Resogun: Save the Last Pirates!

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Resogun: Save the Last Pirates!

Ahoy, me hearties, I be writin’ you this message, t’ inform you of new treasures to be found! If you be playin’ Resogun between the dates of September 18th and September 20th, you will find one of me very own ship mates has joined your crew… and you can keep him, I don’t be wantin’ that traitorous dog back!

Now that that bit is over, and I can type like a normal person again, we are of course celebrating the incredibly important and internationally recognized Talk Like a Pirate Day. Everyone who plays Resogun between the 18th and 20th of September will receive a pirate themed human for free and to keep forever (well as long as you have your save data). The pirate skin will only be available at this time, so if you miss it, you miss it.

Resogun: Pirate

For those of you that are still frequent Resogun players, you will of course know that this will be the third themed human that we are releasing.

We still have a bunch more human themed skins to release through the rest of this year and the next, so here are a couple of images to whet your appetite. I’m not giving away any dates though, that’ll spoil the surprise, although you can probably guess…

Resogun: MaidResogun: Teddy

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  • octoberfest and pedobear bait day?

  • Another reason to play this game, thanks.

  • NICE! Resogun will always be a favorite of mine. I think I’m the only one of my friends that have been keeping up with the human skins so guess who hosts co-op survival games?

  • Awesome! Any chance we’ll ever see a custom human builder (like for the ships)? Althogh, the fact that they have some animation to them, makes me think that might be a bit tricky to do.

    How about a contest for a player designed human (ship builder tool would work nicely, for that). Winning human could then be animated for the game by the Resogun team.

  • So what were the human skins I missed?

  • After the days are over, how can we keep this human? :D

  • Time to load up Resogun again and maybe try for that plat! I enjoyed this game so much, glad to see it updating still! =)

    @4 – A human design contest would be awesome!

  • It is insane I still haven’t played this. I got my PS4 only a month ago, and my backlog of PS+ games (combined with the AAA games I buy) is too huge…

  • I’m enjoying Uncle Sam.

    Will add the pirate, and if you don’t announce the October Fest one before you release it, i will be sad.

  • wow cool. they all look very nice. after i started watching gameplay of resogun, it didn’t take long for me to want “save the last kitties!” i just think that would be great, and they can meow when you save them haha. i’m one trophy away from platinum, and i still need to beat master difficulty ;]

  • Id like some of that season pass content to start rolling out…

  • Yo this is cool i’ll have to check this out soon Resogun is a awesome game!!!!!

  • Ooh I just started playing Resogun a few days ago, so this pirate themed human looks fun.

  • I guess I missed out on two of the previous skins. :(

    I’ve been demotivated to play Resogun since you added that local co-op trophy. Nobody wants to play Resogun that way with me.

  • a custom human builder would be awesome! I loved making characters in 3D Dot Game Heroes.

    the upcoming humans look fun.

    will Resogun get stereoscopic 3D support on 3DTVs? I’ve been waiting for a mind-blowing 3D experience on PS4 like I had on PS3 with Child of Eden, but so far Trine 2 has been it.

    I hope Sony’s not holding back 3DTV and Move games to try and artificially create demand for Morpheus :/

  • Well Dang. I guess you were talking about European times because it’s September 20th and I didn’t get a pirate =(

  • when i first heard about this, i searched for it in the ps store, and couldn’t find it
    now it’s gone
    nice -.-

    nice that things are where they should be

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