Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode, Season Pass Detailed

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Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode, Season Pass Detailed

Alien: Isolation‘s Survivor Mode was first seen at E3, where attendees got hands-on with the time-based challenge of escaping a level — and the Alien — in the fastest time possible. Others later experienced this terror, isolated in the dark chamber of a 10ft tall, giant Alien egg replica gaming station at San Diego Comic Con and PAX.

Alien Isolation

For many, the challenge proved too frightening. Some met the challenge to survive and complete the level. All experienced the thrill of facing the universe’s deadliest killer — one-to-one.

Survivor Mode is you versus the creature, against the clock and in a desperate bid for survival. With few resources on each map, players will have to take full advantage of what they can find to complete objectives and escape.

On October 7th, those brave enough to face the challenge can experience the first map of Survivor Mode — Basement — with their copy of Alien: Isolation.

And on October 28th, the first of five Survivor Mode add-on packs will be available to purchase, featuring three new maps. Each map has its own set objective, challenges, a variety of enemy types to deal with, and a new playable character to discover — plenty to sink your teeth in to.

There will be more add-on packs to explore across the following month, and if you’re keen to sharpen those survival instincts, then don’t miss out on our Season Pass. The pass will give you access to all five Survivor Mode add-on packs, with up to a 25% discount!

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  • Cool! I will get this! But when preorder will be avaiable on PSN store???

  • Isn’t the publisher ashamed of developing and promoting paid additional content even before the game is released? Content that could be in the game is most definitely being left out just so players must pay for it, after paying full price for the game itself. That’s a sick practice and I’m getting tired of it. Games that do this won’t get my money at launch. I’m sorry for the developer, but that’s a reality that needs to change.

  • Wait, so they want us to shell out full price for the game and THEN pay even more for content that should have been in the game in the first place?? Does no one pay attention anymore? That’s a dirty trick… And since GTA V is all that matters, I guess I’ll just rent this one. Looks like I can beat it in a few days anyway.

  • And that’s why I’ll just wait for the Game of the Year Edition.

  • Can;t wait to play this. Just hope it doesn’t suck as bad as Colonial Marines….


    I’m throwing money at my computer monitor right now. Day 1 for me!

    And pleeeeease support Project Morpheus in the future!

  • Not entirely sure why this is being sold separate from the game.

  • Also I second a Project Morpheus support for this game.

  • I’m a huge Alien fan, and I really want this game to be great, but I’m keeping my hype level to a minimum for this one until it actually comes out. I just hope it doesn’t turn into an Outlast rip-off (That game was severely overrated).

  • So, if I understand this correctly, the game doesn’t ship until October and they plan to ship the game with ONE survival map. — and they want us to pay more money to get additional map packs??? Sorry, I am not usually the complaining type of gamer, but this is getting ridiculous!!! What happened to shipping a game with a nice selection of maps for all of the intended/included game modes?? I completely understand paying for add-on DEC to extend the life and experience of a game, but shipping games with light content (in this case, maps) is ridiculous!!! Why is this OK for some people??? This is unacceptable in my opinion and even though I was planning on buying this game day one, I will either wait until they ship the game with DEC maps, or I won’t buy it at all. Man, developers and publishers need to have a little more respect for the gamers that support their line of work!

  • So, just to be clear, there will be *paid* DLC a mere THREE WEEKS after the game’s release?

    The game looks amazing, but that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  • And this is why I don’t support DLC. Haven’t bought any since red dead’s zombie thing. And that’s cause it was like buying another mini game. I was planning on waiting for reviews on this game anyways cause the pre order stuff is included in the package. Which means pre ordering doesn’t actually matter. I liked outlast, but if this game is a 10 hour version it’s going to get boring. Hope it has some good variety.

  • @2,3,10,11,12 and everyone else in the future – I agree completely. I’m sick of paid DLC and announcements before a game even launches. Just more of the same sad downward spiral of the games industry. I’ve been alive too long to see it’s decline in full.
    That said, I’m looking forward to playing this. Glad I’m getting it for free via AMD Radeon rewards when I bought my new R9 280 video card. Free is a good price. :)

  • To all who’s complaining: the paid DLC is OPTIONAL. I’d agree with you if it were an ending chapter DLC for the campaign, but this is in no way taking value away from the package we’re purchasing at full price. I’d rather pay $60 for a game and try a mode before spending $10+ on it rather than paying $70+ and not enjoy that mode. Developing video games is very expensive and DLC is a good way to make money for HARD WORK.

  • Yeah, kind of worried of where the market is going.
    Season pass offers UP TO 25%. So technically, could be 10. Could be 5. And what you are really buying is a discount. And yes, slices os the game (that aren’t even released or reviewed) being sold separately, that’s ugly.
    Maybe we, gamers, had seen the apex and now the downfall of games.
    Destiny if all over the PS Store with five or six editions, one more expensive than the others. Levels are being sold for the price of games…
    and support Project Morpheus, please.

  • I’m in agreement with Roaming_Ryu. This dlc is optional, it’s a different game mode that alot of people are likely to avoid because of the difficulty involved. The core game is still worth the money. I’m more outraged by Destiny’s bait and switch. Gameplay is ridiculously short and new content still far off, no matter how many promises they make. I realize content takes time to develop…but they’ve invested an insane amount of money and time into the game, only to leave it fractured at launch. If you want to be upset about dirty dlc practices, Destiny is the game to direct your anger at. I’ve played ffxiv for quite a while and I know the grind involved when you hit level cap and begin your endgame gear quests. But I really felt like borderlands 2 offered way more core game content and the dlc’s boosted the level cap and the variety of missions kept the game refreshing.

  • @WanyaRolf: The dynamics of Season Passes are to reward players who feel the developers are credible and therefore want to invest in all DLC ahead of time at a discounted rate. For example, Naughty Dog is at the top of my credibility list, so if they offer a Season Pass I’ll be all over it because I know I’ll be getting quality AND I want to support the team. So far, Alien Isolation has been getting raving hands-on reviews and I’m willing to dish out $ to support them, taking the risk that the DLC will be top notch. If they let me down I’ll know not to invest my time and money in the future. I understand people still have a nasty taste from the previous Alien game, but this is a completely different team with a different direction and focus. I have faith, and apparently so does the original movie cast, which is +1 to credibility in my books.

    Holy cow, I’ve posted 3 times here already and sounding like a broken record. Can you tell I’m a Xenomorph fan? HAH!

  • Yes, I understand that better now. And I’m in favor of supporting the developers. They make our passions. They should be rewarded. But all in all, I still think that it is a strange way things are going (maybe not for this games specifically).

  • Both game and the Survivor mode looks great,especially Survivor mode,it’ll add a lot of replayability to the game…nice touch…but already promoting so much DLC before releasing the game…..I’ve lost faith in this game.Will wait for a good price drop.

  • Isn’t the whole game a “Survivor Mode”?

  • I’m going to take a chance on this game. It has had my attention for a while now.

  • you just lost 1 customer

  • Sorry about my typos in my earlier post. I meant to type DLC, but my phone auto corrected on me and I was text typing in a hurry while I was at a doctor’s appointment. I was just so ticked, that I had to post my feelings ;) Again, I have no problems with paying for good, extra DLC to extend the life of my games, but to only get a single map included with the on-disk survivor mode is crap! Especially when they want gamers to pay extra to get 4 more maps per pop! And remember, while the survival mode will likely be pretty cool, it’s still a race against the clock. To me, that implies that each survival map won’t be very long in terms of actual time spent in gameplay. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that racing against the clock over and over on the same map is going to get old real quick!

  • I am an Alien fan too and I really want to like this game, but gamers owe it to themselves to pay attention to this HUGE red flag! …and the game hasn’t even released yet! Give us the first batch of DLC maps free with our initial purchase and we don’t have a problem. Tell me that you are going to nickel and dime me before you even release your game and you can keep it! Again, just my opinion guys ;) Sorry for sounding so negative today. I’m just tired of this kind of crazy being acceptable these days!

  • As long as they don’t cut out any part of the main story and it’s just optional stuff, I really don’t care about the DLC. That’s why I mentioned Outlast earlier. You had to buy the ending seperately which was lame.

  • While it’s certainly not the worst example of DLC and Season Passes, it really seems like most of the “Survivor Mode” will be sold as separate DLC. I find that reading about content that’s not in the retail release actually ends up discouraging me from buying the game, rather than making me look forward to it.

  • Although not crazy about this trend I buy games for the SP story. Anything else I don’t really care about. I may try them, I may not. This isn’t story, it’s just a different mode to increase re-playability. Not the big deal some are making it to be, part of the story would be a completely different ballgame.

    Just because something is worked on at the same time, or known about ahead of time, doesn’t mean it needs to be included at launch. It’s business. Understand it from all perspectives and you won’t get your panties all bunched up so much. It’s not like not having these maps is going to detract form the game at all.

  • So holding the original cast behind a pre-order or paywall for the Crew Expendable stuff was just the start. Pre-orders are completely unnecessary on a title that carries a big name like the Alien franchise, even after Gearbox screwed the pooch last time. Stores won’t run out of discs and the PSN, Steam, and Xbox markets will have unlimited copies available.

  • Something ate a few of my sentences.

    Beyond preorders being unnecessary when digital distribution is becoming more popular, pimping out extra dlc to pad the life of the game without giving us an idea of how much time even the main game takes to finish is a bit disingenuous. Do each of these survivor maps take 20 minutes to finish? an hour? 3 hours each? When the total cost of a game is approaching $80-$90 and upward (hello, Battlefield) I really want to know if this is going to be a short excursion to a jumpscare theater, or the realization of my unending nightmares (that’s hyperbole right there).

  • You guys literally already had my money. My preorder is paid off.

    But announcing and promoting a game mode, then flipping the script and saying it’s a single map but here you can buy the rest of the mode for extra money (in other words, it’s a bloody demo)? That’s not okay with me.

    I’m switching my preorder over to FF Type-0.

    I’ll still buy your game, because the single player interests me, but not day one, and not full price.

    This kind of B.S. should not be allowed to stand. You should have either fleshed out the mode for the retail disc, or held the entire thing back as add-on content. Including one single map is exactly like saying “here’s our unfinished game, give us more money and we’ll give you the rest”

    And that is not okay.

  • @ Remmy8199: Using Outlast as an example for “cut content” doesn’t really make a valid comparison. The game was released in September 2013 on PC, 5 months before it came to PS4. At that point, they announced they were working on DLC which would be out in April. It ended up getting delayed and came out in May. DLC that comes out 8 months after the game launches isn’t content that was cut from the game, especially considering how long Outlast actually was.

    However, on point, I agree that only including a single map for an on-disc game mode seems very, very strange. Unless the countdown timer is something crazy like 45-60 minutes and it has a ton of objectives to complete just to finish it, then it becomes a time-chasing effort after finishing it once, I don’t get how they think only including a single map is acceptable. Having more maps for this mode as DLC is fine, but there should definitely be more in the base retail game.

  • haha… I was going to pre-order this game, after what they are doing giving only one map I’ll just wait for the complete edition and I will NOT pay full price! I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this way. I hope this decision backfires in their net profit! I’m tired of games doing this and I will not support it… that sucks because I was really excited about this game and I had the money ready for the digital version, so when I heard this I bought Murasaki Baby… that way without the complete money I’m not even tempted to buy Alien.

    Ps. I have no problems with DLC’s made right, I buy DLC’s and season passes when they deserve it.

  • How can this be a detailed description of the Season Pass when it doesn’t even mention the PRICE??????

  • Why isn’t this game available on the PlayStation store?

  • So there is a story mode

  • For those of you complaining on Ps3 and Xbox 360, you’re not paying full price for the game. It’s only $50, instead of $60 which is the standard price. But I still think it’s BS. They should include more content in the game, especially when the release of the game is right around the same time that heavy hitters like Destiny and Borderlands 3 are being released. One survivor map is included and they plan to release what looks like up to 15 more survivor maps as paid dlc? I mean really? (Planned 5 map packs with 3 survivor maps each probably). Thats a joke. These companies are banking on the dlc which is standard practice now. And true gamers dish out the cash for it because if not, they feel like the are missing out, which unfortunately, they are.

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