PlayStation Now Open Beta Comes to PS3 Today

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PlayStation Now Open Beta Comes to PS3 Today

For a little more than a month, the PlayStation Now Open Beta has allowed PS4 users to quickly access and play games from a rich and expanding library of PS3 titles directly from our cloud servers, without the need to wait for game downloads, installs, or patches. I am happy to announce that the Open Beta will be available to PS3 users* in mainland U.S. and parts of Canada starting today.

PS3 users will now see PS Now titles integrated into PlayStation Store as part of the Open Beta. The library of PS Now games has grown to more than 150 titles, and will continue to grow as the service expands over time. I’m pleased to announce that God of War: Ascension, inFAMOUS, and the recently released Ultra Street Fighter IV are all coming soon to PS Now.

PS Now HighlightsPS Now HighlightsPS Now Highlights

PS Now offers a variety of rental periods depending on the game, and in most cases, you can rent a game for an entire week for about $1 a day.

We are still in the early days of PS Now, but it’s been great to hear from users that have been pleased with the service’s performance. We want to thank everyone who has tried out PlayStation Now and encourage everyone to check it out. The service is still growing and evolving based on the feedback we’ve received from PS Now users. We recently reduced the pricing for select 4-hour rentals, and we are still working towards a PS Now subscription option.

We will continue to collect feedback from PS3 and PS4 system Open Beta users and refine the service, so please keep your feedback coming!

*Service not available in all areas. A steady broadband connection greater than 5Mbps hardwired is HIGHLY recommended. See for details.

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  • I wish there were sales in the rental of these games, like “One week for $3, today only!”. Also, it would be nice to pay for a months rental, and if we really just want to buy the digital version of the game, get the amount of money we spent on the Now rental off the purchase of the game from the PS Store. Just some food for thought I guess…

  • I played Sniper Elite on PS Now and I was pretty amazed at how well it worked. I did the 7 days for $7 option and was happy with the price. It’s not the kind of game I want to own, but I was happy to play it for awhile and have some fun.

    My problem is I have so many PS3 games, it’s hard to find something that I don’t already own.

  • As a PS4 user who doesn’t have a PS3, I was originally very excited about the concept of PS Now. However, having to pay for access to the games in order to give /you/ the service of testing things out totally changed my impressions of it.

  • I hope there a update for ps now on ps4/PS3 so we can stream games in dobly digital surround sound and not stero plz make this happen :)

  • The rental-only model and it’s prices are why I’ll never use this service. Why would I spend $7 to rent a PS3 game when they will become increasingly outdated and cheaper to purchase as the PS3 slowly fades into retirement?

    That on top of any issues with game streaming, which is still a fairly new (and imperfect) technology… no thanks.

  • I don’t see myself using it on the PS3/PS4 but I’m kind of interested in it for the Vita.

  • For example – you list Infamous as being on PS Now. The Infamous collection, new, which includes both 1 and 2 is only $19.99 regular price. Essentially making Infamous cost $10. On Amazon right now, I could purchase a used copy for $11, making the cost for the single game $5.50.

    …and you want us to rent it for a week for $7?

  • Incredible. Too bad I’m not from the U.S.

  • That’s not the God of War I was hoping for. I didn’t have a PS3 last gen so haven’t had the chance to play God of War 3. Would have definitely rented it if it had been available. I need to know how this story ends.

    It would be a good idea to get Uncharted 2 or 3 on the service to drum up excitement for Playstation owners for Uncharted 4.

  • I agree with #3. I was in the closed beta and was happy to test things out. But as soon as Sony started charging premium prices for beta testing, it completely turned me off. I have not paid for a single game on the service, and I refuse to do so until prices are adjusted to be more realistic.

    Also, in order for PS Now to function as a fix for the lack of backwards compatibility on PS4, players need to be able to upload their saved games to Sony’s servers somehow, and continue a rental where they left off with the game on-disc.

    And there should be a significant discount for renting games that we already own digitally.

  • I am not into rentals because when I buy a game, sometimes it takes me weeks or months to even play it. I like knowing that I have the game, and that I can play it whenever I want. Can you purchase the games on PS Now and not rent them? And will the purchase price be within the same price as to what the game typically sells for at retail?

  • @gus_xl #5

    Same, I have a PS3 and I can actually own the games, And I don’t have(And might not get) a PS4, Vita is where I would use that service on, But with the current prices… Nah

  • why cant i play the games i’ve already bought on ps3 on my ps4 ????????????

  • i been beta testing playstation now and I do not like playstation now. i think it would be way better even great if it was more like netflix but for games. it would be nice to pick to pay for a membership to access all ps now games along with the choice to just rent like now.

  • same as 11, If I already own the digital copies of these games from PS Store, will I be able to play them through PS Now with no additional fees?

  • Nice to see PSNow expanding! :)

    It would be cool if Sony introduced a free game of choice (or one chosen by Sony) from the PSNow library every month for PS+ members, in addition to PS+ line up we get every month. It would add even more value to PS+ but also allow more gamers to give PS Now a try and be more aware of it, hopefully expanding its user base.

  • @14 — Good idea!

  • Consumers will continue to hate on PS NOW until it’s affordable and/or a subscription model, hope Sony get’s that done ASAP.

    P.S. I’m excited to try it out on PS3. Bring in older titles like Half Life 2 and Fallout 3 :) !

  • @14 Love that idea! It doesn’t even need to AAA or new. Just a welcome to the new service.

  • I feel like Sony dropped the ball on this one. Instead of this streaming delayed crap, why can’t you download the game until it expires, as they do with digital movie rentals?

  • Final comment: Some of you guys are demanding the prices to be dirt-cheap for rentals. Don’t be ridiculous, if you want quality service you will have to spend some money. PS Now will improve over time.

    As #14 said, bringing in a title to PS PLUS would be a BRILLIANT move to get people to try PS Now and see it’s value.

  • I would love Ni No Kuni on this thing… Bought it a while back but just cannot muster the strength to plug the PS3 back in.

  • What about AAA games for Vita?
    Vita needs some love.

  • @#3 and #8: Did you consider that part of their beta-testing is seeing how much they could charge for this service? Your not paying sends a message.

  • what about a discount for those game already bought from the store?

  • Agree with some others on here. I was also a PS3 beta tester and stopped using it once you started charging (and I never DREAMED you would – I saw prices on there but assumed that was part of the test..luckily I didn’t have a current credit card on file at the time!).

    I’m confused as to why a subscription model is still being worked on. When PSNow was first announced, you said it would launch this summer and there would be a subscription option. Why is it still being worked on if it was planned all along? I will look back into this as soon as there are realistic prices.

  • @8: You refuse to rent until prices are more realistic? $7 for 7 days is about as cheap as any other rental method I have ever seen. Redbox is $2 a night and local stores around here charge $5 for 5 days. Add the time and gas to return games or get charged again, it’s not that bad a deal at all.

    Now, that being said, the selection of newer games is sorely lacking.

  • I’m glad they lowered certain prices, i just don’t know how much though, i havent checked since day 1 of the open beta on PS4. And i don’t recall seeing a blog post about it.

    The one thing that really disappointed me, was the fact that we pay to beta test it… I will not pay to beta test services or software.

  • I want to be able to:

    1: Play games that I own already for free. I don’t want to rent inFAMOUS on my PS4 when I own a physical copy AND a digital copy. I understand that redeeming physical copies is a tricky thing, but I own it on my account. That’s a permanent thing that can be confirmed.

    2: Buy games indefinitely. I’m not a rental guy. I want to buy my games and keep them. It’s cool that these rentals are available (and that the prices have more or less normalized), but I’m not interested.

    3: Subscribe. I’ll pay $15 a month to have PlayStation Netflix.

    Some compromises that can be made are things like “In order to play games you own, you have to be a PS+ member”. Okay, fine. Plus is a great deal anyway, and PS4 players have to have it in order to play games online.

  • Someone wake me up when Sony won’t charge me for playing PS3 games I already bought through PSN… THAT would make PS Now worthwhile IMO.

  • I wish they would make Playstation Home part of the Playstation Now service. So you can play it on PS4 or remote play on Vita. Also let it stream on PS3. It would probably improve the load times and free up space on PS3 set aside for the app.

    Onlive is streaming second Life and heard many people use it. It would open the door for more people to use the service. However, lately it appears that the service is pretty much dead in the US. I have not seen a post about it in very long time.

  • How about the PlayStation Now Subscription model? That coming soon? Sorry I don’t have allot of time after work and games sometime take me month’s to complete so renting for days isn’t always a option for me.

  • as a “core” gamer i just don’t get this service’s goals. i like the tech but the business plan just doesn’t make sense to me.

    A) ps4 games – i like new stuff not ancient stuff
    B) cross buy with my digital library (it’s okay if i have to add a small monthly fee to unlock this to pay for the servers and such)
    C) put psnow on PC

    basically there are only 2 ways i can see myself using this service.

    1) at a friends house to play a game i already own digitally but don’t want to wait 8 hours for the 50 Gb download
    2) at my mother-in-laws house where she doesn’t have a console.

    any other time i’m just going to play the games i own or buy the games i want to play (rentals FTL)

    make that happen and then i’ll give you my money.

  • Personally I hate the idea of merely “Renting” a game. I prefer owning a disc. Then again, I don’t rent movies either.

    What I’d like to see is that I could put a PS2 game in my PS3, it would validate it and let me play that on PlayStation Now.

  • This service is ridiculous has anyone noticed that the price point is terrible???? Who on the earth with the right mind would rent a game for the price of buying it used on disc and keeping it forever and possibly getting your money back after beating the game.

  • I agree with @18. Let us download the game with a built in expiration. That would work great for people who do not always have a reliable internet connection (sigh…Time Warner!).

  • The service works great, but the prices are still ridiculous. Redbox is $2 for a day, with frequent half-off or rent-one-get-one-free types of deals. Unless you can match those prices, there is no point.

  • Let me stream PS4 games on my PS3 and then we can talk…maybe.

  • The service has potential, but I don’t have much interest in renting titles. I’d love to be able to use PS Now to play games already in my library on my Vita (and to a lesser extent, my PS4). My PS3 digital backlog is at 106 games, and I could get through them a lot more easily on my Vita. I would pay some monthly fee to have my library available to stream. That’s of more interest me than a subscribe to play anything option, if it was at a lower price point.

  • Yall really need to add viewtiful joe & prince of Persia to the ps4 PlayStation now.

  • What I think they should let us do is if we had purchased a certain title that is on the PS Now library, to allow us stream it for free since we did purchase the title, and it be fair.

    I’m also with @1, but instead make it like a..
    “flash rental offers” add like 2, or 3 titles for $3, and/or make 2 of them $3, and the third one make it something like..
    “$1(or $2) month rental Title of this month”

  • yea open beta.. but they expect you to pay those crazy fees for rental!! no thanks.. you guys get enough outta my ps+ payment.

  • Nope. Not interested in paying a dollar a day to rent a game. I’d consider a subscription service for unlimited access, but the current model doesn’t grab me in the slightest.

  • I’m with the others. Although the price isn’t tooo bad, not all of us can stay paying for 3-4 services. I still have my PS3, and it’s still hooked up, so I can just play any of my PS3 games. The best thing to do would be, like others suggested, if you own a PS3 game, you can play it free through NOW, either only for digitals, or finding some way to verify you have a physical copy.

    A better solution, since we KNOW that emulating PS3 games is possible on the PS4, otherwise this would not work….release a PS4 patch with a way to play PS3 games on the PS4 via emulation, save everyone hassle and money, and do something the Spy-box cannot do, we know it’s possible, do it to make everybody happy.

  • For a second there when I saw this article I thought we were getting a new God of War game. :(

  • Not only are the game selections awful in PS Now, but the rental prices are absurd. You are better off just getting a Gamefly subscription and getting access to a month’s worth of time for any game, rather than spending the same amount to rent one game on ps now for only 14 days.

  • I like the idea of the PS Now service, but I only have one question. Why can’t I stream and already downloaded game from my PS3 library which was purchased instead of the rent fee “i.e. Brought the game on PSN for PS3 and I’m only give a rent option.” The only conclusion I can gather that this is a renting service at the moment and buying a game kinda negates that option of a rent like business.

    But non the less, nice to see some games that I would not otherwise attempt to play at such a low price. Trophies inbound!!!!

  • @ 42

    Emulating the PS3 is possible on the PS4? Since when? You must not know a lot about the technicalities of emulation. As far as I know, even the PC doesn’t have what it takes to properly emulates a PS2. Those “emulators” that exists out there are “reinterpreting” PS2 code as PC instructions, and this can’t work as a “universal” solution, as most settings would need to be adjusted for each game.

    The PS3 is much, much more complex than the PS2. There’s no way a PS4 that has far less computing power than a modern PC, can emulate something the PC isn’t even capable of doing yet.

    The PS3 games you’re playing through PS Now aren’t “emulated”. They’re being played on servers at Sony’s. Your gamepad inputs are being sent over the internet to those servers, and the video is being retransmitted back to you through your internet connexion. That’s how it works. No current machine available on the market is currently powerful enough to emulate a PS3.

  • I would actually care if I could use PS Now. I have a 6Mbps connection but always fail the test. After going to the forum I find out it will not work for me since my connection will fluctuate under 5Mbps and cause issues. It sucks but oh well. I just want inFamous 1&2 and Uncharted 1-3 on my PS4. At least I get GTA V soon

  • ” you can rent a game for an entire week for about $1 a day.”

    Whaaaaat? All I see is 4-5$ for 4 hours… Only really, really really old games have a 1$ for a day. Frankly, the price is way too high. I wonder is people really use the service. Also, it’s hard to try. There are no demo to test if the gameplay will be great or not. I won’t pay for anything on this before there is an actual “demo” where I can actually test it out.

    Playstation, you should give a “free rent” on PSNow for PS+ users so we can actually try it out. Many won’t pay before trying.

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