Destiny: PS4’s Biggest Software Launch Yet

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Destiny: PS4’s Biggest Software Launch Yet

What a week! Since Destiny launched one week ago, it has officially become the biggest PS4 game launch in North America ever. The game broke records for being the fastest purchased and most played PS4 game during its first week on sale. In fact, last week was our single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013! That’s a lot of PS4s. Thanks, Guardians!

Destiny: Earth

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Destiny also racked up some impressive gameplay stats, with PS4 players across North America collectively accumulating more than 11 million gameplay sessions – that’s a lot of Guardians! Destiny players have also made full use of PS4’s social features; it was the most shared and most broadcasted PS4 game during its first week on sale.

From everyone at PlayStation, we want to say thank you to the fans – none of this would be possible without you! If you’re like me you have been up until the wee hours of the morning playing ‘just one more match’ with your Fireteam (I’m still trying to get to 26 with my Warlock to prep for Vault of Glass!).

Luckily, the Destiny journey has only just begun. New events are scheduled throughout the next few months, and upcoming expansions including “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” are in the works. Each expansion will provide brand-new story missions, cooperative and competitive Crucible arenas, and a wealth of all-new weapons, armor, and gear to earn (hopefully some legendary engrams!). Of course each will have more PlayStation exclusive content. We’re looking forward to giving you more details soon.

Partnering with Bungie and Activision on Destiny has been a dream come true. See you in the Crucible where you probably just killed me as a BladeDancer… or in the Tower where I will be dancing on the Post Office.

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  • I’m still trying to decide if it’s a game for me. I enjoyed the beta but I wasn’t completely sold on it.

  • That’s awesome, good for Sony!
    Just sad to hear about their projected loss for the fiscal year :(
    Hope things turn around for them! I always loved Sony products if that means anything.

  • Congrats!!

  • 15 Million PS4’s sold by the end of the year looks possible!

  • Grats! I’ve played over 24 hours in the past week and have had a blast.

  • This is one of those games that is largely more enjoyable with a large group of friends. Having a couple of folks online each night with different play styles and interests, as far as what they are focusing on in the game, makes the grinding fun and consistently interesting. If you don’t have many online friends or folks who are willing to consistently take this journey with you, then it’s probably not a experience that you will enjoy as much.

  • I’ve really been enjoying Destiny, I think it’s the cooperative aspect of it. I really didn’t think this type of game would be for me, but the Beta sold me on it, and the final release reaffirmed my purchase. Pleased to hear it is doing so well.

  • Absolutely love Destiny! Finished off the Moon yesterday and going to Venus for the first time tonight. Proud that I did my part in the sales by purchasing the Digital Guardian Edition! GO Guardians!!

  • Game was tremendously overhyped. Its a mediocre game at best. Leaves A LOT to be desired.

    Sorry, I wanted it to be amazing, I played the alpha test, I preordered, I went to midnight release. All hype, no substance.

  • It might of had the biggest launch, but nobody is talking about all the defective Destiny Ghost Editions that all the retailers received and sold to us. Most if not all have damaged boxes and in particular it’s the same defect with the lid on every one of them. It’s a MANUFACTURE problem and Bungie has not said anything about it or apologized about it. I paid $150 bucks for a banged up collectors edition. This is total BS!

  • That is good news. On another note, has anyone heard anymore on the rumors that Final Fantasy 0 and Resident Evil Revelations 2 are also coming to Vita. Could be the biggest AAA games of the year for Vita if that is true. And these are AAA (big name) games that are not coming from Sony.

  • so based on the article we can narrow down ps4 sales to:

    744k > ps4 > 468k

    that’s a lot of ps4’s indeed. gratz to sony. destiny is a hell of a game,.. haters be d@mned.

  • crap,.. north america not world wide.

    302k > ps4 > 97k *usa

  • I love this game it’s speaking to all the things I like about games & so much more. Hey guys I’m still looking to play with a lot of you. I’m also looking for more clan members for [MOP] Massive Online Players I welcome all.

  • I just purchased the PS4 Glacier White console that came with Destiny, and I am loving both.

  • @Player_Bruce, welcome to the family, add me online; PSN: Thwip

  • Awesome! PS4 rules this gen!

  • No ****. that’s what happens when you over-market a mediocre game. One could only dream you care about the vita as much as you care about this meh game. Quit being cheap with the vita and PAY rockstar to make a vita exclusive. Bring some life into this dead system.

  • Since you’re partners with Activision now, why not make a deal with them for new Crash and Spyro games? Or just go one step further and buy the IPs. Please? :D

  • Glad the PS4 is bundled with such a great game. Not perfect, but very, very fun and addicting. Cheers to more Destiny related content in the future.

  • All i really care about is how many PS4 consoles it sold(hopefully LOADS & LOADS) :P Keep it up SONY ;) Just worried now that Microsoft will get good sales in China with the X1 & spoil the PS4’s Worldwide sales :( Come on SONY get into China ASAP please! :D

  • Good to hear, love this game, been playing 5-6 hours a night for the past week. Only level 24, cant wait to get to vault of glass. Thanks bungie!

  • Props to Bungie for launching another blockbuster franchise! I can’t wait to see how this game is supported as time goes on. I love it!

  • I look forward to what lies ahead on Destiny. Even on the PS3, it is still a very fun game; glad to see PS3 owners being able to enjoy Destiny as well.

    Congrats to Bungie and to Playstation!

  • I am so loving this game! My friends list must agree since all I see is people playing this game as well. It plays like a MMO, elements of a RPG and online of a FPS. The worlds are very detailed and life like. Awesome game with so much more to come over the years and years.

  • Sorry but destiny is a terrible game I give it 3 stars all it has going for it is the graphics and environment. The single player is repetitive and boring and the story wasn’t good either. And the multiplayer for the crucible isn’t that much fun I’m very disappointed in Bungie and didn’t think this game would be this bad when I pre ordered in June 2013.

  • This is like bragging, “My house is best looking house on the hill”, it doesnt matter it’s the only house on the hill.

    After 9 months with new gen console, and not a single real next-gen game made for PS4, its pretty obvious result.

    If Destiny was released in 3rd or 4th year of PS4 life, it would be valued more down to earth, a mediocre game at best.

    Lets wait atleast first proper next-gen games arrive.
    Batman Arkham Knight will sweep the floor with Destiny. The Order too.
    Those are real games.

  • Well that’s disheartening… generic first person shooter #100021 sells well. Yay.

    Hopefully when we get some good full games coming for the PS4, this changes. Transistor, Child of Light, and Resogun are all far better games than Destiny could ever hope to be.

  • You know what would make this game even better? Hows that progress on Custom Soundtrack going Sony?

    I got soundtracks for Shadowfall and Second Son yet can’t use them in game. Just sitting there wasting away. Destiny gets pretty quiet at times and I’m getting Samurai Warriors 4 and GGxrd which ALSO comes with soundtracks I’d love to use.

    Please hurry up.

  • Can we get Bungie to start using the overview on PS4 more responsibly?

    They have events for this game, timed events, but none of them are are appearing in the overview. I thought the whole point of that screen was to keep us up to date on the happenings of the game without having to look online or boot up the game.

  • That’s excellent news. I’m a Sony and especially PlayStation lover, so I’m always hoping for more success.
    Hopefully you will grant more deserved love for the Vita (I have bought 3 in total!) with some delicious blockbuster games. We really want & need it.


  • Considering I took last week off to play the game, I already have over 60 hours played. I am loving this game. The daily bounties and hard missions, the weekly heroic strike, the strike playlists…
    Upgrading my gear, grinding out collectibles and missions on patrol, leveling up Rank with the different vendors to get random rewards, the public events with first daily completion rewards…
    There is so dang much to do in this game, with a constant reward cycle, it’s insane. And Bungie is still unlocking more content along the way as time goes by, before the expansions even come out. How people can complain about a lack of content is beyond me. I can easily see myself playing this game for months, dropping in every day to do my “daily” content before jumping into other games as the year progresses.
    Congrats on the huge hardware and software sales this last week, Sony and Bungie/Activision.

  • Been playing every night for the last week. Initially I wasn’t a big fan. But I must say. Loving the game so far, even though I keep on dying :)

  • I never try the beta and decided to get it because I heard so much about it, I didn’t think I would like it, but I love it. An awesome game

  • I want to play it even more.


  • I thought the game was ok at first but the more i got into it the more i love it. Wish i had more people to play with so anyone looking for someone to add here his mine war2072. I dont really understand the clan stuff, have not seen any but anyways anyone looking for someone send me a invite

  • Biggest software launch, $500 million dollar budget… and yet the story is TERRIBLE, the MICS are SO limited (this is UNACCEPTABLE for a “COMPETITIVE” shooter that you can’t even hear your WHOLE team, and never ever say “good game” to the other team)… not to mention there are NO custom online options, no private matches / clan wars etc. NO thanks.

    Oh, and you might want to add some “social” features to your “social” area if you want to be considered a social game, add text and voice chat… until then I won’t even be glancing at this game.

    Another tip – use those ships for MISSIONS, they’re nice to look at but some mission variety would kind of help your game. Missions in space anyone?? ;)

    It’s TOO clear to me that they held back so much content in this game only to add it later as PAID DLC. So where’d that $500 million go? Oh, to marketing. Thats the #1 reason this game is selling so much. Overhyped, underdelivered. You can’t say it didn’t after looking at all the things I just mentioned.

  • I’m sry, (not really), I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to see more “AAA” games in the future that think it’s ok to leave so much out of a game. What’s next, a shooter where you can only hear your “BESTEST” friend in the online?? I hope you get my point. Step your game up, with a $500 million dollar budget we SHOULD expect MUCH more than there is in Destiny. Look at what SOCOM did 10+ YEARS ago if you want to see a TRUE social game with social FEATURES G A L O R E, with probably a 10th of the budget.

    So why are we going backwards in game design / features in games??? :/

    As I said, I don’t want to see this kind of BS in future games, I love a competitive/cooperative game, and I don’t want to see them cut down to such basic / bare levels like this one is. As a competitive gamer, where is my mode in Destiny where I can play the game without the training wheels / aim assist by the way? And no, this should not be called the “hardcore” mode, it should be called “normal” mode.

  • It was and it still is bulls*** how much attention Sony gave to Destiny….attention that should be put into exclusives and Vita too….Beta sold me on Destiny and I never thought the game could actually be good but still….this is too much….glad to see you got results out of it but come on Sony.

  • Well done Destiny and Sony/PS4. I’m not much of a gamer, but I did buy Destiny and I don’t understand why it’s getting such bad reviews. i think it’s pretty decent, plus it’s going to receive consistent updates to improve and add content? I don’t get all the nay sayers. Seems most of the cry babies bought the game anyways looking at these numbers. ;)

  • I’ve had fun with this game and I am glad that more PS4 have been sold. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and what next-gen exclusive games will be released in next couple of months. I know that many people jumped onboard the “hate Destiny” bandwagon, but many, many more players are enjoying the adventure.

  • I got the Digital special version (whatever is $89), but I can’t play it :(

    I can log in like 1/2 the time, and play for like 10 minutes every 20 attempts :/

    Fun game, great stats for Sony, but come on, I can’t play it digitally. At all. Even with 5mbps internet. It’s just sad. I’m sad :(

  • If you think Destiny is only a fps rpg then you haven’t gave it a true chance. After level 20 it becomes a total different game, what type of game? It turns into an mmo, which is awesome! Love to game! Can’t wait for the expansions, more story, more missions, more levels, more armor, and more raids. If you are not using the phone app you are missing half the story.

  • I dont play or really like 1rst person but I must say THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I like wish it was 3rd person. …..Can’t wait till THE DIVISION 3RD PERSON COMES OUT then im gone…

  • You are gonna need to be higher than level 26….

  • I’m enjoying this quite a bit – PvP is pretty dope (a lot of baddies complaining about it though lol)

  • Would like to leave input but it still hasn’t downloaded yet.

  • Congratulation, remember, one of the things that make this game awesome is the non stopping leveling up. so i hope that we receive in every dlc new armor to level up weapons to upgrade just like dcuo. as soon you stop leveling up, the game will go down, because it dosen’t make sense getting an armor just for style. we want power.!!

  • Lol, I like how some envy people talk about repetitive missionsin in destiny, so I assume that neither of you play dcuo what is a real repetitive game over and over to get drop of gear plus pay for play lol. If a game like that can go so farther with that poor graphics what can’t do a real good game like destiny. And no is not repetitive as dcuo or any other game + you R playing in different planets like masseffects but better the (environment) in every planet, the water splashing when a enemy fall down is amazing I love it every sound and the coop is the best, but get was this game is just warming up lol.And this come from someone that hate fps well I don’t loose my hope, they can make a option like skyrim game that you can play in 3rd person I hope they do something like that in the future.

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