The Evil Within: New Trailer, Maddening Clues

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The Evil Within: New Trailer, Maddening Clues

With Tokyo Game Show taking place this week (September 18th to 21st) in the home city for Shinji Mikami’s team, Tango Gameworks, it only made sense to come up with a new gameplay trailer for The Evil Within. In our newest footage, the game’s primary antagonist, Ruvik (voiced by Jackie Earle Haley), narrates and gives clues to the madness you will encounter.

The Evil Within: New Trailer, Maddening Clues

With less than a month until the October 14th release date, expect plenty of terrifying updates in the final stretch before launch. Whether you’re on PS4 or PS3, there’s still time to pre-order The Evil Within and its Season Pass on PlayStation Store.

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  • i am very excited for this game to play..can’t wait to play this in 3 week away.. i already pre-order this game in PSN Store to play it at 11pm CST.

  • hey Matt, is this game gone gold yet ?

  • I loved this return of the true horror/action genre. I really enjoyed Outlast but got turned off that the only option left to me was to run away. It amped the atmosphere but knowing that was my only option, the game was simply finding the path to run.

    Really looking forward to this, guys! I have loved everything I have seen so far.

  • Aw nuts, i cant watch the trailer because of the super tight security measures: (

    Im pretty excited for this game still. Wish i coulda played it in august, but whatever.

  • Excitement reignited

  • Really digging the Silent Hill-ish wheelchairs at the beginning… Definitely looks like the marketing team is finding their “voice” with these newer trailers!

  • And I’ll look down and whisper………no.

  • Stll have some reservations about this game, why the discount before launch? issues with grainy visuals and gameplay were brought up at E3. Hope they got it sorted..

  • I too can’t wait for this, also pre-ordered this for $54 (PS+ price) off of PSN. Will pre-order Season Pass closer to release date. I’ve heard very good things about this game.

  • @ childofibiza

    Wolfenstein (Another Bethesda game) was discounted too for preorder and that turned out to be a good game. The game is being made by Shinji Mikami and have no doubt this game will be great

  • What infamousXX87XX said and might I add. Shinji Mikami has full control over this game. He said this will be the last game he directs too. Matt Grandstaff can we get the fighting chance pack with the psn digital download too? Give me a fighting chance : )

    • “Matt Grandstaff can we get the fighting chance pack with the psn digital download too?”

      Yes, we’ll give you a fighting chance when you pre-order digitally.

  • Nice trailer…its great to see how polished the game is now compared to past videos…I only hope the gameplay and animations were improved too….last gameplay videos I saw,it was still looking very clunky and stiff.Besides that,game’s going towards the right way….I will probably buy it in the future.

    • Many improvements have been made to the game since we first revealed it last summer. Game is definitely looking great.

  • Looks like a great game but still a little suspicious of the grainy graphics problem. I’ll probably get it a few days after launch.

  • PS3 graphics?

    Looks interesting though.

  • meh … I’ll wait for some reviews next month ..

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