New Free Maps Out Today for Killzone Shadow Fall, Intercept

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New Free Maps Out Today for Killzone Shadow Fall, Intercept

A new batch of free maps for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer and Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept hits the PlayStation Store today! Fight against the enemy team on the new “The Statue” competitive multiplayer map, or cooperate with your friends on “The ATAC Tower” and “The Canal” co-op maps.

The Statue — Competitive Multiplayer Map


New Free Maps Out Today for Killzone Shadow Fall, Intercept

After a cataclysmic explosion laid waste to their precious monument, the Helghast embarked on the massive task of reconstructing the Scolar Visari memorial statue and the adjacent armory building. While the recreational wing of the facility is largely completed, the armory itself is still covered in scaffolding and building equipment.

Choose your base exit carefully on this map, as there are many different routes providing fast and easy access to all extremes of the combat area. The warren of interconnecting rooms will allow for clever flanking maneuvers once you know your way around, and you can gain an additional advantage by maintaining control of the large mechanical doors.

The ATAC Tower — Cooperative Map*

Perched inside the Helghast security wall, the ATAC Tower functions as a base for the ATAC drones patrolling New Helghan’s borders. The drones have proven to be an effective deterrent against Vektan invaders and Helghast defectors, so the VSA is sending in Intelligence Squad Alpha to secure the tower.

Their orders are to establish an uplink and transmit the ATAC control codes back to HQ — but they’ll have to fight with their backs to the wall to hold off the Helghast forces converging on their position.

Killzone Shadow Fall and Intercept MapsKillzone Shadow Fall and Intercept Maps

The Canal — Cooperative Map*

Fallen into disuse after the New Helghan government abandoned hydroelectric power, the Canal has become an overgrown riverbed filled with discarded junk and debris. A key VSA informant used one of the abandoned treatment facilities along the banks as a hideout before disappearing, so now it’s up to Intelligence Squad Alpha to send the collected intel back to Vekta.

But it won’t be easy — Helghast security has discovered the hideout as well, and they’ll do anything to prevent Alpha from establishing an uplink.

New Free Maps Out Today for Killzone Shadow Fall, Intercept

Enjoy the new maps, and make sure to try them with the new clan functionality and added Intercept game modes introduced in Patch 1.5! Let us know what you think of the maps on the official Killzone forums, and keep an eye on for more exciting news in the coming weeks!

*Please note that you need Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept (add-on expansion or standalone version) to play The ATAC Tower and The Canal.

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  • I think it’s great the way you guys are giving back to the people who purchased this game. When you added the free maps to Killzone Mercenary it was greatly appreciated. I plan on finally getting a PS4 this holiday season and when I do this is one game I will purchase (new). Can’t wait to see what you guys have for the future!

  • Shocked at how much value you guys keep adding for free. This is why I keep supporting you.

  • Amazing support for a fantastic FPS! Well done team!

    Can anyone from GG make a statement about the leaked images that are supposedly from your new open world RPG? I am praying that the images are real as they look truly magnificent!!!!! Hoping for a TGS reveal. Keep up the unreal work.

  • love you long time,..

    …but i’m not sure if i can put down destiny atm. still, thank you for your continued support. if those “horizon” pics are real i’ll certainly be there day-1.

  • Thank you for your continued support of this game GG! I appreciate you and the team for everything you guys are doing. Killzone: Shadow Fall is a must buy if you like shooters that get continue support and have a tremendous amount of value.

  • Thank you Guerrilla for your commitment to your fan base. You guys have done an unbelievable job and that’s why I will always support you. Shadowfall is a heck of a game and I can’t wait to see what’s next from you guys!!

  • how many people still play this game?

  • How do you make sure you can play the new coop maps? I had trouble getting into games with the coop DLC released before. The new maps wouldn’t even show up in the voting at the end of the match.

    • We are going to update the Warzones later today. That means both Intercept and Killzone MP will have the maps in rotation.

  • @ youkutudou: A better question would be “How many new people are playing this game?” I still jump on from time to time and last I was on (just before Destiny came out), there were a ton of people running around with almost no challenges completed. Either new players or people playing on alt accounts. And considering the guy above who said he’d be buying the game when he got a PS4, I’d say it’s a safe bet that there are plenty of people who still plan to play this in the future. The continued visible support probably helps with that, too.

  • As always KZ teaching how a FPS should be…but now not only in terms of gameplay and technical aspects…you guys have gone a step further and a big one…..DLC maps for free….this is how every FPS should be.Paying for maps is outrageous.

    I wouldn’t mind paying for maps if its KZ though….I paid for KZ2 and KZ3 maps…quality is in a whole another lvl.

  • @ 3 CrusaderForever – Ooh I saw those images too…I would like to see some official statement about it…but they say its Guerrilla Cambridge who’s handling this new IP.Can’t wait to see the announcement.

  • new maps are always appreciated ^ ^ i also have the season pass, so i’m here for the long haul

  • The Maps still aren’t out.

  • At some point I will eventually get into checking this out but i’m enjoying Destiny so much in incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really amazing post-release support!

    I’d really love to see the ability to play co-op maps between Killzone Mercenary on Vita and Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4. When either my husband or I are travelling, one of us takes the Vita on the road. Having a co-op FPS game we could play between the Vita and PS4 would be really great.

    I’m still disappointed there’s no stereoscopic 3D or Move support in Shadow Fall — it was really weird for the technology to take a step back from Killzone 3 in that way. I realize those features will likely never get patched in at this point, but please bring the next Killzone game’s tech in line with what the PS3 offered.

  • Thanks for the reply, Jeroen. I will check them out later when I have them downloaded.

  • @13 – they are out now. I usually find them on the PC PS Store browser and add them to my cart and set them up to download from there. If you have your PS4 on when you tell them to download, it will automatically add them to your downloads.

  • I have been trouble playing killzone its my faviorite fps on ps4 I cant find any players to play with on team deathmatch or extended warzones is everyone playing intercept??help?

  • The new maps really need to be added to the ps4 store front. I may be savvy enough to go to the pc store but very few others will.

  • Doesn’t make sense why the maps are not on the store on the console but than it’s on the online store. Is anyone even aware if this issue??????

  • I just bought the Season Pass yesterday as a thank you for supporting the game with free maps and giving us bot progression.

  • I think its cool how playstation3 is so cool how we can see what we write each other on Playstation3!

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