Samurai Warriors 4: New Characters, 10 Year Milestone

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Samurai Warriors 4: New Characters, 10 Year Milestone

On the eve of TGS, I’m lucky to have so much to be excited about! In the West, I can at last reveal the complete new character roster for Samurai Warriors 4, along with new images and video for them all today. Here in Japan, tomorrow, I’ll get to experience reactions to Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 for the first time… I cannot confirm if this game is coming to the West at this time, but do hope to see Western players experiencing the game for themselves as well.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Samurai Warriors, I thought you might be interested as to how the franchise came to be. Before there was Samurai Warriors, there was the historical tactical action series, Dynasty Warriors, which is based on the accounts of China’s “Annals of the Three Kingdoms” (known as “Sangokushi” in Japan), was and still is extremely popular.

Samurai Warriors was conceived around this time as a spinoff of the Dynasty Warriors series. In February 2004, the first ever Samurai Warriors launched on PS2. There was a lot of excitement and hype for the title and the game sold more than one million copies in its first month of release in Japan, establishing Samurai Warriors as a key franchise for Koei Tecmo.

The game has grown steadily since, and for every new installment, new characters have been added making it a popular talking point amongst the fans. For Samurai Warriors 4, we listened to the feedback from our loyal fans and decided to not only add new characters, but also update favorites from the series including Yoshitugu Otani, Toshiie Maeda, Aya, and others.

Samurai Warriors 4Samurai Warriors 4

Today, we introduced the characters Takatora Todo, Kagakatsu Uesugi, and Munenori Yagyu who join the cast of new warriors that includes Lady Hawakawa, Naotora Ii, Takakage Kobayakawa, Kojuro Katakura, Koshosho, Hisahide Matasunaga, Yoshitsugu Otani, Nobuyuki Sanada, and Toshisa Shimazu.

Speaking about the evolution of the series, in addition to new characters, we always strive for an ever-evolving battle system to create the most exhilarating combat possible. In Samurai Warriors 4, some examples include Hyper Attacks which combine rapid movement on the battlefield with high-powered attacks, deadly finishing moves with Mighty Strikes, and the ability to switch between characters in real-time, broadening gameplay within the massive map that awaits players.

Understandably the graphical capabilities and presentations differ between the platforms, but the core essence and fun of the game itself is more or less identical so the players have the option of choosing a platform that best suits their needs. Also the DLC and save data are transferable and can be shared so the players can opt to play on the Vita while on the move yet continue playing it on another system after returning home.

Samurai Warriors 4

Our team is grateful to all of the fans who have supported Samurai Warriors throughout the years since its initial launch. Without them, the 10 year milestone would have never been reached and we are filled with so much appreciation of just that fact alone.

Obviously we have no intention of stopping here and will continue to explore expanding the franchise into different mediums such as anime and manga, to name a few. We want the fans to be the first to know our next steps for Samurai Warriors, so please look forward to that day.

And most importantly, please do continue to show us your astounding support as it keeps us going day after day.

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  • Is the collector’s edition releasing for limited amount? will it be re-stocked? I will buy it with a PS4 around January.

  • Looking forward to purchasing this on release. Thanks for bringing the franchise back to PlayStation home consoles.

  • Me and my two sons have nearly every Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and Samurai Warriors games made for PS2, Xbox 360 (my kids system), and now this game will be our 3rd game this year.

    I hope you guys would bring back my favorite series of all time “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Please!!!

    You stopped on the PS2 and I was always hoping for a PS3 release. I own every one of them since the PS1 days and thankfully I have the PS3 that has the emotion chip in it so I can still play all my PS2 and of course PS1 games.



  • You guys who decide buying this title,here’s something from a guy who played it on the PS3.
    You won’t regret any second of it since they brought back the fundamentals of making it fun,cause each map is always making you do something(mini-missions for extra rewards,certain character missions)the movesets and the fact that you fight with 2 characters now and can switch on the fly(you can command you’re inactive character to go to a certain place of the map as well)is a refreshing touch.

    only downsides I can think of is the fact that they removed weapons classes.every character literally only has 1 weapon stage,the only different thing between the weapons you acquire for them are the traits.
    and if you’re looking to play this “kinda” seriously,never buy the DLC weapons,NEVER BUY THEM.they are what we would call “broken” weapons with full-slotted rare and maxed out traits.they literally take off 3/4 of the game’s playtime.

  • The graphics look outstanding. Can’t wait to pick this up on the PS4 in a month!

  • I can’t believe I’ve never played a Warriors game because this looks like a blast!

    Can you please release a Vita-only trailer? Because I assume this is the PS4 version in the trailer and there’s no way the Vita version will look this good (nor have 100 enemies on screen).

  • I have to admit i’ve never played one of these, either, but i’m really interested now. I want to just scatter a bunch of dudes all over the place. It looks awesome.

  • i would definitely buy this game for the vita but the lack of a dub is pushing me away

  • I like what I’m seeing here.

  • Nice to see that Sanada finally gets a face and Otani outside of Kessen. Thanks Koei.

  • I need this game!

  • Yes! I can’t wait for this! Glad its coming here, was worried we might not be seeing it. Will the Vita version be digital or physical? If its physical then I’ll try my hardest to get it day one. Otherwise, I’ll get the PS3 version first and if there is a “Extreme” version later, I’ll get that for the Vita. Loving Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on my Vita though! I bought every DLC I could find for Warriors Orochi 3, in hopes that Ultimate would come here. And it did! I platinumed Warriors Orochi 3 on my PS3, but started anew on my Vita play through. And I love every minute of it! I got it September 9 (my B-Day!) and I haven’t put it down since! Please have Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 come here (and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate DLC please!), especially in a physical copy cause my 32 GB card is officially, nearly empty! Thank you for all the fun I’ve been having with Dynasty Warriors (8 and XL), Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, and now Samurai Warriors 4. Can’t wait to pick up my copy!

  • Oh YEAH I can’t wait!!! I love all of the Warriors games but Samurai Warriors 2 Empires on the PS2 was up there as one of my favorite games ever. This was one of the reasons I got a PS4!! :D Preordered the limited edition as soon as it went on sale!!

  • cool looks good and its for a system i own this time

  • Hi, i just logged here to tell you that im looking foward to this game and im gonna buy a retail version for my Vita. Thanks.

  • The trailer looked like 3 min of Japanese leave blowing to me. Hope there is a little to the game ;)

  • ^Hope there is a little more to the game…

  • This will be my first Samurai Warriors game, but I’m looking forward to it and have the Special Anime Pack PS4 version paid off. Really enjoyed DW7, WO3 and One Piece: PW 1-2 on PS3, and I’ve got DW8CE and WO3U on my PS4. At heart, these are fairly simple, mind-numbing games, but sometimes that is exactly what I want. Very happy that Koei-Tecmo continues to scratch this itch.

  • ill show support when you show us some support.

    release a physical game for the vita like you did elsewhere or continue to alienate you consumer base!

    you got that? get a pen. write it down!

    no physical product for NA vita means NO support. got that!

    you show us the same regard you show to other regions or expect nothing.

    do you have such disdain/disrespect for the NA/EU market and your product that youre only releasing it as digi-only? wow!

    you dishonor the gaming medium by this type of descriminatory marketing.

    you deserve NO support for not providing a physical product to NA/EU.

    ill never support this type of discrimination in gaming and yes it IS discrimination. you deny the NA/EU markets the social partcipation aspects that youve granted to other regions.


  • no product = no product to purchase.

    try that type of discrimination in ASIA. i dare you.

    oh you wont huh? whys that?

    because it would cripple the customer support you so rapaciously seek.

    consider yourself on report for anti-consumerism/discriminatory marketing.

    once again…

    SHAME ON YOU and to anyone who supports your oblivious understanding of the NA/EU demand for physical products that youve granted to ASIA!

    you effectively deserve less then nothing.

    great job!

  • @ shibbydibbybibby

    Oh boy, where do I start? Okay first, before you start spouting stuff you heard online, you should really check your information. Europe got a physical copy. America didn’t, cause of SCEA. SCEA refuses to publish physical games if they aren’t dubbed. Why won’t they just dub the game then, is what your probably thinking. Simple. Not enough money. But, as a horrible troll you are, you should know that many of the main games from Koei Tecmo (Dynasty Warriors 8 for example) got a dub and a physical copy. But, as someone who doesn’t check his facts, you probably didn’t know, did you?

  • @ shibbydibbybibby

    As for the Warriors Orochi series (just 3 and Ultimate, hopefully 4 gets a physical copy). We have over 100 characters in the game, meaning they would have to pay many, MANY people to do their voices. They would lose a lot of money, especially for a game people like you refuse to buy. Sure, I’m upset there isn’t a physical copy, but I’m not gonna risk never getting the series ever again (here in the US) over not having a physical version by not buying it. That is stupid, in my opinion. Besides, if you really wanted to play the game (or liked it) then you wouldn’t care what form it came in, as long as you got to play it and have fun.

  • is anyone nice enough to game share this i love all there games especially worriors orouchi

  • Really hope we get Chronicles.

    Are you kidding?

    They could just as easily not release the game at all like so many other devs do. A digital release is a thousand times better than no release.

  • i was wondering what the psn price will be

  • sorry nick.
    i dont require mimicry from the internet to make a thought or put pen to paper. maybe you do. i dont. i included EU as an afterthought. and FYI pal, SONY isnt publishing this soooo do your own homework. theres multitudes of titles that have NOT received dubs and personally i could care less for dubbing.

    i dare you to show me where i read this online. my words are mine. that you mimic doesnt mean we all do. but i can see how someone without an ounce of creativity/credibility could just deduce anyone who can create as being an intenet plagiarist.

    dont you ever make an implication on ANY other soul ever again. youre soo wrong in this that youve become a facsimile of all that is breeding of derision for your fellow hobbyists. SHAME on YOU!

    but all you ayn rand “my way or the highway” types are the defintion of contempt.

    “dont like it, deal with it” is your credo and for this you are truly soulless and the defenders of anti-consumer theorem.

  • and nick….WOW! do you really not know that SONY is NOT the publisher of KOEI games? nor any of the entire KOEI canon.

    the lie of “no money” that you all fall towards just goes to show how your 5 cent understanding of business is shallow. keep it up. it aids your mythology of marketing.

    that you would rather sling insults rather then speak earnestly shows that you as well a derivative person.

    great job being petulant. youve earned my retort.
    you truly think no one would buy this physically? then youre as misinformed as KOEI has made you.

    NO publisher has ever said MONEY is why. if ANY company claimed such theyd be ripe for a hostile takeover.
    YOU NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS IN BUSINESS. didnt know that? didnt think so.

    look at the multitude of LE releases that are NOWHERE to be seen. yea i guess no one in NA bought those up either.

    NOT ENOUGH MONEY? are you inept? physical freedom VS digi account locking!

    do you think becuase you can speak that somehow your information is factual?

  • you are a defender of discrimination and breeder of misinformation. plain and simple.

    but go sling another insult. troll is the calling card of the preteen. it doesnt aid in your failed attempt to be right, but it does aid in your
    transparency. way to go!

    youd happily eat glass since “be happy were getting it at all” is written on your hollow backbone.
    where i demand equality and the meal i ordered.

    youd be more then happy to alert KOEI that youre indifferent and for this act you are as dihonorable as they are.

    by proxy you have now impuned your integrity/dignity and shown them that they can continue to discriminate against the NA market.

    you are an apologist for discrimination. no money? is KOEI falling on hard times? yea right. keep telling yourself whatever it is to keep up the tapdancing LIE.

    haahhaa SONY publishing KOEI. hahahah you truly are a joke.

  • did your parents fail in raising you so poorly that “be happy your getting anything at all” is the best you can come up with when someone is being discriminatory towards a society?

    who talks like that? is this supposed represent your poorly indoctrinated rationality skills.

    you sound like the same people who thought civil rights is just something that happens to other people.

    i denounce you as gamers/pro-consumers. youve done everything humanly possible to remove any integrity from your lives regarding this issue.

    keep it up!

  • @over7000…

    its the lesser of 2 evils. that ill agree with.

    consumerism isnt an ultimatum process.

    *not directed at you. just in general.

    KOEI: here NA market. on one hand we have nothing. on the other we have barely nothing in the form of digi account lock-in.

    ME: didnt i just watch you give everything to the asian market?

    DISMISSIVES: (shhhh… youre gonna scare them awaaaaaay) how much?

    KOEI: digital vers cost the exact same as if it were physically released.

    DISMISSIVES: thats perfectly acceptable

    ME: no it isnt!

    *i still cant stop laughing at how NICK thinks SONY is publishing this or for that matter any KOEI game, i understand that by pointing out his error would seem like your siding but in reality its only to improve in his error.

    aaaaand oh my its quite an error!

  • Good luck making a sales since probably half of your fans won’t support this due to the fact Koei refuse to make it dual language, just to save some money, it would be really nice if they can provide a paid English Dub DLC for English-Speaking gamers. My other gripe is that Koei is selling the game as full price without dub, I consider having English voice is part of a full package. Koei should lessen the cost about $10. Really shame, I tried to support them, but not it’s sad Koei can’t even take a risk. Is this going to be an industry standard for Japanese games, NTSC version will no longer include English voice for English-Speaking gamers and try to sell it at full price. Real shame, I feel there are too many games in this generation are getting gutted.

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