The Tomorrow Children: New Gameplay Details

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The Tomorrow Children: New Gameplay Details

I’m excited to be at TGS announcing more news about The Tomorrow Children. As we continue to build and perfect The Tomorrow Children’s open world concept, we wanted to expand upon the details we revealed at Gamescom and share more about the game.

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children is an online game, combining synchronous and asynchronous gameplay. This is to encourage a fresh style of play. If you just want to explore by yourself you can and other players can’t see you. But if you want to interact with other players, your actions in the world will begin to pop up in their worlds. The world itself is synchronized too, so your interactions appear in both your own world and theirs. For example: if you dig a hole, that hole will be dug in the same place for other players in their world. It’s pretty interesting to see people working together within this system, digging out to find resources and using them to build up their towns together.

People have asked what kind of roles players can assume in the game. The Tomorrow Children is a sandbox but there are some loosely defined roles you can take on such as Radio Officer which is a kind of scout role, and Engineer Commander who likes explosives and building roads, but you can mix and match your tools and weapons any way you like. The policemen around town will assign you roles and give you a default tool if they feel there is a shortage of a particular type of player. You can always ask them for advice, too.

Sharing is a vital aspect of the game, whether it’s with resources or information to create a more connected community. In addition to helping build each other’s towns in online gameplay, there are a number of ways to communicate with other players, such as blowing a whistle, or gesturing, or using a megaphone, and later on we will be adding the ability to hijack the tanoy speaker system in the town to really get what you want to say across to other players.

The back-story to the game involves a huge experiment performed in Soviet Russia in the late 1960s, an experiment to try and unify the entirety of human sub-conscious thought as one. However, it went wrong and nearly obliterated all living things on the planet, and the white void is what’s left of mankind and its dreams.

The Tomorrow Children

The things that are created from the void come from those lost dreams… and of course nightmares too, in the case of the Izverg (Giant Monsters invading your town). Fast-forward almost 100 years and the remaining scientists have, while artificially extending their own lives, managed to rebuild society to some extent and they have invented a “projection clone” technology.

However, the scientists can’t risk venturing out themselves because they are the only original human beings left. This is where you come in. As one of these clones, you’re tasked with searching out and discovering as much human DNA (stored safely in Matryoshka dolls) as possible and bringing it back to the town to restore it to human form again.

Well, I hope that gives everyone a little insight into everything!

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