is though. :)

  • Thanks guys at Curve. 3 for one price, oh yeah.

  • Now this is just amazing I still haven’t played this game yet but for my PS4 hopefully i will get around to this.I wish more developers would do this.

  • nice. i grabbed this game last year from PS+, but i wasn’t able to play it before i got my ps4. it looks like i will be able to play it after all =]

  • Bought Stealth Inc. Day 1 and used the PS Plus disount for add on level ( didn’t know there would be a 3rd ).
    Bought Thomas was Alone and Lone Survivor when they went half off.

    Have to admit that I purchased them simply for the love of 8 bit ingenuity, and to support Indie Developers.
    While I was not as thrilled with Proteus, and waiting for a better sale on Titan, I hope you continue titles such as these.

    AAA titles can be great, but can be very exensive for many that are not as great as the hype leads you to beleve.

    I still wish Sony would reconsider to atleast create a few AAA titles for my Vita, I welcome the inexpensive alternatives as well.

    I commend you on supporting CrossBuy, and hope greed or disproportionate developing will not cloud what you have started.

    Look forwrard to more from you.

    *Now create something with more tactics, and strategy, and throw in some replay value.*
    – G.L.

  • I loved this game on the Vita. The music and the narrator was well done. I ended buying the DLC. If you have not played it, play it on the PS4. Curve: thank you for supporting Vita and now PS4.

  • I just finished re-playing the base game (for the commentary and to collect the last few dots) and wondered why you were taunting us with screenshots of levels that don’t exist. Then I remembered the “Benjamin’s Flight” add-on and realized I hadn’t played _every_ level…

    Any chance you’ll celebrate the launch of the new platform with a sale on “Benjamin’s Flight”?

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